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My Writing Portafolio Oropeza Santana José Román 413 A

INTRODUCTION This is a compilation of all the compositions that were made ​throughout the school year, with this we can apply all the knowledge learned ...

Content -About me -My pet -My cousin -Live in Mexico -Email to my friend -Bed & Breakfast -Film &Television

-My Job -Work & Study -My Travel -Weather -Festival -Coming & Going -The Transport

About me Hi, my name is Jose Roman Oropeza Santana *I’m from Mexico City *I’m 15 years old *I’m student *I´m assist at escuela Nacional Preparatoria No. 1 and my teacher of English is Mrs.Delgado

My Pet He is my pet, her name is Nacho. He is 3 years old, he loves be on in the garden, he likes eating pizza with meat.

My Cousin Profile Name: Cecilia Santana Occupation: student She is my cousin, Her name is Cecilia, She is 17 years old, She likes to talk, dancing and listen to electronic music, She is a student, She is very special for me. â?Š

MÊxico In Mexico people get up at 5:30 and have breakfast before going to school. Lunch time is at 10 o’clock. In the afternoon at 16:00 students do homework and play video games; After school at 14:30 and people eat with their family or friends. .

Email to my friend

Hi, Luisa How are you? I’m writing because my cousin Cecilia wants to visit Bogota in Colombia next month. Do you have time to meet and give her some suggestions? She loves to dance and sing. I want it to be a special trip for her Thanks for any help.

Bed & Breakfast

Dear Carlos Zujize I’d like some mores information about the hotel to rent. Is there mexican food in your restaurant? For how many people are your rooms? Could you send us a photo of the rooms? Could you send me the address? I’d like to know about the price and when it’s available how big is it? See you later, thank you for attention. Faithfully Roman Oropeza

Film & Television

My dear girl Starling next month we, can watch all of the TV soap opera "My dear girl". It's on channel 52 at 3 p.m every afternoon. This soap opera is starred by Clemente Soriano who is a powerful man who has everything in life. He is a millionaire and has three beautiful daughters and has recently married Karina, his attractive young secretary. However his past is full of dark secrets and the apparent happiness in living soon is threatened by his old enemy Octavio Uriarte, who is an architect. The Uriarte family hates Clemente because they blame him for the death of Fernando, brother and son of Octavio. Fernando and Clemente were parents and friends until he betrays Clemente. I recommend it because it has a lof of sadness anger and about the life of a millionare who is betrayed.

My Job

Dear Mr. Farchest I am writing to apply for the job often in your business in New York. I’m 25 years old, I’m from Mexico, I studied law and I work in an office. I can do this job very well. I can speak two languages Spanish and English, I can work quickly and efficiently . I look forward to hearing from you.

Jose Roman Oropeza Santana.

Work & Study

Dear Mr. Quevedo I saw advertisement on the internet for courses I would like to apply for a course for lawyers because I study law, I live very near there. I am interested in the course because I want to learn more about my career. I work in an office at the moment, I am studying in C.U. I'm good at using the internet and have a lot of experience. I am a variable for an interview at any time, thanks you for attention. Jose Roman Oropeza Santana

My Travel Last week was the concert by Blue Men Group, it took place in Las Vegas, Nevada. Over five hundred people attended it. This group is now recognized around the world, causing different groups of sensations to see characters as striking for anyone either young or adult‌ The aim of the event was to give a moment of happiness.

Weather This happened 3 weeks ago when we were traveling in Sonora, The trip lasted for 3 days . When we arrived the weather was fine was extremely hot and sunny, in the morning it was very cold, very hot in the afternoon and at night there was a huge storm. The storm did not harm us we went to the hotel, the hotel was very beautiful and very large, our room was very small and the windows were broken‌

Festival In Xochimilco the festival called, the most beautiful flower of Xochimilco is great but. The traffic gets heavy because many people go there. This event takes place every year, in order to choose the most beautiful young girl. Many people from other places come to see this great festival. The best transport is by car.

Coming & Going

The transport In Mexico, most people go to work by subway or bus, it is very fast and efficient. Many people go to work by car, but traffic is becoming heavier. The best transport in the capital city is subway because is very safe. The best way of travelling between cities is by car because it is fast, the car accidents are a serious problem. The situation is getting worse.

My Writing Portafolio Oropeza Santana José Román 413  
My Writing Portafolio Oropeza Santana José Román 413