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Roughly 3,000 Michigan residents await an organ transplant by CHRIS GRAY Observer Staff Writer

Find the right clubs Golf is a game of subtleties. A slight rotation during a swing of a degree or two can mean the difference between hitting the green and landing in the bunker. Those same subtleties are no more apparent than in a set of golf clubs. With continued advancements in club technology, it is possible to see a difference in your game as a result of new clubs, whether you desire increased power, accuracy or forgiveness. But if there are flaws in your swing, new clubs will not make them disappear. Clubs can only improve on what’s already there. You don’t have to go out and purchase the most expensive set of clubs — concentrate on getting the right set. Selecting golf clubs that are the correct size is the first step. Unless you stand over 6 feet or under 5 feet, standard-size clubs should be correct for most men and women. Men’s clubs are generally 1 inch taller per club. The shaft is the next essential consideration. Today’s shafts are usually composed of steel or graphite. Steel shafts are more durable and generally less expensive than graphite. They offer more control but require a faster swing to generate distance. Graphite is popular because of its light feel. However, ball control is sacrificed by the increased power generated from the swing. Shaft stiffness is also a factor. You will find a range of flexibility, from extra-stiff to shafts for seniors with more “bend� to them. Beginners and players with less powerful swings will find a flexible shaft more effective, while players with powerful swings will gain more control with a stiffer club shaft. Loft is another term you will come across in your search. It refers to the height the ball will achieve in flight. Inexperienced players are generally encouraged to choose

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spirits. Provided you’re not caught up with the competition aspect and gunning to win, golf can also be a relaxing endeavor that helps stress melt away. There’s also the camaraderie of golf: spending time with friends

Local man’s life illustrates the importance of being organ donor If it weren’t for generous people signing up to donate their organs and tissue, people like Washington Township resident Michael Champine wouldn’t be alive today. He was not only given a second chance by people who have signed up on the Michigan Organ Donor Registry, but a third chance at life by undergoing two transplants. “I’m alive, I’m able to spend time with my family, I work, and enjoy my life because there were people brave and responsible enough to donate,� he said. Champine, a father of three children and grandfather of nine, first experienced the importance of organ donation in 1986 when a congenital disease was destroying his kidney. He was put on the transplant list, but didn’t receive a kidney until 1995. “I was on the transplant list for three years, I had to go through some difficult times healthwise, but you have to hang in there,� he said. “Everything is good now, and the recovery was real quick.� However, in April 2008 while having blood work done to check on his kidneys, abnormalities in the results revealed he had Caroli’s disease, which affects the liver’s bile ducts. Preparations were made to have a portion of his daughter’s liver donated, but in June he became seriously ill. He was given priority on the transplant list, and had to implement his own IVs to fight off fevers and other symptoms until the transplant came through. “There is no cure for (Caroli’s), you can only have a transplant,� he said. “If I wouldn’t have got it, there was a pretty

Improve your game with the right set of clubs. clubs with more loft as they are more forgiving on less accurate swings. Driver designs have recently reached the United States Golf Association’s (USGA) limits for size and length. In the case of such drivers, bigger seems to be better. A bigger club head generates more speed through the swing and can offer a larger sweet spot and more forgiveness. Irons also offer a variety of styles and options, broken down first into two categories: cast irons or forged irons. Cast iron heads are recommended for beginners. They provide a larger sweet spot and are more forgiving on accuracy. Forged irons feature a head with a flat, weighted back.This higher center of gravity (CG) means a more concentrated sweet spot and more control for experienced players. If you’re in the market for new clubs, remember that what’s right for one player may not be right for another. Club fitting with the help of a professional is a good place to start. A pro will analyze every facet of your game and help you determine which equipment is right for you. (Provided by metrocreativeThe annual Careers in Law and Criminal Justice workshop, a program designed to stimulate high and other players and engag- school students’ interest in ing in conversation. serving their communities Golf has many benefits, through law enforcement, and despite not being as was held Saturday, March high-energy as baseball or football, for example, it still remains a sport that can prove beneficial to your health. (Provided by

GETTING A THIRD CHANCE. Above, Washington Township resident Michael Champine has been able to lead a full life thanks to those who have signed up as organ donors, having received two transplants during his lifetime. The Secretary of State has encouraged residents to sign up as organ donors during April, known as Donate Life Month. (Observer photo by Debi Martone) good chance I wouldn’t have made it.� Thankfully, a liver was available, and five days after the transplant he was back home and resumed his work as a regional manager of a healthcare facilities service company. Having been a recipient twice in his lifetime, Champine said he has recognized the need for people to sign up as a donor. “I never thought I’d wake up and need another one, you never know when it’ll happen to you, or your son, daughter or someone else,� he said. “You don’t really think about it until it happens to someone close to you, and then you wish people would do it

Careers in law workshop piques students’ interest 27, at the Romeo Engineering and Technology Center (RETC). Sponsored by Judge Denis LeDuc of the 42-1 District Court, Romeo Community Schools, Macomb Community Col-

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tions and get a feel for the daily work of law enforcement officers. “There was an extraordinary amount of talent and experience here for students to draw upon,� said Judge LeDuc. “Our blue-ribbon faculty volunteered their Saturday morning to meet with students.� Breakfast was sponsored by the Northwest Zero tolerance Coalition and provided by the RETC Culinary Arts students under the direction of Chef Colleen Spiers.


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lege, Greater RomeoWashington Chamber of Commerce and Northwest Zero Tolerance Coalition. Representatives from the FBI, ATF, K-9 Corps Department, Macomb County Sheriff’s office, DNR, DEA, Homeland Security, Michigan State Police, Juvenile Justice Center, Macomb County Prosecutor’s Office, Macomb Community College and Macomb County Circuit Court Judge Mark Switalski were available and forums were provided for students to ask ques-

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more.� According to Gift of Life Michigan, in 2009 there were 862 transplants that saved hundreds of lives. Thus far there have been 189 transplants in 2010, but there are 2,936 Michigan patients waiting for transplants as of April 1. The organs needed the most are kidneys, making up 81 percent of those awaiting a transplant. The next are livers, with 322 patients waiting for one. Of the state’s 10 million residents, roughly 1.8 million (about 18 percent) are registered as a donor. To give that number a boost, the Secretary of State launched a campaign with organ recovery groups this month as part of Donate

Life Month. “In Michigan, about 3,000 people are waiting for a lifesaving transplant,� said Richard Pietroski, executive director of Gift of Life Michigan in a press release. “These are our family, friends and neighbors. We can help them by getting as many names as possible on the registry.� The organs that are donated go beyond kidneys and hearts. The Michigan Eye-Bank also recovers, evaluates and distributes corneas for transplantation in an effort to restore sight to patients. Gift of Life Michigan has addressed some of the common myths about organ donation that may cause people to shy away. For instance, neither organ or tissue donations interfere with open casket memorials, and there are no costs associated with donating. The number one myth is that doctors won’t work as hard to save a life if they know someone is a donor. By law, the medical team treating someone must be separate from the transplant team. “I think anybody who is contemplating it should talk to somebody who either decided to be a donor or is a recipient, to help them understand the real reason behind being a donor,� said Champine. Registration no longer requires residents to fill out the back of their driver’s license, and instead places a heart sticker on the front of the license. Residents interested in signing up can do so at any Secretary of State office, or can avoid the lines and register on-line at or

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