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VETERANS 10’S INTERNATIONAL RUGBY TOURNAMENT 6th Memorial “Renato Speziali” 16 teams at the 11th International Invitation Roma Seven Cup 8 teams at the 4th International Invitation Roma Seven Ladies Cup 2nd Memorial Giorgio De Angelis 3 days of Great Rugby 500 players from 5 continents the excellent frame of the City of Rome the hospitality village the business village the Roma Seven Party the Dinner Gala


Veterans Roma Seven Cup final: Chester Williams ( GUEST PLAYER) in action Roma Seven 2012


Roma Seven 2012

Veterans Roma Seven Cup 2012 Memorial Renato Speziali The Best Veterans Teams of Rugby 7 expected in Rome, capital of sports


Very Original Old Rugby Roma

Wooden Spoon Veterans (UK)

Lazio Old Rugby

Old Rugby Civitavecchia

Catania Old Rugby

Italian Lawyer National

Petrarca Padova Old Rugby

Moscow Lads (RU)

Rovigo Old Rugby

Old Rugby Frascati

Gameface Pacific Chief

Red & Blu Veterans

Wanderland International RFC

Racing Verbier RFC

I Folpi – Lido Venezia Rugby

Lazio Old Rugby

Very Original Old Rugby Roma

Italian Lawyer National

Roma Seven 2012

Veterans Roma Seven Cup: Gold book 5° edition 2011 Namau 4° edition 2010 Namau & Original Very Old Rugby Roma (ex-aequo) 3° edition 2009 Namau 2° edition 2008 Original Very Old Rugby Roma 1° edition 2007 Unione Rugby Capitolina Veterani

Roll of Honor

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Roma Seven




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Roma Seven 2012

Rugby 7 and the “Roma Seven” Rugby Seven will be inserted in the

Olympic games from Rio de Janeiro 2016.

Rugby Seven started in Melrose, Scotland, in 1883. Since then, Rugby Seven grew to the same level of popularity as rugby 15 with a constantly growing interest.

Today the IRB Seven World Series have an audience of 558 million - + 24 million each year - carried by 34 different broadcasters - in 16 languages - in more than 141 countries The Roma Seven, the most important Sevens in Italy, is become year by year the “must” tournament to partecipate in, third in Europe and ninth on the World


Roma Seven 2012: is sure to be rugby at its best The World’s Best Teams of Rugby Seven in Rome, capital of sports Australia 7

Kenia 7

New Zealand Metro

France 7

Spain 7

Italy 7

Golden Lions SA

Georgia 7

Fiji Uprising

Clandestinos Argentini

Ukraina 7

Nederland 7

British Army ARU

Comitè Cote d’Azur

Stellenbosch University

Gilbert Stoned Pups

Kooga Wailers

Melrose RFC

Germany 7

Languedoc FFC

Yug Rugby (Russia)

Seven Kings of Rome

Belgium Barbarians



Atlantis Seven USA

Mel’s Exiles

Samurai International

Roma Seven 2012

ROMA SEVEN CUP: the Gold Book


Roma Seven Invitation Australia 7 Roma Seven Invitation Felpharma British Army ARU


KooGa Wailers


Stellembosch University RFC Samurai International RFC Italy 7 Samurai International RFC Lottomatica Roma

2011 2010 2009

2005 2004 2003 2002



oma Seven 2

R Testimonial

Roma Seven 2012

Guest Stars at Roma Seven - Waisale Serevi, the Fijian who is a real Seven icon around the world - Ben Gollings IRB best Seven player 2006, World top scorer and England7s captain - Alefeke Penelise IRB Best Seven player 2007, All Blacks 7 - DJ Forbes IRB Best Seven Player 2008, captain All Blacks 7 - Ollie Phillips IRB Best Seven Player 2009, Inghilterra 7 - Collins Injera Top Try Scores 2008- 2009, IRB Sevens World Series IRB Sevens World Series 2011 Championship

Gordon Tietjens, All Blacks 7 coach - Tomasi Cama, All Blacks 7 - Shane Christie, All Blacks 7 - David Raikuna, All Blacks 7 - Lote Raikabula, All Blacks 7 - Scott Kurry, All Blacks 7 - Rory Grice, All Blacks 7 - Jordan Smiler, All Blacks 7 - Solomon King, All Blacks 7 - Fritz Lee, All Blacks 7 - Edwin Cocker, All Blacks 7 - Sherwin Stowers, All Blacks 7 - Justin Wilson, All Blacks 7

Samoa , IRB Sevens World Series 2010 Championship

Australia 7

- Tom Iosefo, Samoa 7

- Tim Walsh, captain

- Alatasi Tupou, Samoa 7

- Henry Wanderglas

- Reupena Levasa, Samoa 7

- Michael O’Connor, coach - Bernard Folley

Fiji 7

- Jacob Taylor - Edd Jenkins

- Nabuliwaka Lepani, Fiji 7

- Hamish Angus

- Apolosi Satala, Fiji 7

- Lewis Holland - Greg Jeloudev

South Africa 7

- Renfred Dazel SA 7

- Jesse Parahi - Dan Yakopo


DJ Forbes e

Fritz Lee due

Roma Seven 2012

All Blacks in


The Roma Seven Village The Hospitality Village will be lodged in the vicinity of the venue. It is an exclusive area devoted to the guests of the event. The village, a unique location, makes it possibile to organize promotional events, Corporate Hospitality and meetings and to arrange special areas during the sporting event. The village, that will function throughout the event, is a point of reference for partners, insiders, and the general public attending the tournament. A food and beverage service along with music will be provided during the event.


Roma Seven, a Worldly sports Frame Following the Best British tradition , a Dinner Gala for more than 250 people will be served at the Vip village tribune A unique and prestigious occasion for “spoiling� customers, establishing new business connections and livening up new synergies In each edition, Roma Seven organization selects a charity project to co-operate with.

Roma Seven 2012

Roma Seven Party: Sport and Worldly Life The eagerly awaited, exclusive time for celebrating will conclude the International Rugby Seven Tournament. Representatives from Rome’s jet set will parade at the Vip Village. Following the International Tennis Tournament and the “Piazza di Siena” horse show, the Roma Seven Party will close the great sports and worldly events of the Capital. The event will be the occasion to combine a unique and traditionally important sports like rugby and the world of entertainment. The party will start at the end of the awards ceremony, with seven DJs and endless champagne. An internationally renowned music star will most likely participate.


Communication Plan - Roma Seven TV Coverage

Rai Sport : MEDIA PARTNER of the event Rai Sport 1 : recorded television report of qualifying rounds from 22.00 till 24.00 (Friday) Rai Sport 1 : live television report of final play-outs (quarters, semi-finals and finals) from 20.00 till 24.00 (Saturday) the longest broadcast of the rugby sector RAI: features, news and reruns for a total of 12 hours on air


Roma Seven 2012



RAI TG1 - National TV news friday 20.30 pm (1.30”) RAI TG2 – National TV news 1st June prime time (1.20”) RAI TG2 – National TV news 1st June night edition (1.20”) RAI TG3 – Regional TV News saturday 4th June dinner time (1.10”) STUDIO APERTO Italia 1 NEWS saturday 4th June dinner time (48”) LA7 NEWS saturday, lunch time edition (1.30”) SUPER 3 NEWS thursday 2nd June prime time edition (1.30”) ROMA UNO NEWS saturday 4th June dinner time edition (2.45”)




Mobile Advertising (Railway stations, Outdoor Tv) MOBY outdoor TV - Rome ADV Circuit - 900 buses + 45 local trains 3.780 screeens - 15” video adv - 72 runs/day during the two weeks before the event - 1.680.000 viewers / day

Pubblicità Dinamica Rome Circuit - screens in selected locations among the best fitness centers, restaurants, concept stores, lounge bars - 60” video adv during the two months before the event - 42.000 viewers/day more then 1.000.000 viewers / month

Roma Seven 2012

CENTOSTAZIONI ADV Circuit - 1.200 screens in 50 railway stations 47 of which are chief towns - 43� video adv during the two weeks before the event - 143 runs /day - 16 millions viewers / day

TELESIA ADV Circuit - 102 screens in 20 underground stations of Rome - video adv during 15 the two weeks before the event - Target: Fast Moving Consumer - 1 million viewers / day


Atac dynamic ads

Banner 2x2 m

Roma Seven 2012

Parking areas panels

Underground Banners Roma

Posterbus 2x2 m

outdoor advertising panels

Advertising 100 outdoor advertising panels in City centre 3 m x 2 m Central City during the two weeks before the event 200 parking areas panels 100 x 140 cm Pubblicità Circuito Roma during the two weeks before the event 130 billboards 2m x 2m ODP Pubblicità Rome Circuit during the two months before the event Atac dynamic ads for the routes in Rome (100 buses, right and posterior sides) 120x70 cm during the two weeks before the event n.7 truck ads 2m x 2m during the two weeks before the event (OPD Pubblicità) 50,000 A3 size posters in highly attended areas selected by target and in ticket advance sale points (2008/2009/2010/2011 service assigned to Lis Ticket, Lottomatica Group) Roma Seven branded corner at Fiumicino Airport to welcome arriving athletes for seven days before the event (extra Schengen arrivals) - 93.800 people traffic/week Information campaign during the Six Nations event generating more than


About us


Roma Seven 2012

Press Metro news (Partner media) 850000 copies (from Monday to Friday) 1.934.000 readers each day N° 1 half page in NETWORK circuit N° 1 half page in Roma Circuit N° 1 ¼ page in NETWORK circuit DNEWS (Partner media) 500.000 copies (from Monday to Friday) 1.000.000 readers each day n. 2 half page in Rome and Milan Porta Portese (Partner Media) (circulation 110.000 copies for week) - Advertising spaces to be customized in the weeks before the event Sport ClubMagazine (Media Partner)- monthly free press distributed at sports club in Italy - 90.000 readers Rome area - 50.000 readers rest of Italy - adv page May issue - adv page July issue - article June issue - adv central pages July issue Fare Vela -sports monthly magazine a circulation of 30.000/month - adv page June issue



Roma Seven 2012


torna il grande

2 - 3 - 4 Giugno 2011 Stadio dei Marmi Roma




Comitato Olimpico Nazionale Italiano


match program magazine 52 colour pages 21 x 15 format A circulation of 70,000 Home delivery

Roma Seven 2012

Radio Radio Globo (Partner Media) - 7 audio adv to 20” each day during two weeks before the tournament - 3 winner lines during two weeks before the tournament - 300.000 Listeners/day Radio Radio Interviews and radio services Radio + TV 750.000 listeners/day RomaRadio – by The Mobility Agency broadcasted in A and B lines of Rome’s Tube - 15” audio adv during the two weeks before the tournament - 16 runs/day during the two weeks before the torurnament - 800.000 listeners/day


Roma Seven Comunication plan 60,000 leaflets (21 x 30 ) 100,000 invitations by sms (from database Press Office Roma Seven) 65,000 invitations home delivered (from Roma Seven Press Office database)

NewsLetters Lis Ticket NewsLetter “Primissima” 240.000 contacts Telepass: 800.000 Telepass Premium clients open rate 40% Metro News: 20.000 contacts

Web Comunication Sito web ( 220.000 single contacts from different IP-address ) 40.000 email Invitations (from Roma Seven Press Office database) Video spot of 50 “ send to 40000 single contacts selected from international database Facebook Communication campaign dedicated to 80.000 contacts (Roma Seven Fan & friends)

Roma Seven 2012

Banner on several websites, among these: PAGINE GIALLE 1 month in the home page PAGINE BIANCHE 1 month in the home page TUTTO CITTA’ 1 month in the home page ROME MUNICIPALITY 1 month in the home page and 060606 ROME PROVINCE YOUNG PEOPLE GOV. DEPARTMENT ROME DEPARTMENT OF MOBILITY ADR Rome Airports company FIR (Italian Rugby Federation) AIR (Associazione Italiana Rugbisti) BIRRA PERONI


2007 Press conference at the Capitol

2009 Press conference in the Coni meeting room

2008 Press conference at F.I.R

2010 Press conference in the Coni meeting room

Roma Seven 2012

Press Office - press conference to present the event to outstanding national and local newspapers - press releases - mailing of match program magazine - customized invitations to sports event - web mailing list - invitations to the exclusive Gala Dinner - invitations to the Roma Seven Party - testimonials from the showbiz and the sports sector - Waisale Serevi chosen as Roma Seven testimonial - Dj Forbes, Roma Seven 2010’s testimonial, All Blacks 7 Captain and IRB best Seven Player 2008 - Chester Williams, Roma Seven 2011’s testimonial World Championship Rugby and icon of the actions against Apartheid in South Africa


Roma Seven 2012

Business Proposals for Roma Seven 2012 The strength of a great international event: Rugby Seven soon in the Olympics Rugby: the real novelty of Italian sports enthusiasts Strong international appeal of the city of Rome, more and more value for sports and rugby Tough and constant effort to raise the overall level of the event in terms of sports quality, audience and sponsorship Public relations and dedicated Press Office Identification of the event as an elegant and sought-after meeting occasion, not only in the sports sector, due to the Gala Dinner and to the “Roma Seven Party� Particular attention to the international public, with agreements with tour operators in the sector and dedicated marketing initiatives Excellent level of quality - international teams and players



amurai Intern

s-S KooGa Wailer Finale 2007:

Roma Seven 2012

Sponsorship Roma Seven Global sponsor

Institutional Sponsor

Main Sponsor

Partner Media

Official Partners

Technical Partners


Main sponsor Visibility n° 4 posters (3.00 x 1.00) front row Customized area and dedicated signboards in the Village Back cover and dedicated page in match magazine (more than 70,000 copies) Logo on scoreboard of Tournament Logo to be mentioned by the speaker during the event, at awards ceremony and in the village 50 pass all areas for the Tournament, including authorization to enter the ground and the village 50 invitations to the closing party of the Tournament 20 invitations to the Gala Dinner at tribune

2002 Edition

2003 Edition

2005 Edition

2006 Edition

Foster’s Roma Seven

Nastro Azzurro Roma Seven

Sidis Roma Seven

Felpharma Roma Seven

Roma Seven 2012

Main sponsor General Rights Qualification of “Main Sponsor� of the 2011Roma SevenTournament

Sole trade rights Logo in and link to the homepage of the official website of the event ( Display of the logo in all official promo-advertising communications of the Tourament Possibility to customize the tournament name (Title Sponsor) Use of image and logo of 2011 Roma Seven Tournament Possibility to distribute samplings and promotional material

2007 Edition

2008/2009 Edition

Aams Roma Seven

Banca Fideuram Roma Seven

2010 Edition

Greennetwork Roma Seven


Customized area Main Sponsor 2008 – 2009 Banca Fideuram

Renault Official Partner Roma Seven 2011

Roma Seven 2012

ATAC Stand: Roma Seven 2009 Sponsor

Banca Generali Official Partner Roma Seven 2011

Official Partner General Rights n° 2 posters (3 x 1 m ) attended by the Sponsor Qualification as “Official Partner� of the 2012 Roma Seven Tournament Trade sole rights Use of 2012 Roma Seven Tournament Logo in and link to the official website of the event ( Possibility to distribute samplings and promotional material Display of the logo on all promo-advertising initiatives of the Tournament Brand to be mentioned by the speaker during the event, at awards ceremony and in the village 30 pass all areas for the Tournament, including authorization to enter the ground and the village 30 invitations to the closing party of the Tournament 6 invitations to the Dinner Gala along the tribune


Special thanks to

Roma Seven 2012


Final 2008 : Stellenbosch Un

iversity - Bri

Roma Seven 2012

tish Army AR


Presence at Courtside Setting of advertisements at courtside (3 x 1 m) Setting of banners (3 x 1) around the pitch Commercial and exhibition stands are arranged for sponsors in the Vip Village


“Modula” Roma Seven

“Bernabei” Seven Kings of Rome

Roma Seven 2012

“Samurai Red&Blu” Ladies

Sponsorship of a Participating Team Possibility to link your brand with one of the top participating teams, thus maximum promotion of your brand All-round promotion of your brand name

Display of logo on shirts Display of the sponosor name in all official communications to the press and at the venue

Testimonial The possibility to identify one or more testimonials from the rugby sector emphasizing reliablity, solidity, suppleness and speed is fundamental to brand visibility


single page

Renault Wind. scopriti irresistibile.

Consumi (ciclo misto): da 6,3 a 7 l/100 km. emissioni CO2: da 145 a 160 g/km. Renault sceglie


Inside front cover 150x210.IND 1

Roma Seven 2012

27/05/11 16:57

double page

Advertisement on the match program magazine 80 colour pages format 21 x 15 a circulation of 70,000 copies home delivery torna il grande


Inside front cover Inside back cover Centrefold Back cover

2 - 3 - 4 Giugno 2011 Stadio dei Marmi Roma



Comitato Olimpico Nazionale Italiano

Double page


Single page Half page One quarter of a page


Moreover Display of logo and link to the official website of the Tournament Prize money to the winning team, including mention of the sponsor at awards ceremony and delivery of award by one of your representatives Branding the closing event party Branding linked at opening reception of Roma Seven

Roma Seven 2012

The sponsorship of referees with partner’s logo on shirts gives large visibility considering the continual visual brand presence on the field during international live TV coverage Customization of flags at courtyard Customization of post protection equipment: excellent visibility throughout the event Promotion of Your brand around the pitch


Roma Seven 2012

Previous editions were under the aegis of:


Roma Seven 2012


VETERANS 10'S (OVER 35) The Best Veterans Teams of Rugby expected in Rome, capital of sports.