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Designed for 21st century education

In September 2014, Rome International School will move to a brand new purpose-built campus in Via della Camilluccia. Our new building and campus reflect our focus on critical thinking, inquiry based approaches and a passion for learning. • The new campus is situated in a natural park of over 3.5 hectares and has a covered surface area of around 9,000 square metres. • The campus features a 225 seat auditorium, two gyms, a cross-country running track, large external sports grounds, and recreational areas.

WELCOME TO ROME Our mission is to provide a nurturing environment, in which children of all nationalities and faiths can explore and respect their own and each other’s cultural and religious heritage. We aspire to equip our students with the skills needed to become life-long learners, so that every child is able to realise their unique gifts and talents and achieve their full potential. We are are proud to be an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School. We are the only school in Rome authorised to offer the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) for the Elementary School, and the acclaimed IB Diploma Programme (DP) for the last two years of High School. We are also authorised to offer the International General Certificate for Secondary Education for the first two years of High School thereby ensuring the quality and consistency needed for a truly international education for our students. Rome International School has formal links with LUISS, one of the most prestigious, private universities in Italy. Our students have the unique possibility of direct access to LUISS University undergraduate courses in English. Rome International School is a non-denominational school and welcomes students from all cultural backgrounds. With a student intake of around 30 different nationalities, Rome International School is the ideal context for a rewarding and progressive educational experience. 3

Our network of leading partners such as LUISS University and the Confucius Institute, demonstrate our ambition to maintain educational and organisational excellence.

MORE THAN A CLASSROOM Rome International School consists of the following departments: - Nursery, Kindergarten and Transition: ages 2 to 5; - Elementary School: ages 5 to 11 (Grades 1 to 6); - Middle School: ages 11 to 14 (Grades 7 to 9); - High School: ages 14 to 18 (Grades 10 to 13). The school actively encourages academic excellence and there are a range of scholarships and awards available each year. Suitability for entrance to our school will be assessed on the basis of each individual case. The admission of external students into all grades requires success in the entrance tests. More information is available on our website. Although we firmly consider ourselves an international school, we never forget the language and culture of our host country. A thriving Italian department is present in the school, and the didactic activities of our Italian subject teachers are carefully coordinated across the school.


At Rome International School, we support the IBO mission statement in its aims to ‘develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect’. This reflects exactly what we are aiming for with our students, preparing them for the world of tomorrow, starting from their first days at school.

ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Students from Kindergarten to Grade 6 follow the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP). The PYP is a trans-disciplinary programme that promotes the development of the whole child. The traditional subject areas are not seen as ends in themselves but as a means of inquiring about the world. The Elementary School student at Rome International School is at the centre of the learning process, constructing knowledge, problem solving, collaborating, reflecting and taking appropriate action. The IB PYP is recognised worldwide as one the most advanced international programmes for elementary schools. There are 164 schools that offer this programme in Africa, Europe and the Middle-East; and 13 in Italy.


At Rome International School we strive to use the curriculum (and the experience gained from it) to challenge our students to be not only eager for knowledge but also to think about what they learn and what it means in local and global contexts. Passive learning of facts and figures is the past. Developing an understanding of the significance of these facts is necessary for building the future.

MIDDLE SCHOOL Students in the Middle School follow a rich programme of study in all subjects: English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities (History and Geography), Italian (as a native or additional language), French/Spanish/Chinese from grade 7 as a third language, Information Communication Technology, Art, Drama and Music, Physical Education. We appreciate that many of our families still require the guarantee of excellent preparation for the Italian state exam at the end of grade 9 (Terza Media). For this reason, students receive ample time for Italian lessons in Language, Literature, History, Geography, Maths and Science throughout the Middle School years, with additional hours in grade 9 for the preparation of the Italian Licenza Media exam. The school takes the responsibility of entering its students for this exam with a collaborating local Italian school. Non Italian students will study and learn to appreciate Italian language and culture through a parallel course of instruction with our Italian as an Additional Language (IAL) teacher.


We have created a learning platform that is flexible and reactive. Our approach recognises the skills and aptitudes of all learners and responds appropriately. It is one which values high achievement relative to each student’s individual progress and celebrates students who embody the principles and values of the school and the International Baccalaureate Organization.

HIGH SCHOOL - IGCSE In December 2012, Rome International School received authorisation to offer the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) as administered by Cambridge University. This prestigious course of study for 14-16 year olds is taught in international schools around the world. It is specifically designed to provide an excellent academic education for the first stage of High School and also specifically prepares students for the International Baccalaureate in grades 12 and 13. It combines an exam-based approach with a focus on research, problem solving and inquiry based learning. Students study a range of subjects, normally from nine to eleven, over the two-year course. There are options to allow tailoring of appropriate subject packages. There are formal exams in May of the second year, assessed by external IGCSE examiners. Successful completion of these exams is a requirement for entry to our IB Diploma Programme.


We are committed to facilitating access to the best universities in the world. In 2012, the acceptance rate for our IB DP students to UK Higher Education Institutions (HEI) was 94% and overall acceptance into HEI for RIS students worldwide was 100%. We offer systematic guidance and supervision throughout the application process, with the sole objective of allowing our students to fulfil their potential and realise their dreams.

HIGH SCHOOL - IB DP The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme is a prestigious, internationally acclaimed course which leads to entrance to the very best universities across the world. Following the rigorous IBO inspection visit in April 2009, Rome International School was granted full authorisation to offer the IB Diploma Programme to our High School students. Authorisation provides an assurance that the school has the quality of teaching, amenities and equipment in order to be in line with the IBO requirements. The IB Diploma requires students to study a choice of six subjects, one from each of the subject areas. For example Physics, Chemistry and Biology are offered in the Sciences area. We are proud to offer Economics, Philosophy and History in the Individuals and Societies area, as well Chinese, French and Spanish in the Language Acquisition area. Our students have the option of programme combinations which give automatic equivalence to the Italian MaturitĂ . We therefore have a wide choice for designing the best package for each student.


At Rome International School we constantly strive for excellence. We never stop improving and our ambition is infectious. We act as a team. A team of facilitators and learners. Our strong collaborative spirit means that we work with our students to help them achieve their dreams and their passion helps to ensure that we maintain our quality. It is an effective partnership.

INNOVATING FOR THE FUTURE We have integrated innovative forms of Information Communication Technology (ICT) in our everyday learning. All High School students and teachers are provided with an iPad (loan-basis). Teachers in the Elementary department also use iPads as additional educational resources. Laptops are available for Elementary students, allowing them to explore beyond the walls of their classrooms. An interactive virtual learning system (MOODLE) complete our ICT tools for teachers, students and their families. Academic excellence is a value on which we base our identity. The school launched the 'Scholarship Fund' Programme to promote the growth of the school's international community and to give promising international students, whose families lack sufficient financial resources, the opportunity to have a quality international education. We have additional yearly awards reflecting IB Learner Profile attributes, and recognising academic achievement. In 2012/2013, we introduced the Chinese language and culture option in our Middle School. To give students who want to opt for this a valuable head start, we offer Chinese courses in the Elementary School. All lessons are given by qualified mother-tongue Chinese teachers. High School students have the possibility to continue this course as part of the IGCSE and DP Programme.


Throughout the school, students participate in a variety of residential and day trips. We consider trips out of school to be educationally beneficial and we encourage all students to take part. From grade 3 to grade 12, carefully chosen residential trips, either in Italy or to international locations, are offered annually.

DELIVERING QUALITY There are a range of after-school activities organised by the ‘Associazione Rome International School’. The Associazione is independent of the school and provides additional services to students and their families. Some of the activities on offer include: Latin, French, Chinese, rugby, ballet, guitar, violin, piano and much more! A full three course lunch is available to students at an extra cost. The majority of the food served in the canteen is organic and lunches arrive hot from outside caterers every day. Primary and Secondary students have separate sittings and a different menu of choice according to their ages and religious and ethical beliefs. Elementary and Middle School students are distinguishable by the two different school uniforms, carefully chosen for both practicality and comfort at each level. Students are expected to wear this uniform in its entirety at all times. High School students are not required to wear a uniform, but are expected to follow an appropriate dress code. The school bus service, organised by an external supplier, guarantees transport to and from most parts of the city. Rome International School is also centrally located and therefore accessible by public transport. 17

Our vision is to be an integrated and caring community in which teachers, parents and management cooperate to develop in our students attributes of international mindedness, a spirit of enterprise and the joy of life-long learning by offering a first class educational programme.

CONTACT US Rome International School is an IB World School. IB World Schools

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share a common philosophy - a commitment to high quality,

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Rome International School is authorised to offer the Cambridge IGCSE. It is specifically designed to provide an excellent academic education for the first stage of High School and also prepares students for the IB Diploma Programme. Rome International School is a member of the European Council of International Schools. We continue to strive for educational and organisational excellence.


Admissions Office Open: 08.30 to 16.00 (Monday to Friday) Phone: +39 06 84482658 Email:


WHY CHOOSE US? “A human being can only become truly human through education. He is nothing, except what he is made by education.” (‘On Pedagogy’ - Immanuel Kant)

“I believe that every parent who moves their children from school to school goes through questions of ‘did I choose the right school for my children?’ and ‘will they be on par with their peers when we change schools again?’ I am happy to report that, looking back, I find the answer to both of those questions about Rome International School to be ‘yes’. I thank you for the time we spent at RIS.” - Gretchen H. (former parent)

Via Panama 25, 00198, Rome | | +39 06 84482650

Rome International School Prospectus  

Our prospectus gives an overview of what we offer. Rome International School provides a quality international education for ages 2 to 18.

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