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identity logo

_ ∆ above. fig. 1.0 earlier prototype 01

_ ∆ above. fig. 1.1 earlier prototype 02


∆ above. fig. 1.2

finalize logo

Manipulated initial letterforms into simple shape. Almost sysmetrical and rigid. Which reflects on the identity and concept


of the designer. Romie Rahim.


A experimental DIY A5 “zine� using traditional hands on cut out from old magazines and photos. This particular editorial study for the individual to visualize and control elements such as typography and image within the certain amount of white space,


also to explore creative experimental outcomes.

_ experimental editorial study




_ wayfinding system phase 01 _

Diploma FYP, 2010

"Bigger clearer signs"

"...more signage and most easily understandable maps evenly spread out across the place"

study to obtain data before tackling the design issue.

research on site. Utililize design methodlogy such as demographic

Phase one of wayfinding system mainly consist of data and ground

group in the area.

the better and benefits of the elderly since they are the majority age

Task was to re-design the Toa Payoh bus terminal signage system for

"Bigger font, brighter colors" quotes taken from the survey comments.

A series of infographic based on data from the research. The research look into demographic, building interior and surveys. The statistic then transfered into visual reference. The design are kept minimal using only circular patterns inspired from the building architecture itself.


∆ above

Infographic no. 1 (Age group)


Infographic no. 2 (Ethnic group)

Infographic no. 3 (Human Density)

∆ below

∆ left


Plotting specified by demographics puts you in the point of view of the elderly. The elderly may encounter several problems went navigating their way around the interchange.

This are the actual routes by the elderly which my group observe and shadowing them closely.

Elderly with eyesight problems may not see typography which are really small or signages in the area without proper lightings.

Also the placement of the signage must be friendly to those elderly with physical disadvantages.




_ wayfinding system phase 02 _

Diploma FYP, 2010

Final map design Phase 2 of way finding design for Toa Payoh Bus Interchange.

To reduce complexity, decided to re-catogorize the TPY bus

The second phase was to tackle the design issue. Solution was

interchange into 3 areas. Amber/Yellow for A Gate area, Purple

to consolidated information and areas into segments with color

for B Gate area and Blue for C Gate area.

coding, resulting user easily identified the information they needed. Also using new typeface and pictograms for clarity display of information.

This way users can navigate their way much more easier.

Toa Payoh Bus Interchange |

Navigational Map

A Gate Bus Service no.


A 2 - 143


A 3 - 139 A 4 - 145

3 4


A Gate Bus Service no.

A 5 - 31 A 6 - 26 A 7 - 90

5 6 7



B 1 - 73

B 2 - 235

B1 - 238

B@ - 232

B Gate

B2 - 142

Bus Service no.

8 9 C 1 - 163


- 157 10

Alighting Area 11 12



C 2 - 231W - 231G

C Gate A 10 - 88


Bus Service no.

A 11 - 159 A 13 - 28 A 14 - 155 Final Map Design

To reduce complexity, I decided to re-catogorize the TPY bus interchange into 3 areas. Amber/Yellow for A Gate area, Purple for B Gate area and Blue for C Gate area.

A Gate

Bus Service no.

This way users can navigate their way much more easier.

LEGEND Information Bus MRT Station ATMs Toilets Shops HDB Hub

Design Communication Level 2








Alighting Area







The reason for this particular color scheme chosen was, it's bright

enough to be seen and contrast well with the other colors.

The black color will be main background color for the signages and

display map.


The typeface chosen has this modern feel but not has boring as

Helvetica. The character shapes suits with the concept and approach of

my signage design.


Most of the amenities/facilities in TPY are general services you can find

anywhere, such as toilets, ATMs and shops. The pictogram design are

kept simple as possible.

CMYK: 0/35/85/0

CMYK: 70/15/0/0

CMYK: 66/79/0/0

CMYK: 0/0/0/100

RGB: 250/175/64

RGB: 0/173/238

RGB: 133/41/239

RGB: 0/0/0

Klavika Regular


abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890!@#$%^&*()=? Klavika Medium


abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890!@#$%^&*()=?

Signage Design

The signage design was inspired by Airport signages. emphasizing more of pictogram instead of text, since majority of the elderly are able to understand simple visual language.

The signage design concept will also give a new atmosphere to it’s surrounding.

The initial TPY bus interchange are dull and boring, so with this signage design it will stand out instead of blending with it’s surroundings.

Each signage will be illuminate, making the details on the signboard glow.


C Gate Bus Service no.


A 2 - 143 A 3 - 139 A 4 - 145





Buses & Trains


C 1 - 163, 157 C 2 - 231W , 231 G

Bus Service no.

C 1 - 163, 157 C 2 - 231W , 231 G




Bus Service no.

A 10 - 88 A 11 - 159 A 13 - 28 A 14 - 155

B 1 - 73, 238 B 2 - 235, 232, 142

A Bus Service no.

Gate A 5 - 31 A 6 - 26 A 7 - 90 A8- 8



Toilets & ATMs

Buses & MRT Station



Photography competition

MPLS_Photo_Centre. Minneapolis, Minnesota



picture this: what we photograph. 2012.

∆ above. wining photo for top 75.

titled: Hard Time

The process of jurying a show seems at first glance a relatively simple one, yet the reality couldn’t be further from truth. It’s a subjective and tough experience. For me, it’s an agonizing process made over the course of a week. I sift through the entries over and over and over again until a certain group of images bubble to the surface. I simultaneously read all

A note from Cig Harvey Juror

the accompanying statements although I’m primarily drawn to the work that stands on its own. The statements can be the icing on

the cake, proof that the photographer had a specific intention and it was realized.

Ultimately, I was looking for work that felt authentic and original. I gravitated towards images that embraced the formal concerns of

photography; frame, light, color etc to its highest levels, to elevate the conceptual and narrative content of the picture. The resulting group of final images, which make up the Picture This exhibition strongly demonstrate a command of the craft of photography and firmly point to the medium’s story telling capacities. I am honored and humbled to have been given this daunting task and wholly thank all the applicants and wish to congratulate those selected.

What We Photograph Exhibtion, (3rd image from left)

_ project: 666 frames of darkness. Oslo, Norway.


The project “666 Framesâ€? is a tribute to the dark aesthetics that seems to be a growing influence in fashion, music and art. Together with Jørgen Monkeby from the band Shining, Malin Pettersen, model and choreographer, Photographer Fred Jonni and Motionblur we have shot an intense movie in super high res to create a project so intense and dark that the world have not seen anything like it. A movie consists of frames, we see each frame as a potential art canvas of darkness, and the plan is to gather artists, illustrators and rebellious likeminded to fill 666 frames with unique imagery and content. Once the film is filled with imagery it will be an inferno of darkness.


Anti Denim

The idea came into mind while admiring the Runic letters. Manipulating the words “Stay Evil� with Runic letterforms and then transforming individual word into symbol.

_ anti denim x burgerkill tshirt design competition. Oslo, Norway x Bandung, Indonesia _

Top 10 Finalist



_ Skateboarding Photography



The Bedok Society. BDK

Skateboarding, was the vessle that brought many individual into the creative scene. Skateboading became a lifestyle

_ posters

Title: BLCKSNW For an exhibition showcase, 2010


Title: Bro got light? Typography manipulation, 2008

_ logos

Logo design for a client’s mini frozen pizza business.

A logo sticker designed for a hometown skate crew based in Bedok. The logo was inspired by American baseball teams script logo style.


A straight forward wordmark logo for photographer Patrick James Barnett.





Enclosed logotype for a photographer from New Jersey. According to client’s preference was quite open. Clean logo using his name with initials with added simple line details.

Logotype for a photographer from New Jersey. The design using only his initial (Patrick J. Barnett) was preferred to keep it simple for easier transfer into a T-shirt design/hats and watermarks for photographs.

_ Dissonance /’dis’. ‘so’. ‘nance’/

a mingling of discordant sounds; especially : a clashing or unresolved musical interval or chord


apparel branding

About & Logo

A apparel line heavily inspired by the occult/kvlt imagery and audio ambient of black metal music and its culture. The parallel strokes on the logo symbolize a unresolved/disharmony and segregation.

ABCDEFGHIJKLMN OPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890!@#$%^&*()=? Typeface: Neighbourhood

First Collection: Polyism Polyism, a play on words. Paganism has been part and influenced in Black Metal music especially bands coming from Norway. Bands such as Enslaved and Burzum. The first series of work highly concentrate on polygon, geometric shapes thus reducing details into simple graphical outcomes.


Inner Circle A composite of symbols forming a occult imagery of evil New World Order

Ram Image manipulation (polygon/fragments) of a goat skull which been widely seen Black metal music culture.

Portfolio '13 First Edition  
Portfolio '13 First Edition  

Romie Rahim's portfolio.