ROMA Autumn-Winter 2022/23

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Autumn/Winter 2022-23

Mark Manders Marijke van Warmerdam Jürgen Bergbauer Petra Stavast Jan Kempenaers Simon Boudvin James Beckett Marc Nagtzaam Philip Metten (to be completed)

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ROMA 431

Mark Manders La scomparsa degli sciapodi

96p, colour 21 × 28 cm, pb, English ISBN 9789464460209 Euro 35.00 (incl. 9%VAT)

La Scomparsa Degli Sciapodi (or ‘The Dissapeance of the Skiapodes’) is an artist book with images of Skiapodes. The term Skiapode (also spelled Sciapode, Skiapod or Sciapod) derives from the Greek compound skia-podes, literally meaning “shadow-feet”. Throughout history Skiapodes have appeared, and again disappeared, in many cultures and folklore traditions. They are commonly described or depicted as figures with a single obnoxious large foot, who are in the habit of lying on their backs, during the time of extreme heat, and who protect themselves from the sun by the shade of their feet. Over the last two decades, Mark Manders has been collecting (and secretly making) various images of Skiapodes as part of the work Room With All Existing Words (2005-2022). The publication comes with a short manual, instructing how to perform a trick that makes the images fade in black and white, and eventually disappear. Design: Mark Manders & Simon Bultynck

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ROMA 432

Marijke van Warmerdam Then, now, and then

32p (+ fold-outs), colour 25 × 29 cm, pb, English/Dutch ISBN 9789464460247 (English) ISBN 9789464460230 (Dutch) Euro 25.00 (incl. 9%VAT)

Then, now, and then consists of 16 films that Marijke van Warmerdam made during her stay in Rome in 2017 and subsequent visits to the city. All the films are loops, and most last no longer than a few minutes. They portray life on the street as the artist takes us on a walk through the city. Distance and proximity, visibility and invisibility, movement and rotation alternate as the films show how the dynamism of the Baroque lives on in today’s Rome. With her keen eye for abstract image qualities, Van Warmerdam celebrates the hidden order of chance that makes street life so colourful throughout the centuries. This collection of stills and short texts by Dominic van den Boogerd brings the films to life. Design: Armand Mevis

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ROMA 433

Jürgen Bergbauer Le Chiffonnier (The Rag-Picker)

372p, colour 21 × 28 cm, pb, English ISBN 9789464460261 Euro 40.00 (incl. 9%VAT)

The 19th century flea market (marche aux puces) was originally a place were servants sold discarded and flea-infested clothing from their masters to poor people. The ragpicker (le chiffonnier) tried to make a living by rummaging through refuse in the streets to collect material for salvage. Today the social implications are more ambiguous. On the hunt for things with a past (and a soul) flea markets attract a diverse clientele. Re-valuating props from past lives became an expression of individuality and a sense for sustainability. Over a period of 11 years, Bergbauer photographically collected “image rags” and “object scraps” at flea markets in 11 European countries. He was particularly attracted to art reproductions. For a moment the long-gone aura of “pictures of pictures” seems to be recharged by being unconsciously staged. In the immediate vicinity of reproduced “masterpieces”, almost everything turns into an equally seductive sensation. Design: Roger Willems

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ROMA 434

Petra Stavast S75

224p + poster, colour 27 × 32 cm, pb, English ISBN 9789464460254 Euro 30.00 (incl. 9%VAT)

S75 is a project by Petra Stavast named after the Siemens S75, a mobile phone that was launched in 2005. It was Stavast’s first phone which featured an integrated camera, with a maximum resolution of 1280 × 960 pixels. All the portraits appearing in this series were photographed by Stavast using the S75 between 2006 and 2022 in Amsterdam, Banff, and Shanghai. Design: Hans Gremmen

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ROMA 435

Jan Kempenaers Belgian Colonial Monuments 2

80p, bw 22 × 22 cm, pb, English/Dutch ISBN 9789464460278 Euro 26.00 (incl. 9%VAT)

This book is a continuation of the 2019 publication by Jan Kempenaers, Belgian Colonial Monuments. Kempenaers (re-)searched and photographed another 60 colonial monuments related to the Belgian colonial past which to date can all be found in the Belgian public space. Phillip Van den Bossche writes in the introduction: “How can you make the moments when you enter the public space (with countless monuments accumulated over time) ‘acceptable’ for as many people as possible? Why have no legal principles been elaborated and valid with regard to memorials and monuments? Why don’t they have an expiration date? These are three questions that come to mind when looking at Jan Kempenaers’ new series of photos.” Design: Roger Willems Special edition box - Signed copy of Belgian Colonial Monuments (2019, out-of-print) - Signed copy of Belgian Colonial Monuments 2 (2022) - Re-printed historical postcard - Signed and numbered photograph (They gave their lives for civilisation, Mechelen, 2018) in a limited edition of 50 copies. EUR 150,-. For availability mail to

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ROMA 436

Simon Boudvin MOTIVI - A Graphic Index

200p, colour 24.5 × 32.5 cm, pb, English/Italian ISBN 9789464460292 Euro 28.00 (incl. 9%VAT)

Simon Boudvin MOTIVI ROMA 436

During his residency at Villa Medici in Rome in 2020 and 2021, artist Simon Boudvin passionately explored a collection of old issues of architectural and design magazines, focusing on the 80’s period. In them, splotchy, stripy, wiggly, flashy shapes are brought together in a cheerful environment by artists, architects, photographers, designers, manufacturers and more. These contributors participated in creating the common ornamental background of that time. Boudvin has now collected together noteworthy pages from those magazines to create a composition of 192 close-ups enlarged to 400%. By just zooming in on patterns, textures and graphic samples, without depicting any objects, a beautiful chapter in the history of Italian design unfolds. Published with the support of the French Academy in Rome. Design: Simon Boudvin & Roger Willems

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ROMA 437

James Beckett The Sceptical Structures of Max

120p, colour 14.5 × 27 cm, pb, English ISBN 9789464460285 Euro 18.00 (incl. 9%VAT)

Artist James Beckett shines light on inventor Max Himmelheber, who modernised particleboard. Originally an act of frugality, Himmelheber bound the waste of sawmills with phenol resin, resulting in a highly versatile, stable product. Also known as chipboard, this material has spawned a love-hate relationship due its disposability, and more recently discovered environmental impact. Almost pre-empting the material’s pitfalls, Himmelheber turned his attention to a set of philosophical writings on humanity’s role in an industrialised world, displaying a culturally conservative distrust of unchecked technical progress. His character permeates these pages, as we learn of his multiple intersections of boy scouting, Shintoism and environmentalism. Through a historical account of this little-known figure, The Sceptical Structures of Max is as much a lucid memento mori as a call to reimagine our relation to the environment. The book includes a contribution by and conversation with Dirk van Weelden.

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ROMA 438

Marc Nagtzaam Present

PRESENT Marc Nagtzaam

40p, bw 21.5 × 29.5 cm, pb, English ISBN 9789464460308 Euro 20.00 (incl. 9%VAT)

For this publication Nagtzaam created compositions with existing images–including empty frames and scribbles by children–that he scanned from books in the library of the Laimun artist-in-residence program in Sardinia (Italy). Design: Marc Nagtzaam

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ROMA 440



88p, colour & bw 23.5 × 31.5 cm, hb, English ISBN 9789464460322 Price not yet set




フィリップ・メッテン - 五作品

Philip Metten Five Works

The Corner Show was an exhibition at Extra City Kunsthal in Antwerp in 2015 for which Metten devised the scenography. The complex spatial and architectural configuration the artist proposed for this exhibition was not a stand-alone project. It was the second in a series of sculptural projects of a distinctly architectural envergure that the artist initiated two year earlier and in which he granted spaces with a distinct social program and scale a sculptural transformation: a bar (BAR, 2013), an art gallery frontage (153. Stanton, 2015), a mobile screening dispositive (CINEMA, 2017), and a restaurant (ESSEN, 2020). Combining his genuine interest in contemporary and historical architecture with the long-lasting desire to make sculpture functional, these five projects make up a distinct body of work within Metten’s practice. Design: Joris Kritis

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Upcoming: Katinka Bock Marlene Dumas Eva-Fiore Kovacovsky Batia Suter Robby Müller Yael Davids Simon Wald-Lasowski Paul Bailey Karel Martens Stanley Wolukau-Wanambwa Luis Barragán Productora among others

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