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Autumn/Winter 2020

Nicolas Floc’h Yannis Kyriakides & Johannes Schwartz Na Kim Erik van der Weijde Geert Goiris Karel Martens The Serving Library Bart Lodewijks & Jan Kempenaers Experimental Jetset

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ROMA 387

Nicolas Floc’h Invisible

284 p, ills bw 24 × 34 cm, pb, English/French ISBN 978949281178 Euro 45.00 (incl. 9% VAT)

With Invisible, a visual, photographic research project on the underwater seascapes of the Calanques, Nicolas Floc’h set out to capture the state of the underwater seascapes at a given point in time, between 2018 and 2020, by following the entire 162-kilometre coastline of the Calanques National Park in the Mediterranean Sea near Marseille in France. The images, taken between 0 and -30 metres deep, in natural light and with a wide-angle lense, present a panorama of the natural and man-made landscapes and their transformations. The black and white photographs show the sea as it offers itself to the eye. With text contributions by Muriel Enjalran, Pascal Neveux, Gilles Clément, and Nicolas Floc’h. Design: Roger Willems

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ROMA 388

Yannis Kyriakides, Johannes Schwartz, Maria Barnas Face

Record/Vinyl + 12 p booklet, ills colour/bw 31.5 × 31.5 cm, English ISBN 9789492811769 Euro 26.00 (incl. 9% VAT)

This recording features a multimedia composition by Yannis Kyriadikes for voice, recorders, violin, piano, face detection software, scanner, electronics and video, created in collaboration with visual artist Johannes Schwartz and writer Maria Barnas and performed by Electra. A 12-page booklet features the photographic work of Johannes Schwartz and text by Maria Barnas. Duration: 47’30”. Design: Experimental Jetset

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ROMA 389

Na Kim Bottomless Bag

160 p, ills colour 23 × 30 cm, pb, English/Korean ISBN 9789492811790 Euro 25.00 (incl. 9% VAT)

Published with Na Kim’s eponymous solo exhibition at the Seoul Museum of Art, which is dedicated to letting children explore the artist’s visual language through works in various mediums. The title, Bottomless Bag, is borrowed from the mysterious bag in the animated film Inside Out. The bag contains endless odds and ends belonging to the main character, which links her to her memories. It also recalls the “Object Bag”, which was widely used for educational purposes in elementary schools in Korea during the 1980s. As such, the exhibition becomes Na Kim’s bag containing her collection of work. In this book, the elements of the exhibition are placed within the story ‘The Adventures of a Yellow Circle’, written for this occasion by Oh Eun. With an essay by Sungwon Kim. Concept: Na Kim, Minkyung Yoo Design: Myungsang Yu

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ROMA 390

Erik van der Weijde Lithium

32 p, ills bw 21 × 29.7 cm, pb, English ISBN 9789492811806 Euro 16.00 (incl. 9% VAT)

In Lithium Erik van der Weijde once again turns the camera on his, now teenage, son. The photographs were taken between 2018 and 2019, their last year together in Brazil, the son’s home country, and their first year after moving to Europe. Transitions and the gap between expectations and reality left their mark on this period. Design: Erik van der Weijde, Roger Willems

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ROMA 391

Geert Goiris 2020

44 p, ills colour/bw 28 × 36 cm, pb in sleeve, Dutch/English ISBN 9789492811813 Euro 27.25 (incl. 9% VAT)

Circa 1124 a contemplative community of Benedictines settled themselves on the Wivina site at Groot-Bijgaarden is. Archaeological research uncovered remains of five consecutive churches and outbuildings. The current chapel form 1924 is still intact. In 2011 interior architect Tom Callebaut led the transformation of this chapel into a contemporary contemplative space. In 2020 photographer Geert Goiris was invited to visualize the experience of this space which is still a beacon of questioning and reflection. With a text by Herman Lombaerts. Design: Roger Willems

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ROMA 392

Karel Martens Seoul Portraits

16 p, ills bw 17 × 24 cm, pb, English no ISBN Euro 10.00 (incl. 9% VAT)

A selection of portraits from the digital guest book, collected during the exhibition ‘Karel Martens: Still Moving’ at Platform-L in Seoul from 08-10-2018 to 14-02-2019. Compiled as a contribution for Extra Extra Magazine issue 15, 2020. Simultaneously published in a limited edition with a cover, by Roma Publications, Amsterdam. Design:Karel Martens

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ROMA 393

The Serving Library Annual 2020/21 (Objects)

The Serving Library Annual 2020/21

208 p, ills colour 21 × 29.7 cm, pb, English ISBN 9789492811820 Euro 29.50 (incl. 9% VAT)

This year’s Annual is published in tandem with a long-term installation of The Serving Library’s collection of (mostly) framed objects at 019, an artist-run space in a former welding factory in Ghent, Belgium. Apparently, the sole common denominator of the objects in the collection – which range from paintings, photographs, and LP sleeves, to a can of green paint, a German car license plate, and an ouija board – is to have appeared as illustrations in an issue of The Serving Library Annual or one of its immediate predecessors, Bulletins of The Serving Library or Dot Dot Dot, sometime over the last 20 years. The present volume assembles The Serving Library collection at the time of writing, arranged in chronological order of production, as full-page images with extended captions. Editors: Francesca Bertolotti-Bailey, Stuart Bertolotti-Bailey, Vincenzo Latronico, David Reinfurt

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ROMA 394

Karel Martens Tokyo Papers

Karel Martens Tokyo Papers

80 p, ills colour 15.5 × 21.5 cm, pb, English ISBN 9789492811837 Euro 21.80 (incl. 9% VAT)

A collection of 41 monoprints created by Karel Martens between 2019 and 2020. “In 2018 I received a package by mail from Pierre Leguillon with a small pile of used Japanese forms which he had found at a street market in Tokyo. An intriguing collection, printed on thin paper with a rectangular black-blue layer of carbon on the back. Initially in 2019 I started to print on these back sides, but because the overprinting on the carbon layer caused unwanted damage, I eventually started printing them on the front sides as well. The closing image is related to Tokyo in a different way.” KM Design: Karel Martens, Roger Willems

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ROMA 396

Bart Lodewijks & Jan Kempenaers Kerselare Drawings and Photographs

240 p, ills bw 16 × 22 cm, pb, English/Dutch ISBN 9789492811899 Euro 30.00 (incl. 9% VAT)

This book is offered in memoriam to the Flemish Brutalist architect Juliaan Lampens (1926-2019). He originally sketched the design for the Chapel of Our Lady of Kerselare in chalk on a blackboard wall in his studio in Eke before it was built from 1963 to 1966. Half a century later, Bart Lodewijks is drawing on Lampens’ masterpiece, also with blackboard chalk. The chalk drawings on the chapel represent a reimagination, a return to the design that originated on the wall in Eke. The temporary drawings and surrounding environment, in all its seasonal changes, are being photographed by Jan Kempenaers. Design: Roger Willems

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ROMA 397

Walid Raad I long to meet the masses once again

48 p, ills colour 22 × 28 cm, pb, English/German ISBN 9789492811905 Euro 18.00 (incl. 9% VAT)

Publication about a site-specific installation by Walid Raad in Kunst-Station Sankt Peter Köln (Cologne, Germany) in the exhibition series Rubens Replaced. Shown are two sculptures made out of art transportation crates entitled I long to meet the masses once again (2019), and a second work, I long to meet the masses once more (2020), which shows us the reverse side of the famous painting The Crucifiction of St. Peter by Peter Paul Rubens, on which ornamental prints of plants, flowers, and a foliage can be seen. It is placed on the floor, just below the original’s traditional spot on the wall. With texts by Friederike Schuler and Johan Holten. Design: Roger Willems

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ROMA 399

Experimental Jetset Superstructures (t-shirt)

420 p, ills colour/bw 10.5 × 18 cm, pb, English ISBN 9789492811868 Euro 36.00 (incl. 21% VAT)

Accompanying the launch of Experimental Jetset’s paperback Superstructures (ROMA 400), we released this t-shirt, carrying a pattern designed by Experimental Jetset. Resembling an imaginary sign system (or cartographic language) for a fictional metropolis, the pattern also incorporates a quote by The Jam (“In the city, there s a thousand things I want to say to you”), referring to the main theme of the paperback; the notion of the city as an infrastructure for language. The t-shirt is available in two color combinations (black/white, and violet/white), in sizes S, M, L, and XL. Screenprinted with water-based ink on organic, premium t-shirts (100% fair-trade cotton). Design: Experimental Jetset

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ROMA 400

Experimental Jetset Superstructures

420 p, ills colour/bw 10.5 × 18 cm, pb, English ISBN 9789492811868 Euro 24.00 (incl. 9% VAT)

Book with text and images written and compiled by Experimental Jetset around the notion of ‘Superstructures’, devided in four chapters: ‘The Constructivist City’, ‘The Situationist City’, ‘The Provotarian City’, and ‘The Post-Punk City’. Each of them refering to modernist tendencies that greatly influenced and inspired the practice of Experimental Jetset. The introductionairy text, originally written by Experimental Jetset as an introduction to an exhibition at RMIT University (Melbourne) in 2018, is annotated with 99 footnotes by Vasyl Cherepanyn, Leontine Coelewij, Linda van Deursen, Experimental Jetset, Owen Hatherley, Brad Haylock, Dirk van den Heuvel, Lieven Lahaye, Samata Masato, Tom McDonough, Kateryna Mishchenko, Other Forms, Mark Owens, Megan Patty, Adam Pendleton, Simon Reynolds, Ian F. Svenonius, McKenzie Wark, Lori Waxman, and Mimi Zeiger. Design: Experimental Jetset

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