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Spring/Summer 2022

Karel Martens Marc Nagtzaam Nick Geboers Bart Lodewijks René Heyvaert Kara Walker Irene Kopelman Nicolas Floc’h Jochen Lempert Ari Marcopoulos Roma Publications Geraldine Jeanjean Olivier Goethals The Serving Library Géraldine Jeanjean Dana Lixenberg Pauline Julier Marlene Dumas (to be completed)

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Roma Publications Nieuwe Herengracht 11a 1011 RK Amsterdam The Netherlands Distribution:

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ROMA 106 - Revised reprint

Marlene Dumas Intimate Relations

140p, colour 21 × 26 cm, pb, English ISBN 9789464460117 Euro 30.00 (incl. 9%VAT)

Slightly revised fourth edition of Marlene Dumas - Intimate Relations (ROMA 106). The first edition, published in 2007 on the occasion of Dumas’ first solo exhibition in South-Africa, 30 years after moving to the Netherlands, was dedicated to her mother who died that year. This revised 2022 version is dedicated to her six-year-older brother Pieter of whom a portrait was added: Die Baba (1985). This portrait of her brother as a baby, who later became an activist pastor in the South African Dutch Reformed Church, is also included in Dumas’ major exhibition open-end at Palazzo Grassi in Venice, on view from 27.03.2022 till 08.01.2023. Design: Roger Willems

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ROMA 412

Karel Martens Uranus - Is a Gallery

688p, colour 21 × 29.7 cm, pb, English/Chinese ISBN 9789464460025 Euro 125.00 (incl. 9%VAT)

This book is an exhibition. The pages can be arranged in sequence on a wall, creating a site-specific installation of 340 individual images over 21 square meters. Distributed in a limited edition of 750 copies, Martens invites participation in the transformation of the book as an object and the movement of the exhibition through time and space. You can use this book as your own statement. Published on the occasion of the exhibition Karel Martens: Re-Production at IS A GALLERY in Shanghai, curated by Zhongkai Li. Design: Karel & Aagje Martens

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ROMA 416

Marc Nagtzaam Farben

96p, colour 21 × 29.7 cm, pb, English ISBN 9789464460056 Euro 55.00 (incl. 9%VAT)

Collection of multi-layered Riso prints in a limited edition of 200 signed and numbered copies. Design: Marc Nagtzaam. Design: Marc Nagtzaam

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ROMA 417

Nick Geboers Træfængslet

48p, bw 22 × 33.4 cm, pb, English ISBN 9789464460087 Euro 25.00 (incl. 9%VAT)

Close-up photographs of carvings left behind by temporary residents on the surfaces of a wooden prison in Southern Jutland, Denmark. None of them evil, some of them mad. They all left their mark. Carvings of love. Carvings of longing. Carvings of hate and carvings of frustration. And ever so often just to mark that they were there. Design: Roger Willems

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ROMA 418

Bart Lodewijks Noordereiland Drawings

160p, bw/colour 17.5 × 24.5 cm, hb, Dutch/English ISBN 9789464460094 Euro 22.50 (incl. 9%VAT)

Noordereiland is an island in the middle of the river Maas, lying between the northern and southern parts of Rotterdam. It is shaped like a motor ship. In the midst of the pandemic, Bart Lodewijks treks from its western to its eastern end drawing with chalk on quay walls, ship cabins, steel pipes, commercial buildings and houses. When Bart is ordered by the authorities to wash away his drawings, he becomes friends with Bep and Leendert, who allow him to draw in their apartment. Design: Roger Willems

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ROMA 419

René Heyvaert Denver Mosaic 1961

36p, colour 22 × 28.5 cm, hb, English ISBN 9789464460063 Euro 24.00 (incl. 9%VAT)

The Denver Mosaic, conceived in 1961 for an office building designed by architects Joseph and Louise Marlow, has a unique place in the life and practice of Belgium architect and artist René Heyvaert (1929-1984). In this publication the entire mural is reproduced in 4 strips; the top and the bottom half of the left wall, followed by the top and the bottom half of the right wall. Photography and text: Arnaud Hendrickx. Design: Roger Willems

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ROMA 420

Kara Walker Book of Hours 2020-2021

144p, colour 19 × 25.5 cm, hb, English ISBN 9789464460070 Euro 40.00 (incl. 9%VAT)

Over the course of 2020-2021, during the pandemic, Walker has produced series of drawings in the style of a medieval Book of Hours. Enigmatic images appear to traverse a range of time periods, from scenes of biblical and mythological origins, to images of historical violence, to others that suggest more recent political strife. The highly personal nature of these images, similar to the personal collection of spiritual texts in a traditional Book of Hours, capture Walker’s own response to the intersection of past and present as a way to understand our contemporary political moment and serve, in her words, as “an attempt to transmit, nonverbally, an experience of being.” Design: Roger Willems

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ROMA 421

Irene Kopelman Here and Elsewhere

48, colour & bw 21 ×  28 cm, pb, English ISBN 9789464460131 Euro 18.00 (incl. 9%VAT)

Here and Elsewhere is a recent project by artist Irene Kopelman, shown at IAC Villeurbanne/RhôneAlpes. It brings together a series of drawings of rock formations and a 1:1 scale replica of marble-shaped rocks, known as concretions. Kopelman made two field trips to Utah between 2018 and 2019 to explore the otherworldly features of the concretions. The resulting works – crayons on paper and hand-made ceramic sculptures – reveal the ways in which the artist goes about mapping and drawing a geological location, and how art practice can be a way of thinking about geological processes and the design of nature – constantly changing, tireless in its creation of new forms and patterns. Design: Roger Willems

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ROMA 422

Nicolas Floc’h Deep Sea

68p, bw 23 × 31 cm, pb, English/French ISBN 9789464460124 Euro 32.00 (incl. 9%VAT)

Seascapes from the Lampaul Canyon in the Bay of Biscay, France, at depths to nearly 2,000 meters captured with a camera mounted on an unmanned submarine. The canyons of the Bay of Biscay were formed at the opening of the Atlantic Ocean 120 million years ago. These canyons cut through various rocks – dark (gabbro: extrusive rock), light (limestone: sedimentary rock) or white (chalk: sedimentary rock). These deep seascapes are filled with cliffs, falls and folds in which marine snow merges with living things, the stars of the ocean depths. Design: Roger Willems

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ROMA 423

Jochen Lempert Paare / Pairs

112p, bw 21 × 29 cm, pb, English/German ISBN 9789464460148 Euro 32.00 (incl. 9%VAT)

Artist’s book published on the occasion of the exhibition Jochen Lempert at Portikus in Frankfurt. Lempert composed a sequence using pairs to create a new look at the world that surrounds us. With an essay (German and English) by Portikus director Yasmil Raymond. Design: Roger Willems

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ROMA 424

Ari Marcopoulos Upstream

240p, colour 20 × 28 cm, pb, English ISBN 9789464460155 Euro 35.00 (incl. 9%VAT)

Catalogue and artist’s book accompanying Marcopoulos’ exhibition at Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen (21.05–07.08.2022). Ari Marcopoulos (Amsterdam, 1957) has been documenting the emergence of pop cultural phenomena and the formative figures of these movements with his camera for four decades. The 2021 video installation Alone Together, featuring a saxophone performance by Joe McPhee, forms a central part of the exhibition and also this catalogue. The tension between the immediacy and the subliminal cultural and historical references lend the video portrait an uncanny intensity. The images framing the video are not only examples outlining the artist’s inexhaustible productivity, but also the indispensable role of the photographic medium as the witness of contemporary culture. With texts by Hamza Walker and Giovanni Carmine. Design: Ari Marcopoulos & Roger Willems

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ROMA 425

Roma Publications #1–425 at Sitterwerk, St.Gallen

160p, colour 14 × 20 cm, pb, English ISBN 9789464460179 Euro 18.00 (incl. 9%VAT)

Catalogue with all the Roma Publications so far, published on the occasion of the exhibition One can build a table for 425 books. All printed matter by Roma Publications since 1998, from 22.05.–26.06.2022 at Stiftung Sitterwerk, St.Gallen, Switzerland. With a selection of photographs by Hans Gremmen, made between 2001 and 2021. Design: Roger Willems

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ROMA 426

Olivier Goethals Play Sincerely!

336p, colour & bw 16 x 24 cm, pb, English ISBN 9789464460162 Euro 35.00 (incl. 9%VAT)

This book presents an overview of the varied activities of Olivier Goethals – activities that involve constructing buildings, reorganizing interiors, making cupboards, staging exhibitions, drawing pictures, co-authoring editions, writing poems, sculpting objects, producing paintings, raising flags, designing scenographies, developing concepts, posting images, interviewing philosophers, organizing collaborations, connecting spaces, starting conversations, giving lectures, teaching students, implementing designs, devising constructions, programming gifs, filling notebooks, putting up walls, inspiring jewelers, turning on lights, mixing media, mounting installations and winning prizes. With text by Christophe Van Gerrewey, Olivier Goethals & Bernardo Kastrup. Editing and Design: Ine Meganck & Valentijn Goethals, with Judith Eckhardt

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The Serving Library Annual 2022/23 (Meander)

176p, colour 21 x 29.7 cm, pb, English ISBN 9789464460193 Euro 30.00 (incl. 9%VAT)

The Serving Library Annual 2022/23 (Meander)

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ROMA 427

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The Serving Library Annual 2022/23 Roma

03/05/2022 09:33

This edition of The Serving Library Annual explores the theme of the meander, offering both the promise of continuity and the mixed blessing of recurrence. Its freely wandering contents include contributions by: Yuji Agematsu Tauba Auerbach Canal Street Research Association Tamara Colchester Laura Coombs Anuja Dhir Lauren Elkin Jason Fulford Anthony Huberman Julije Knifer Philip Ording Federico Pérez Villoro Emilie M. Reed Eden Reinfurt Ab Rogers Laurel Schwulst Mindy Seu Tamara Shopsin Hermione Spriggs Robert Wiesenberger Editors: Francesca Bertolotti-Bailey, Stuart Bertolotti-Bailey, Vincenzo Latronico, David Reinfurt, Robert Wiesenberger

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ROMA 428

Géraldine Jeanjean Rock-paper-roots

80p, colour 19 × 26 cm, pb, French/English ISBN 9789464460186 Euro 25.00 (incl. 9%VAT)

The small French village Aumont, in which Géraldine Jeanjean’s grandmother lives, is filled with childhood memories and has been a subject for photographic work for many years. Her photos are proof of what her stories contain, and identify the places that almost had become imaginary. By observing them, she noticed similarities between her children and her grandmother. While the children discovered reality, her grandmother, suffering from memory problems, lost the sense of it. A search for reality has developed like a game of rock-paper-scissors. Design: Roger Willems

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ROMA 429

Dana Lixenberg Polaroid 54 / 59 / 79

296p, colour + 12p index 24 × 30.5 cm, pb, English ISBN 9789464460223 Euro 55.00 (incl. 9%VAT)

Dana Lixenberg (Amsterdam, 1964), who moved to New York as a novice photographer in 1989 and returned to her birthplace in 2018, is showing – for the first time – the 4×5″ polaroids she made from 1993 till 2008, the year Polaroid ceased production of the ‘peel Polaroids’. After a long interval, Lixenberg revisited these Polaroids in 2020. They recall memories of photo shoots, encounters, travels and collaborations. These instant photos formed an essential part of her work process, serving as test and reference material. Besides working on personal projects, Lixenberg was making a lot of work for magazines such as Vibe, The New York Times Magazine, The New Yorker, Rolling Stone, French Vogue and Vrij Nederland. It was the heyday of printed media, and the last period in which almost everything was still done in an analogue way. “In the portraits you can see the passage of time,” says Lixenberg. Her Polaroids form a collective portrait of Lixenberg’s work process, American culture and society in the ’90s and ’00s. Design: Roger Willems

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ROMA 430

Pauline Julier Meadow

192p, colour 18 × 25 cm, pb, English ISBN 9789464460216 Euro 22.00 (incl. 9%VAT)

The 8th artist’s book published in conjunction with the yearly summer exhibition at, or in the area of the Mauvoisin Dam in Vallais, Switzerland. Meadow is part of the Occupy Mars project, conducted by Pauline Julier and Clément Postec, which sees Mars as a mirror of Earth at the dawn of the new age of space exploration, extractivism, and colonialism. It bridges multiple, alternative perspectives that question both past and future to bring new narratives to the fore. Through a series of films, publications, and public discussions, the project aims to insert new, insurgent voices into the fray. A first exploration took place in the Atacama Desert in Chile, where the training sites of NASA’s rovers are located next to one of the largest lithium mines in the world. From this trip was created the video installation (three-channels) Follow The Water, in which the protagonists tell their attachment to this territory. The title refers to The Meadow by James Galvin, 1992. Design: Roger Willems

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Upcoming: Marijke van Warmerdam Petra Stavast Eva-Fiore Kovacovsky Batia Suter Mark Manders Jan Kempenaers Jürgen Bergbauer Yael Davids Simon Wald-Lasowski Philip Metten Simon Boudvin Paul Bailey Marlene Dumas Karel Martens among others

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