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Fall: The Perfect Time to Visit Naples, Italy Discover why fall is one of the best times of the year to visit Naples, Italy As many savvy travellers already know, fall is one of the best times of the year to visit Italy. Whether you call it fall, autumn, or autunno, the period after summer and before winter is an ideal time to visit Italy. Naples, the undisputed capital of the south, is no exception. With its Mediterranean climate and seaside location, Naples in the fall is truly spectacular. There is still lots of sunshine, but with cooler temperatures and fewer crowds. Of course, all of the splendours of the city are still there, which you can enjoy with a bit more peace and tranquility than during the high season. Some of the top reasons to visit Naples in the fall: Lower Prices One of the most attractive draws of fall travel in Naples is the drop in prices, which decrease from the high season of July - August. The later in the fall, the lower the prices. Fewer Crowds Just like the prices, the number of visitors to Naples also declines during the fall, meaning that you can enjoy the many sights without the crowds. Spectacular Weather In early fall, the weather will have cooled a bit, but is still quite warm, the perfect temperature for exploring the streets of Naples and visiting historic sites without air conditioning. Temperatures tend to be in the 70s and 80s during September, and in the 50s and 60s in October. However, there is usually still lots of sunshine, making for some of the most wonderful weather of the entire year. Great Hotel Deals During the fall, many hotels also offer special pricing and packages. The Romeo hotel, one of the top rated 5 star hotels in Naples, is offering discounted prices up to 25% when booking through the hotel's website. The Romeo hotel in Naples also features special discounts for stays of 3 nights or more. The Miracle of San Gennaro One of the most important and unique celebrations in Naples occurs in the fall. On September 19 of each year, Neapolitans celebrate the patron saint of Naples, Saint Gennaro (San Gennaro), and gather in the Duomo (Naples Cathedral) to witness the annual miracle of the liquefaction of his blood - a ceremony that dates to the late 1300s. The day of the miracle is an important time for Naples and the celebrations include a procession through Spaccanapoli, as well as the the performance of the miracle at the Duomo, where the cathedral is surrounded by thousands of people and stalls selling various foods,

sweets, and other items. Opening of the Opera Season at Teatro San Carlo Teatro San Carlo, the oldest operating opera house in Europe, reopens in October after closing for the summer months. Built in 1737, the Teatro San Carlo is a strikingly beautiful opera house of great historical significance that has staged premiers by Rossini, Verdi, and many of the greatest composers of the time. There is nothing like experiencing the deep culture and heritage of Naples. Take advantage of all the great reasons to visit and enjoy the perfect Italian fall getaway!

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Why Fall is the Perfect Time to Visit Naples Italy  

As many savvy travellers already know, fall is one of the best times of the year to visit Italy. Whether you call it fall, autumn, or autunn...