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Spring/Summer 2023

Ari Marcopoulos

Yael Davids

Philip Metten

Irene Kopelman

Karel Martens

Arnout and Michiel De Cleene

Dove Allouche

Nicolas Floc’h

Eva-Fiore Kovacovsky

Karel Martens

Alexandra Bachzetsis

Mark Manders

Alexandra Leykauf

Kasper Andreasen

Batia Suter


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Ari Marcopoulos

Ainsi soit-il

176p, colour & bw 21 × 28 cm, pb, English

ISBN 9789492811844

Euro 55.00 (incl. 9%VAT) (limited edition)

Photobook by Ari Marcopoulos with text by Kara Walker. All photographs were taken on trips in 2018 and 209, visiting their friends Robert Frank and June Leaf in their house in Mabou Mines, on Cape Breton in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Limited edition with 4 inserts, including a signed Riso print.

Design: Roger Willems

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ROMA 395

Yael Davids

I am Going to be Your Last Teacher – A Workbook

196p, colour & bw 23 × 30 cm, pb, English ISBN 9789464460315

Euro 35.00 (incl. 9%VAT)

This publication by Yael Davids unfolded as a workbook along two different exhibitions: A Daily Practice at Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven (2020) and One Is Always a Plural at Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Zurich (2021). In Eindhoven the exhibition emerged from a three year research cycle facilitated by the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. Within the Van Abbemuseum she set up an educational structure, initially afterschool care for children, which evolved into weekly Feldenkrais classes. In Zurich, taking up these ideas in connection with a collection show, which had not been done for some time, was a fruitful challenge.

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ROMA 442

Philip Metten

Five Works

88p, colour & bw

23.5 × 31.5 cm, hb, English ISBN 9789464460322 Euro 40.00 (incl. 9%VAT)

The Corner Show was an exhibition at Extra City Kunsthal in Antwerp in 2015 for which Metten devised the scenography. The complex spatial and architectural configuration the artist proposed for this exhibition was not a stand-alone project. It was the second in a series of sculptural projects of a distinctly architectural envergure that the artist initiated two years earlier and in which he granted spaces with a distinct social program and scale a sculptural transformation: a bar (BAR, 2013), an art gallery frontage (153. Stanton, 2015), a mobile screening dispositive (CINEMA, 2017), and a restaurant (ESSEN, 2020). Combining his genuine interest in contemporary and historical architecture with the long-lasting desire to make sculpture functional, these five projects make up a distinct body of work within Metten’s practice.

Design: Joris Kritis

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ROMA 443

Irene Kopelman

Marine Models – Notes on Representation Vol. 12

200p, colour 21 × 28 cm, pb, English/French ISBN 9789464460360 Euro 30.00 (incl. 9%VAT)

Irene Kopelman examines three interconnected phases in her work through the lens of two small marine animals: Botryllus schlosseri and Nematostella vectensis. One is colonial, the other is solitary, yet they both have the ability to regenerate their entire body. For the artist, drawing is a way of thinking and processing what we see through material and physical activity; dwelling on a subject and exploring it through looking and learning. It is extraordinary to think how much we could learn from these two marine models. Kopelman’s long-term project, initiated by the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Nice, is an attempt to tackle such questions through drawing and imagination. Text by Irene Kopelman, Hélène Guenin, Stefano Tiozzo, Eric Röttinger.

Design: Ayumi Higuchi & Roger Willems

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ROMA 444

Karel Martens

Small Prints (cover 1)

48p, colour 17 × 24 cm, pb

ISBN 9789464460377

Euro 28.00 (incl. 9%VAT)

Publication with unique letterpress monoprints made by Dutch graphic designer Karel Martens between 2014 and 2022, reproduced at their actual size. It is available with two different leporello covers, which are the result of a printing experiment by printing multiple layers.

Design: Karel Martens

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ROMA 445 21 20 41 40

Karel Martens

Small Prints (cover 2)

48p, colour 17 × 24 cm, pb

ISBN 9789464460377

Euro 28.00 (incl. 9%VAT)

Publication with unique letterpress monoprints made by Dutch graphic designer Karel Martens between 2014 and 2022, reproduced at their actual size. It is available with two different leporello covers, which are the result of a printing experiment by printing multiple layers.

Design: Karel Martens & Roger Willems

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ROMA 445 47 46

Karel Martens Small Prints special edition set (publication + t-shirt)

book + t-shirt

17 × 24 cm, pb + S.M.L Euro 50.00 (incl. 9%VAT)

T-shirt with a Karel Martens print in 2 colours silkscreen. Available in sizes S, M and L. To order, mail to

ROMA 445b

Arnout De Cleene

Michiel De Cleene Capital Compression

32p, bw 14 × 21 cm, pb, English

ISBN 9789464460391

Euro 10.00 (incl. 9%VAT)

As the wind deposits dust, and dirt settles into soil, the landscape forms. The amassment of dirt and specks transfers pressure upon pressure, upon pressure. What erodes elsewhere, gathers here. Until carbon turns into diamond, and compression

Capital Compression explores the poetics of blockchain technology. Photographically and discursively, it employs strategies of authentication and documentation. A hashed poem in nineteen lines, a series of twenty photographs, and an

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The amassment of dirt and specks transfers pressure upon pressure upon pressure.
and compression into capital
What erodes elsewhere, gathers here. Until carbon turns into diamond
Compression Cleene De Cleene 441 123-43-22345-0-2
As the wind deposits dust and dirt settles into soil, the landscape forms What erodes elsewhere, gathers here. Until carbon turns into diamond
into capital Capital Compression De Cleene De Cleene Roma 446 ISBN: 123-43-22345-0-2 voorzijde in pvc pvc los achterzijde in pvc
As the wind deposits dust and dirt settles into soil, the landscape forms The amassment of dirt and specks transfers upon pressure upon pressure.

Dove Allouche

Periodic Table

192p, colour 20 × 25 cm, pb, English

ISBN 9789464460407

Euro 24.00 (incl. 9%VAT)

The periodic table of chemical elements is one of science’s most important achievements. It is a unique conceptual tool for predicting the appearance and properties of matter on Earth and in the rest of the Universe.

On the occasion of his exhibition around the Fionnay compensation basin (Valais, Switzerland, from July 15–October 1, 2023), Allouche presents a set of 96 color photographs obtained by spectroscopy and associating the names of the chemical elements with the light they emit.

Curator: Jean-Paul Felley Design: Roger Willems

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ROMA 447 Periodic Table Dove Allouche Periodic Table Dove Allouche Roma

Nicolas Floc’h

Initium Maris

264p, duotone

23 × 31 cm, pb, English/French

ISBN 978 94 6446 042 1

Euro 45.00 (incl. 9%VAT)

With Initium Maris, the inaugural series of a long term project titled Productive Landscapes, Nicolas Floc’h reveals the underwater landscapes in the west of France, from the coasts of Brittany to the Loire-Atlantique. In dialogue with scientistsis, Floc’h is on a mission to represent the underwater landscapes at a time when climate change is causing major upheavals within ecosystems. With a text by philosopher Emanuele Coccia.

Design: Roger Willems

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ROMA 448 227 226 Aber Wrac’h, Stagadon, –6m, 2021 Aber Wrac’h, Stagadon, –6m, 2021 49 48

Eva-Fiore Kovacovsky

Feeding on Light

416p, colour

13.5 × 20 cm, pb, English

ISBN 978 94 6446 046 9

Euro 28.00 (incl. 9%VAT)

Feeding on Light examines photosynthesis through experimental photography and is laid out as a field guide. Imagine a collection of perforated leaves in which organisms like insects, fungi, or bacteria living in or eating the foliage have created an array of patterns. Transporting the outdoors into her analogue colour darkroom, Eva-Fiore Kovacovsky experimentally captured the traces of the often symbiotic tree-insect-sun relationships. An extensive index links the 136 photograms, 87 contact prints and 496 leaf negative prints to the plant species’ common and scientific names. Essays by Margot & Roland Spohn, Sina Ribak and Taco Hidde Bakker contextualise her light harvest record from the perspectives of biology, ecology and philosophy.

Design: Dongyoung Lee & Roger Willems

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ROMA 449

Karel Martens

Calendar 2024 / Every day is a new day

736 p, colour

15 x 21 cm, pb, English

ISBN 9789464460384

Euro 30.00 (incl. 21%VAT)

A tear-off calendar for 2024 by Dutch graphic designer Karel Martens. For each day of the year, Martens has created a unique arrangement, originally constructed using his signature method of printing letterpress monoprints from found metal forms, and then digitized to comprise 365 compositions in total. Every day is a new day!

Design: Karel Martens & Roger Willems

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ROMA 450

Alexandra Bachzetsis


256 p, colour

22 x 32 cm, pb, English

ISBN 9789464460414

Euro 42.00 (incl. 9%VAT)


SHOW stages over two decades of performance work on the pages of a book. Bachzetsis’s first comprehensive monograph includes new essays and contributions by Michel Auder, Julia Born, Hendrik

Folkerts, Amelia Jones & Tawny

Andersen, Bonaventure Soh Bejeng

Ndikung, Paul B. Preciado, Joke

Robaard, Dorota Sajewska, Safiya

Sinclair, Adam Szymczyk, and Arnisa

Zeqo, among others.

Design: Julia Born

15 / 22 Private Song, 2017, performance documentation, documenta 14, Kassel, 2017 A.B., Thibault Lac 64 65

Mark Manders

All Words and One

208p, colour

21 × 28 cm, pb, English

ISBN 978 94 6446 043 8

Euro 36.00 (incl. 9%VAT)

This is a book about one single word. What started with the task to take one word out of all existing words, and to extend and change the meaning of that single word, became, step by step, a fascinating journey through our human history and our strange human minds. In this book you can see how an idea can travel through different periods, crystallize in different artists’ minds and freeze in various media. From cave drawings to a fax, from Malevich to Guston.

This book also formulates a lot of questions: why do we need to create images and meaning? What do we try to grasp by creating an image of a mythical figure? Why do we need to do that? And exactly where can we find truth in the different chapters of this book? Does this book also say something about all other existing words? Shall we start making other books? About other words? And what is the exact word for this blue that is printed on the cover of this book?

Design: Mark Manders & Simon Bultynck with Roger Willems

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ROMA 452 All Words And One ROMA Mark Manders ALL WORDS AND

Alexandra Leykauf

Alexandra Leykauf

208p, colour

20 × 28 cm, pb, English

ISBN 978 94 6446 045 2

Euro 30.00 (incl. 9%VAT)

This publication brings together works from three exhibitions by Leykauf: Both Sides Now at Villa du Parc, centre d’art contemporain Annemasse in 2020; Animus at Kunstverein Springhornhof in der Lüneburger Heide in 2021; What We Do in the Shadows at GAK, Gesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst

Bremen in 2022. With texts by Garance Chabert and Alexandra Leykauf

Design: Felix Weigand

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Kasper Andreasen High Capacity

208p, bw

21 × 29.7 cm, pb, English

ISBN 9789464460483

Euro 28.00 (incl. 9%VAT)

High Capacity is a somewhat fierce picture book showing a personal collection of ephemera collages made of material from the turn of the millennium. This artist’s book contains 203 photocopies of collaged items collected by the artist between 1998 and 2003 in London, Copenhagen, Amsterdam and elsewhere.

Until 2016, the loosely sorted material had been neatly filed in moving boxes, whereupon the artist took action: “‘Either dump it or keep it,’ I kept saying to myself. I grabbed a stapler and gave it a try.” What you see here reveals his many varied interests: receipts, torn up checks, packaging of all sorts, drawn instructions, snapshots, vinyl lettering, and other textual imperatives. The way the book is printed also yields a fascinating, yet raw, facsimile of these photocopied collages. High Capacity is not just an amassment of printed matter left over from 2000s, but a very dense, compressed image of that time.

Design: Kasper Andreasen & Toni Uroda

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ROMA 454

Batia Suter Exosphere

136p, duotone

24.5 × 32 cm, pb, English

ISBN 9789464460476

Euro 28.00 (incl. 9%VAT)

Artist’s book with reproductions of protective packaging material for fruits, vegetables, and headphones, interspersed with collected images of armour. This new project deals in an unexpected and indirect way with the fundamentals of sculpture. The sense of a fossilized present offers a new perspective on Suter’s phylogenetic approach to imagery and her appreciation of unintentional beauty.

Design: Batia Suter & Roger Willems

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ROMA 455

Some Realized Projects 2014—22

216p, colour 21 × 28 cm, pb, English/Spanish

ISBN 978 94 6446 044 5 Euro 40.00 (incl. 9%VAT)

Book with recent work of Mexico City based architectural studio

PRODUCTORA, founded by Abel Perles, Carlos Bedoya, Victor Jaime and Wonne Ickx. In creating buildings that function, delight, stimulate and are likely to withstand tectonic fads as well as telluric shifts, all without ever compromising the restless intellectual curiosity at its heart, PRODUCTORA is the rare architecture studio that can have its cake and eat it too. This book is both a compendium and a promise of this singularity. A survey of the groundwork laid out over a decade, and a presage of what is possible as these foundations continue to be built upon.

Design: Roger Willems

para subir una escalera” que se detonan través de éstas de su uso. En algunos de los proyectos que hemos protagónico. Tal es el caso del Centro como foro abierto conector entre una serie de plazas existentes consolidando la configuración urbana del sitio. En el Auditorio de Teopanzolco que diseñamos, el techo se convierte en una gran escalinata la usanza de las antiguas pirámides; funciona como extensión visual física de la zona arqueológica porque desciende hasta el piso puede ser ocupado en su totalidad. la Casa Tello, ubicada en un terreno inclinado, decidimos organizarla en medios niveles. La escalera dispuesta en un espacio de dos alturas media se vuelve el corazón del proyecto. Todos los medios niveles se zigzag. La escalera, su vez, funciona como los usuarios; se convierte en un paseo o disfrutar redescubrir los distintos espacios

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ROMA 456 The project is governed by the aesthetics of the immediate context, which determined height, color, and materials: minimal palette of in situ cast or locally produced materials— including pigmented concrete, timber, clay tiles, and bricks. El proyecto se rige por la estética del contexto inmediato, el cual determinó altura, el color los materiales: una paleta mínima de materiales producidos localmente o preparados vertidos en el sitio, entre los que se incluyeron el hormigón pigmentado, la madera, las baldosas de arcilla los ladrillos. There are stairs meant to take us up; there are sculptural stairs; there are schizophrenic stairs, like those by Piranesi; religious stairs, like those we find in pyramids; stairs meant to become space; monumental stairs; small, mobile, light, symbolic stairs, etc. Even Julio Cortázar once wrote set of “Instructions on how different aspects that come with them and the projects we have designed. Such Community Cultural Center, where the building’s staircase functions as an open forum and link between a series of existing squares consolidating the urban configuration of the site. Also, in our design of the Teopanzolco Auditorium, the ceiling becomes large staircase in the style of the ancient pyramids: works as visual and physical extension of the archaeological site because it goes all the way down to the ground and can be used in its entirety. We decided to organize the Tello House, located on sloping plot, in mid-levels. The staircase, arranged within a doubleheight space, is the very heart of the project. All mid-levels are connected staircase, in turn, works as a kind of a walkway or promenade that, in its rediscover the house’s assorted spaces. Hay escaleras para subir; hay escaleras escultóricas; hay escaleras esquizofrénicas como las de Piranesi. Escaleras religiosas como las de las pirámides; escaleras espacio, escaleras monumentales; escaleras pequeñas, móviles, ligeras, escaleras simbólicas, etc. Incluso Julio Cortázar alguna vez escribió “Instrucciones

Mark Manders House with All Existing Words. An exhibition in Juliaan Lampens’s Woning Van Wassenhove

64p, colour 20 × 27 cm, pb, English/Dutch ISBN 9789464460490 Euro 20.00 (incl. 9%VAT)

Sculptor Mark Manders installed an exhibition in the Woning Van Wassenhove, a post-Brutalist house designed by Juliaan Lampens in 1974. Although Manders hardly touched some spaces, he treats the bed, office, and kitchen as stages for aggregation in line with the original occupant’s mindset: drawings, architectural proposals, photographs, artworks, paint pots, and seemingly wet clay are piled on top of one another. In Manders’ words: “The aim is to show the house in a perfect situation. While some spaces derail when you zoom in on them, there is a kaleidoscopic element to it, as if you are looking inside a head.”

Design: Roger Willems

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ROMA 457


Kees Goudzwaard

Olga Vasiljeva

Arnout and Michiel De Cleene

Inge Meijer

Matthew Harvey

Marijn van Kreij

Henri Jacobs

Stanley Wolukau-Wanambwa

among others

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