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Mobile Text Advertising for Restaurants

The Fastest, Most Cost-effective Solution.

How do you: • • • • • •

Increase Sales Growth? Increase Traffic? Keep Loyal Customers Gain New Customers? Increase Repeat Business? Communicate your Sales Message in a timely Cost-effective way?

What leads to Customer Satisfaction? Food Quality


Customer Satisfaction

Good Service

Perceived Value

• Tasty edible Food, Refreshing Beverages. • Timely Attentive Service. • Nice Atmosphere. • Good Perceived Value for their Outside Food Dollar.

• Food Quality, Good Service, and Ambiance are in your Control. • Perceived Value is a bit Tricky.

Meeting the Needs:

• It’s a Combination of all of these things and your ability to get the customer into your Location so they can see that you Provide Value for their Dollar. • So, How Do You Communicate to your Loyal Customers and to 1st-time Visitors?

Traditional Advertising Communication Options: • • • • • • •

Newspapers – $1,300 per week for 2” x 2” ad. Television – $200,000 for one 30-second commercial (during primetime). Direct Mail - $1,500 for 1,000 4x6 postcards (includes postage). Radio - $90 to $120 per week on a rotator (prices higher if time slots for ad are selective). Magazines - $1,200 to $5,000 per month or per issue (depends on ad size and demographics). Outdoor (billboard) - $3,000 to do artwork and install media on billboard; rates depend on impress level, ranges from $5,000 to $500,000. Online - $0.60 pay-per-click or $1,200 - $1,800 a month for aggressive campaigns . *Note: Prices reflected are negotiated prices for a 12-week campaign.

Cost Analysis • Traditional Advertising Costs are a bit High. • Compared to Mobile text advertising they are Exorbitant. • Traditional Advertising Options are Hardly Affordable in Today’s Economy. Note: TV was left off the chart since it was over $200,000.00 and would make the chart meaningless.

Why Go Mobile? In a competitive marketplace, it is extremely critical for any business to have direct access to its customers and be able to drum-up more business at a moments notice.

Big Campaigns on a Small Budget

Mobile advertising is no longer just for the big guys! It has become more accessible and more affordable, even for businesses with limited budgets. With newer technology and easier access, advertisers can send unlimited text ads to an unlimited number of mobile users with NO Per Message fees and NO Telco charges.

A Marketing Tool For Our Mobile Culture. Mobile Text messaging empowers your business to send “just-in-time” messages when it is most critical for your customers to have it. With a 95% Read-Rate - which is better than Print, TV, or Email - text messaging can be used to directly reach customers anytime anywhere to deliver marketing messages like no other communications channel can provide. The customer need not be in front of their computer to get your message. Their mobile phone is always with them, ready to receive your message.

It’s Hip. It’s Hot. “With more than 250 million mobile subscribers in the U.S. alone, mobile phones are virtually everywhere. Mobile is ripe and ready to become the most powerful marketing tool for businesses and professionals. It’s right for you.”

What’s The Buzz? The most Powerful Advertising Medium ever invented. - The New York Times

Over 160 million cell phone users are considered avid text message users. - Metrics

Vanity Keywords in advertisements will become as common in the 2000’s as 800 numbers became in the 1990’s. - Surburban

How Does the Service Work?


Automatic Updates

Why Our Flat-Rate, Unlimited-Use Mobile Advertising Service Offers You The Best Deal In Marketing: (1) LOW-COST, WIDE-REACH ADVERTISING By using our mobile advertising service, you can promote your business and reach over 250 million mobile phone users in the U.S. alone. You can send promotional offers, sales invitations, special announcements, notices, reminders - anytime you want, and as often as you want. (2) YOUR MESSAGES GET DELIVERED 2 WAYS Our exclusive 2-in-1 mobile delivery system enables consumers to receive your marketing messages via SMS Text Message 2 ways: On-Demand and via Automatic Updates. By using our service, your marketing messages are ALWAYS AVAILABLE to consumers - anywhere, anytime - at home, at work, and when they're on-the-go.

(3) UNLIMITED MESSAGES, UNLIMITED CUSTOMERS You can create UNLIMITED campaigns under your ONE Account. You can change, update, or modify your promotional offers any time you want, as often as you want, and distribute UNLIMITED messages to UNLIMITED number of customers. (4) USES 100% SMS SHORT CODE Our mobile service uses Short Code numbers to deliver your advertising messages, enabling consumers to request and receive your text ads via SMS Text Message. (A Short Code is an abbreviated phone number - which in our case, is a short, six-digit mobile number that requires no area code and works anywhere in the U.S.) (5) CHOOSE YOUR OWN CUSTOM KEYWORD When you order our mobile advertising service, you will be able to choose your own unique KEYWORD instead of a generic or a randomly chosen one. Your Keyword is a critical component of your mobile campaign, as it is used to uniquely identify you to consumers and enable them to specifically subscribe to your mobile campaign.

(6) EASY-TO-USE BACK OFFICE Our system will automatically issue you an account ID and password that will give you access to the Advertiser Back-Office at our website, where you will be able to type, edit, or update your advertising messages any time you want, from any laptop or desktop computer with an Internet connection. (7) PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS LOCALLY OR NATIONWIDE. Using our mobile service, you can promote your business and send advertising text messages anywhere in the U.S. - whether you're a local merchant with a more geographically focused target market, or a brand seeking national exposure. Now Included: Add PICTURES To Your Text Messages!

Services Mobile Text Based Loyalty/Rewards Program Mobile Text Based Advertising System We Provide Value by giving you an Operating Manual on: -How to use the System to control your Sales Growth. -- How to create and sustain a Loyalty/Rewards program that will sustain and increase your Customer Base. -Set-up Materials and Follow-up will be provided Free of Charge.

We Care About Your Success. Mobile Communication Systems

Mobile Communication Systems Mobile Text Advertising  

Mobile Text Advertising and loyalty/Rewards program for Restaurants

Mobile Communication Systems Mobile Text Advertising  

Mobile Text Advertising and loyalty/Rewards program for Restaurants