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_sub-artificial issue no. one



Year by year us, humans are too dependent on technology for our

Assuming with the mass killing took place, what will the rest

everyday life. Not only that we constantly strife for perfection

of these humans do? Sit down and die? A uprising will form.

and status. Leaving out beliefs and values. We kept consume

Rebel movement will be born thus starting wars across the

to make us feel good and look good, therefore creating a line

country or even the world. Humans have seen wars and battles

that’s segregates ordinary citizens and the elitist. Our rapid

for centuries. The devastating effect may worst conditions of

consumption of natural resource especially crude oil and

Earth as if natural disasters aren’t enough. War, by now military

fossil fuels has made a major impact on the earth eco-system.

technology advancements have reached next levels and with

Destroying most of the forest, animals became extinct and

on progress research and development. Artificial Intelligence

unfortunate humans suffered from illnesses and diseases.

maybe introduced into the arsenal. Current age we already have drones, such as USAF Reaper drones capable of carrying guided

With the effects of current global warming, many places has

missiles and launch attack from a distance. Still technology

been destroyed by natural disaster and leaving it inhabitable.

is control by humans safely somewhere. These drones can be

Just like the instinct of prehistoric caveman we human will

control by Artificial Intelligence.

travel and look for a suitable place to live away from danger be it man made or mother nature. The near future with devastated

Artificial Intelligence can it be trusted? One day it might has

terrain thus more people starting to move into cities and towns.

its own feeling and ability to make decisions. I’m sure most

With this migration going on cities will be populated and dense,

of us have watched The Matrix trilogy and Terminator where

homes getting smaller, cramp and unhygienic.

the humans becomes the victim of A.I. uprising and starts exterminating humans.

In order to control population in the near future, the government or organization might consider eugenics or selective breeding.

With all these could be scenarios it creates a chain reaction.

Eliminating humans who are likely less intelligence, prone to

From another problem to another and can never be resolved. An

illnesses, physically unattractive or with physical disability.

unstable Aperiodic Behavior in Chaos theory. Stop now and think

It sounds like Adolf Hitler plan the “Master Race”. Removing

what could we have done? We should prevent these destructive

unwanted and leaving the superior race to live. Where is the

events to happen in the first place, by rebel against ideology

moral and heart? Killing innocent because they don’t fit certain

such as capitalism and rejecting false imagery.

criteria? Is not they choose to born with it. With genocide in mind, forget about values, beliefs and religion. It’s a cult.

_sub-artificial issue no. one

_artificial intelligence


Artificial Intelligence Computerized Gods And the Age of Information by J. Weizenbaum Ph.D.

As many have observed, modern science has become a religion, at

In fact, some people have the same type of very deep faith in modern

least for Western man. Like other religions, it has a priesthood, roughly

science that others do in their respective religions. This faith in science,

organized on hierarchical lines. It has temples, shrines, and rituals and it

grounded in its own dogma, leads to a defense of scientific theories far

has a body of canons. And, like other religions, it has its own mythology.

beyond the time any disconfirming evidence is unearthed. Moreover,

One myth in particular states that if, say, by experiment a scientific

disconfirming evidence is generally not incorporated into the body of

theory is confronted in reality with a single contradiction, one piece of

science in an open-minded way but by an elaboration of the already

discontinuing evidence, then that theory is automatically set aside and a

existing edifice (as, for example, by adding epicycles) and generally in

new theory that takes the contradiction into account is adopted. This is

a way in which the resulting structure of science and its procedures

not the way science actually works.

excludes the possibility of putting the enterprise itself in jeopardy. In other words, modem science has made itself immune to falsification in any terms the true believer will admit into argument.


_sub-artificial issue no. one

Until recently, modern science, seen as a religion, lacked a deity suitable as an object of worship. The machine, which is generally pictured as something that has gears, moving parts, and so on, has existed for a long time now. To modern man the machine certainly represents power, control, mastery over nature-in other words, atransformed, metaphorically at least, into the form of a machine and then understood as such. The machine has become an almost universally applicable metaphor that demystifies both itself and the thing to which it refers. This thinking holds true for both intellectuals of all persuasions as well as for ordinary people. Perhaps most people today think a thing is not understood until it has been reduced to a mechanical process. Perhaps modern science's most devastating effect is that it leads its believers to think it to be the only legitimate source of knowledge about the world. Being a high priest, if not a bishop, in the cathedral of modern science— my university, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology — I can testify that a great many of what we sometimes like to call "the MIT family," faculty and students, believe that there is indeed no legitimate source of knowledge about the world other than modern science. This is as mistaken a belief as the belief that one cannot gain legitimate knowledge from anything other than religion. Both are equally false.


_artificial intelligence

IV _artificial intelligence _sub-artificial issue no. one

Glitch A02 Depicting the distortion of A.I. mind

Glitch B01 Unknown repetitive Artificial Intelligence DNA seqeunce


_sub-artificial issue no. one

_artificial intelligence


_sub-artificial issue no. one

_artificial intelligence


I think that this phenomenon has contributed to science's inability to provide an idol which the faithful can worship as truly representative of their common faith. Now recently, within my lifetime, the computer has appeared, and it seems to me that the computer fills that need. Modern man has seen that machines which physically destroy and reconstruct his environment the steam-shovel, for example are made in his own image. The steam-shovel has an arm and a hand, and it digs into the ground, picks up objects and so forth. Clearly, it is a kind of imitation of a certain aspect of man. But the computer takes things a step farther. When instructing a computer to think (if I may use that term for a moment) in imitation of human thought, we cross a subtle line.

Tetrahedron as symbol of worshipping artificial intelligence.



_sub-artificial issue no. one

_artificial intelligence

This is a satanic vision. In that new Utopia. God will have eliminated the source and power of evil from the universe, and what remains will be a mechanical kingdom in which truth with a capital "T" and righteousness, or pure intelligence, can reign undisturbed forever. This reasoning, which, as I said, is more or less explicitly gaining dominance amongst scientists, technologists and many intellectuals, is a philosophical foundation on the basis of which the destruction of the human species, a very realistic threat, becomes defensible. In a certain sense, It provides a philosophically tilled soil in which the idea of an absolute genocide becomes thinkable. It argues that the purpose of the universe is the evolution of ever higher forms of intelligence. At the moment we happen to be carriers. As perhaps the most highly developed intelligence in the universe, we've now succeeded in creating our truly worthy successors: computers. We have the tools of destruction in our hands, but we've sent computers into timeless, endless space, and thus, having fulfilled our destiny, we have no reason to grieve over the probable death of our species.

At precisely this time, this murderous theology invades the human mind and spirit. Those who propagate this idolatry — and that's what it is, idolatry — and who themselves venerate the machine in the sense that I have described, who themselves can't see what seems to me so perfectly obvious —that there is a difference between humans and machines, and between human thought and machine thought — risk in my view becoming full conspirators in the murder of God.

∏ Symbolism of Artificial Intelligence Reglion

_sub-artificial issue no. one

_artificial intelligence


"This is a satanic vision. In that new Utopia. God will have eliminated the source and power of evil from the universe" - J. Weizenbaum



_sub-artificial issue no. one

_mortal gods

Supremacy Hitler’s "Master Race" children haunted by their past by Russell Grigg

Between 1935 and 1945, there were born some 10,000 children

There were at least ten Lebensborn homes in Germany and

in Germany and an estimated 9,000 in Norway as part of a Nazi

nine in Nazi-occupied Norway, where the unmarried pregnant

genetic engineering plan to build up an Aryan ‘master-race’

women could give birth in secret away from their homes.

or super-breed of humanity. This scheme was known as the

The babies were christened in a ritual in which an SS dagger

Lebensborn or ‘Fountain of Life’ program. Special clinics were

was held over them as the mother swore allegiance to Nazi

set up where SS men were encouraged to mate with blue-eyed,

ideology. If any of the children born into the program were

blonde Nordic girls who had no Jewish ancestry, in order to

disabled, they were killed or sent to concentration camps.

produce ‘racially pure’ German offspring. The resultant babies were then brought up in the foster care of dedicated Nazi couples or reared in special orphanages.

_sub-artificial issue no. one

_mortal gods

This was social Darwinism or eugenics in action. Eugenics is the application of Darwinian evolution to produce better offspring by improving the birthrate of the ‘fit’ and reducing the birthrate of the ‘less fit’. The Lebensborn homes took care of the former, hurrying natural selection along; the concentration camps dealt with the latter, exterminating up to 11 million ‘useless eaters’, as authenticated and documented at the Nuremberg Trials.

The Germany of Hitler’s day was steeped in this social Darwinism. This was principally because:

Darwin’s Origin of Species had been translated into German in 1860, followed by his Descent of Man in 1875 (which showed that Darwin was himself a social Darwinist!). And their logical sequel, articles on eugenics, by Darwin’s cousin, Sir Francis Galton, had been translated into German by the early 1900s.

Ernst Haeckel (Prof. of Zoology at Jena University in Germany from 1865 to 1909) had become ‘Darwin’s chief European apostle proclaiming the Gospel of evolution with evangelistic fervor, not only to the university intelligent but to the common man by popular books and to the working classes by lectures in rented halls.

The German nation had been subjected for many years to the ‘God-is-dead’ atheism of Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900). Nietzsche believed that (his version of) evolution would eventually produce the Übermensch, ‘a superman whose distance from the ordinary man is greater than the distance between man and ape’. Then a ‘super-race’ of such beings would impose its will on the weak and the worthless.



_sub-artificial issue no. one

_mortal gods

This was social Darwinism or eugenics in action. Eugenics is the

Richard Weikart, professor of modern European history at California

application of Darwinian evolution to produce better offspring by

State University writes, ‘Since Hitler viewed evolutionary progress as

improving the birthrate of the ‘fit’ and reducing the birthrate of the

essentially good, he believed that the highest good is to cooperate with

‘less fit’. The Lebensborn homes took care of the former, hurrying

the evolutionary process. If evolution provided the ends, the Darwinian

natural selection along; the concentration camps dealt with the latter,

mechanism suggested the means increase the population of the “most

exterminating up to 11 million ‘useless eaters’, as authenticated and

fit” people to displace others in the struggle for existence. This was the

documented at the Nuremberg Trials.

rationale for the Lebensborn program. Evolutionary ideas infest all that is worst in Mein Kampf. The book abounds with concepts like struggle, selection, survival of the fittest, extinction of the weak, mixing one’s blood, etc. For example, Hitler wrote, ‘He who does not wish to fight in this world, where permanent struggle is the law of life, has not the right to exist.

Playing god. Artist depiction of genetics error causing impurity Collage

_sub-artificial issue no. one


_mortal gods



_sub-artificial issue no. one


_mortal gods

_sub-artificial issue no. one

_mortal gods

Hitler justified his racism by appealing to Darwinian science. He wrote, ‘The stronger must dominate and not mate with the weaker, which would signify the sacrifice of its own higher nature. Only the born weakling can look upon this principle as cruel, and if he does so it is merely because he is of a feebler nature and narrower mind; for if such a law did not direct the process of evolution then the higher development of organic life would not be conceivable at all.

Hitler continued, If Nature does not wish that weaker individuals should mate with the stronger, she wishes even less that a superior race should intermingle with an inferior one; because in such a case all her efforts, throughout hundreds of thousands of years, to establish an evolutionary higher stage of being, may thus be rendered futile.


DNA Sequencing graph



_sub-artificial issue no. one

_mortal gods

Instead of becoming part of the new master race, the children procreated in the Lebensborn homes suffered greatly after WWII, with the collapse of Nazi Germany. As illegitimate babies from a Nazi propagation program, many lived out their lives in confusion and ostracism. For others, discovering the truth was equally traumatic. In Norway, those born of Norwegian mothers and German soldiers—‘children of the enemy’—faced pitiless discrimination and were often harassed, beaten, and called ‘Nazi swine’.

In November 2006, some 40 of the survivors met in Wernigerode, Germany, (‘where the Harz Lebensborn home contributed over 1,100 babies to the scheme’) for mutual encouragement and to confront their past life of shame and the horror of finding out they had been bred in clinics to be the next generation of Nazi elite.

"Blonde Nordic gi no Jewish ancest to produce racial - Russell Grigg

_sub-artificial issue no. one

_mortal gods


//Heaven Shall Burn - Armia// An insurrection of the lost { with courage born from despair(An end for the years of anguish) { // A battle in the nation's heart Uprising of the lost = In the abyss between the worlds(They all averted their eyes); A home behind the enemy's lines = They raped and burned our fatherland(They raped and burned our fatherland); there's no tomorrow, // We'll bring it to an end; there's no tomorrow We'll bring it to an end; there's no tomorrow Uprising of the lost (In the abyss between the worlds()) { // They all averted their eyes A home behind the enemy's lines = Our souls scorched with our homes(); // But willful we hold our ground Our souls scorched with our homes (But willful we hold our ground; ground) { Uprising of the lost(In the abyss between the worlds); } } Red vultures awaiting our end.A home behind the enemy's lines(); } }

irls who had try, in order lly pure"

Sub-Artificial issue no. one  

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