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Kinderkrippe Kindergarten / Kreiner architektur Architects: Kreiner architektur Location: Haus im Ennstal, Austria Developer: rรถm. -kath. Pfarre Haus im Ennstal Planner: KREINERarchitektur ZT GmbH Project Year: 2011 Photographs: KREINERarchitektur ZT GmbH

Worked by: Dolantina Xhakrosa

General information With the new establishment of the kindergarten consideration was shown town planning particularly for the available structure. ď‚— The kindergarten should complement the ensemble of the existing parochial court and create L-shaped an especially attractive clearance for the children. ď‚—

Function: With the plan creation it was laid on a compact and very functional construction body worth. ď‚— Dirty areas, like vestibule, cloakroom, garden exit, are separated etc. strictly from the other areas and offer no overlapping to the pure area. ď‚—



The compact construction body in connection with brick construction manner leads to the optimum energy efficiency. In addition, the construction method provides inside a cosy space climate.

The process in the 3dmax After I have finished the 3d in AutoCAD I had to choose the material in 3dmax. ď‚— First thing to do was to open the 3dmax and from file to import the project that was done in 3d AutoCAD. ď‚—

Materials used ď‚—

I click material and then choose the proper one in order to do better quality and right one in the building.


The movement space was arranged centrally in the building and was explained in the direction of east as well as west clear.


Done in AutoCAD.

Done in 3dmax


Then to do the bag round I click rendering, environment and effect, I choose a photo from the internet of open sky.

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doli final  
doli final  

doli, ppt presentation