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LINEMAN’S HANDLINE HOOKS for Linemen and Arborists Standard Handline Hooks, 1600 series

1600-Y (Yellow)

1600-O (Orange)

Trigger Lock Handline Hooks (Patent Pending) The first patent-pending trigger lock Handline Hook that cannot pop off your belt, by branched or other obstructions. It comes off when you TAKE it off by simply pressing the trigger. No screws, pins or fasteners that can be lost, are needed.

1800-TLY (Yellow, Open snap shown)

1800-TLO (Orange, Closed snap shown)

Call for pricing! (440)333-5480 PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA! We welcome distributor requests! Please contact Romark Industries, Inc. for current pricing and stock information (440)333-5480 email:

Romark Lineman's Handline Hooks