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Company presentation

The ORK-STROY-SEVICE company is founded in 2007.

The company has ability to complete construction and finishing tasks of any complexity. Our company will give Your office, bar, hotel, boutique, restaurant unique elegant look, which will significantly provide Your company from the competition. We do the construction and installation work, alterations and repair of apartments, offices, restaurants and changing room area. Also we make exterior and interior finishing work: plastering, wallpapering, painting, flooring, installation of air conditioning, floor cable heating.

Our advantages  Professional approach to solving tasks  Qualified and timely complete of all kinds of jobs  Qualified staff of professionals and workers with many years of experience  Implementation of state standards, requirements of SNIP, regulations, ensuring compliance at facilities safety, fire safety and environmental protection.

Development of architectural and design projects Architectural design is a set of documents (drawings, sections, plans, specifications, etc.) prepared for construction and installation work. The project is a defining and essential stage of any construction or finishing, during which architects and engineers take into account all the

needs of the customer in compliance with building codes and regulations, including engineering, technical, fire, sanitation, environmental, architectural, artistic, and other requirements of the object. In addition to architectural projects, our experts can develop for you the individual design of the interior or exterior of the building. We use modern methods of interior design, luxury finishes, styles and pieces of furniture. Turning to us, you are guaranteed to get a stylish design room or office, which no doubt is to your liking.

Our services Our company provides full range of assembly, finishing and engineering services including:  Walls finishing and decoration  Flooring with all kinds of materials  Ceiling assembly and finishing

 Doors and windows mounting  Electrical work  Air condition and ventilation assembly  Low-current cable networks

Piazza Italia Project Location: Almaly Trade Center, Almaty city

400 m2

Detskiy Mir Project (Children's World) Location: Karagandy city

1200 m2

Mango Project Location: Aport Trade Center, Almaty city

380 m2

Silvian Heach Project Location: Almaly Trade Center, Almaty city

88 m2

Other reference      

iPoint in Almaly Trade Center, Almaty city, 35 m2 KFC Restaurant in Aport Trade Center, Almaty city, 102 m2 Hospitals and kindergartens in Karagoz and Zhetigen cities 2 Offices in Alatau hotel building, Almaty city, 117 m2 each Grossery shops, Almaty city, 235 m2 Art-Mania Company office, Almaty city, 683 m2

Contact information

Yusup Magamedov General manager

Roman Kinyakin Project manager

Phone: +7 707 8329626

Phone: +7 707 3487658



Office in Almaty

39/41 Markov street Phone: +7 727 2941701 Fax: +7 727 2941742 Work hours: 9:00 to 18:00

Construction Company  
Construction Company  

The ORK-STROY-SEVICE company is founded in 2007. The company has ability to complete construction and finishing tasks of any complexity. O...