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Creativity sells well these days. Getting to the market with innovative products is not anymore a gimmick of the clever ones, it became a must: if you don’t have anything new to show, the chances to catch the attention of the buyers are low. In the same time design and creativity is not the only core issue when we come to talk about European furniture industry. Nowadays it’s extremely important to provide good quality at very competitive price – and here we talk about costs of raw materials, energy prices, labour force, quality control, taxes and lead time (logistics). Last year, when we’ve launched the Furniture from Romania special edition, I was reminding the movers and shakers of the international furniture industry that „in Romania are made large varieties of furniture products, and the country is a traditional furniture exporter for more than a century”. Nothing changed: after Poland Romania is still the largest furniture exporter from Eastern Europe, the existing factories are covering the whole range of furniture products, and the top five destination countries for export are in the European Union.

Facing increased wages in the Chinese furniture factories, and fighting with the hassle caused by up to twelve weeks lead time for the products shipped from Asia, the European retail companies are constantly looking for solutions closer to the market they have to serve. Where? In the good old Eastern Europe. After the placement of the order the products are ready to be delivered from the Romanian factory between three to six weeks, and a truckload will arrive anywhere in Europe in not more than four days, sometimes less. While reporting on international and local affairs of the furniture industry, we, the editors of MagMob furniture magazine in Romania have gathered lots of market information and valuable contacts. To keep the asset organized and up-to-date, we’ve built the FastData system, a database tailored to our office needs. As a natural next step we have decided to offer the knowledge and our help to foreign companies, to those who are keen to get direct access to their potential customers, production partners or export suppliers. The service saves valuable business time, it is taking over the trouble of organizing the trip, and it creates the opportunity for decision makers to meet. We call it „direct business matchmaking”, because instead of searching on Google for the needle in the hay, the foreign partner gets what cold internet search cannot provide: good reference and personal contact. Take this thin print edition just as a hint: there are many more furniture companies in Romania we can warmly recommend. Buy yourself an air ticket and pay us a visit. We will be there with a ‘welcome’ sign. ZILAHI IMRE


05 Precision, wood and color We know how to Upholstered connect offer furniture made 100% in Romania and demand




We have Wood News for you

07 We know you love the country style!

08 We produce value for your home!

09 A family-owned business From the heart of the Carpathians

12 A Romanian design store and endless design possibilities

13 Over 40 companies working for your needs

Customized interiors for hospitality locations


10 The most relevant furniture specialized magazine in Romania




urocomfil Invest is a family business, 100% Romanian, specialized in the production of upholstered furniture. Established in 2013, as part of Taparo Group, soon became one of the most important furniture manufacturers in Maramureş county. The company is

producing beds, sofas, chairs and armchairs, upholstered in textile, leather and synthetic leather, has today 200 employees and a turnover of 10 million euros. The reliability of the company in customer and partner relationships, the attention to details and quality, the pro-

duct diversity and concern for innovation – all these lead to important foreign partnerships. The Eurocomfil Invest products are currently exported to the UK, Germany and Bulgaria, and in 2018 will enter the Danish market. The furniture made by Eurocomfil Invest excel in using an environmentally friendly and reusable composite material, that replaces the wood

SC EUROCOMFIL INVEST SRL Târgu Lăpuş, str. Ţibleşului nr.107, CP 435600, jud. Maramureş, Romania +4-021-3266630 Mihai Filip large range of upholstered furniture


and allows the production of furniture with creative design. The composite material is made of a mixture of technical plants with thermoplastic textile fiber, has a degree of recycling and reusing of almost 100%, and it was developed by the businessman and engineer Ioan Filip, within the Department of Research and Development of the Taparo Group.


e have been producing furniture since 1947. Tradition and quality defines us on the market through SIMEX brand. The impeccable approach to classic style allows us to get the challenge for a modern avantgarde style. We wanted and we succeeded to introduce a new brand! This is a capsule collection concept that emphasizes the reference points of MOOD brand. High-precision construction – EDGE collection. EDGE prod-

ucts are defined by perfect alignment and minimalist milling design. The semi-round connections and studied milling slopes represent EDGE collection details. Simple yet complicated. Selected patterns of the fabric - massive oak wood – FORMA collection. Constructive details highlights the wood design. The fabric beauty reveals itself through these details. We want to show the beauty of nature by details. Line and color – the LINEA

collection. The powerful rib play is framed by a matte MDF panel. Emphasizing the support by color, we try to define an interesting balance between materials. We follow trends, offering you desired colors. Line and color. Collaboration with IZZIDESIGNBOX studio has succeeded in defining these values. There are real desires that we want to express.

SC SIMEX SA Şimleu Silvniei, str. Cehei nr.100, jud. Sălaj, Romania +4-0260-678653, +4-0260-678654 Dumitru Blaga, +4-0260-678653 dining, living, office, standalone items, tables, chairs, contract business, benches for living tables

We want and we succeed! The MOOD team.


We know you love the country style! MANUFACTURED IN TRANSYLVANIA, DELIVERED FAST EVERYWHERE IN EUROPE zel-Mob SRL is a furniture manufacturing company since 1994. We produce country style furniture from 100% solid pine and oak wood. The company’s actual collection contains more than 600 models, in lots of possible finishing types. As a manufacturer we have also the possibility to

make our models in special sizes, or to make custom models, to satisfy all our customer’s needs. All the products are designed and created to fulfill our customer’s dreams, of transforming their house into a comfortable and pleasant home. We have the privilege of controlling every single step of the production

process, so that the final product can be at the highest quality to meet exactly the expectations and the highest European standards.

SC SZEL-MOB SRL Cristuru Secuiesc, str. Berde Mózes 61, Romania +4-0266-243836 +4-0266-244012 Szél Gábor +4-0748-119721 dining, kitchen, bathroom, living, office, standalone items, classical reproductions, tables, chairs, contract business, indoor furniture, country style, solid wood furniture, media furniture, bars & counters, kitchen, coffe tables, sideboards, hallway, bedroom, schowcase & library, collections



A family-owned business VALUES THAT LAST – FURNITURE MADE BY COMBINING AESTHETICS WITH FUNCTIONALITY ith over 20 years of innovation and experience in the furniture industry, the family-owned ZetamPLM SRL, manufacturer of quality furniture products offers you massive/solid wood (including pine, oak, beech, cherry, alder, lime and walnut) furniture for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, children rooms and kitchens.

Our products are of export quality with eco friendly finishes at manufacturing price. The wide variety of products include a wide range of hardwood furniture, our traditional raw material, but in the past year the MDF and many more components and materials got integrated in our production process. The company is certified with SR EN ISO

9001:2001, SR EN ISO 14001:2005 si OHSAS 18001:2007. Having a dedicated creative carpenter team, we also take individual orders form customers for unique pieces, and we furnish complete hotels, motels, pensions, weekend retreats and residences. Combining aesthetic appeal with functionality we create values that last.

SC ZETAM-PLM SRL Odorheiu Secuiesc, str. Bethlen Gabor 87, jud. Harghita, Romania Máté Zoltán +4-0744-691927 +4-0266-210100 +4-0266-210100 baby beds, single beds, double beds, bunk beds, sofa beds, armchairs, bedside tables, dinner tables, chairs, shelves, chest of drawers, wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, kitchens, hand painted furniture



ocated in one of the most beautiful areas of the country, in the centre of Western Carpathians, the Montana factory – founded in 2009 – follows the local tradition of wood processing, sustained by modern technology and knowhow. Our furniture collections are suitable not only for people who prefer classic furniture with straight lines and strong angles, but also for those who prefer the contemporary style, with combinations of oak and pine. We also love the rustic style that highlights the wood's natural fibre. A new range we are excited about is the 3D wooden panels for home decoration. Our main activity is the production of wooden furniture at high quality and competitive prices. The

best way to demonstrate our skills is a visit to our factory: we invite our partners to come and understand the production process and business model. At the moment we have 220 employees working in a 15000 sqm space (production buildings, warehouses, offices), and the raw materials used are the spruce, pine, oak, beech, veneered panels, reclaimed and old pine. The average lead time for orders is 4-to6 weeks.

SC MONTANA CAMPENI SRL Câmpeni, str. Moţilor 77, jud. Alba, Romania Sorin Salagean +4-0258-771863 +4-0258-771865 upholstered, dining, living, office, standalone items, wall coverings, tables, chairs, components, mattresses, contract business


Customized interiors for hospitality locations COMPLETE SERVICE — FROM THE INITIAL IDEA TO THE LAST DETAIL, WHEREVER IN EUROPE e are a dynamic and creative team whose stated aim is to create innovative, functional pieces of furniture, fully optimized to your needs. Projects accomplished by us are complex, with a high degree of originality, and are adjusted according to the conditions imposed by each of our clients. Our work and executed concepts are the result of a collective process, bringing together architects’ creativity, designers’ and engineers’ experience, and that of our carpenters. These are the vision and the resources that support our promise to the customer. In this way, our mission, to create interiors, furnishings and accessories for the hospitality industry, in a functional and outstanding way will be fulfilled.

Trend Furniture offers: 1. Custom made production for series or unique items following client idea or designs, furniture and accessories for various locations, as well as hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, bistros, pubs, nightclubs, taverns, shops and commercial premises, terraces, spas and pools etc. 2. Knowledge and experience for Contract (HORECA) industry – see our vast portfolio. 3. Capacity to do the onsite montage anywhere in Europe. 4. Project management ability. SC TREND FURNITURE SRL Gilău, 407310, str.Branişte no.25 B, jud. Cluj, Romania Viorel Băltăreţu +4-0264-371540 +4-0264-371540 contract business, upholstered, outdoor, wall coverings, lighting, classical reproductions, tables, chairs, components, accessories


A Romanian design store and endless design possibilities Dizainăr is a community, a creative lab, a Design Studio and a Romanian Design store managed by the product designer Mihnea Ghilduș, and it’s the first initiative of its kind that promoted designers, searched for manufacturers and started educating the design consumer in Romania. Our team is made up of 3 designers, 1 marketer and 1 communicator and we all love Romanian Design. We started in 2012 with the aim of promoting and selling products made by Romanian Designers and have gone far beyond that in

the last 5 years. We are passionate about everything that you can imagine and anything that can be designed. The design creator, the manufacturer and the design buyer, are all welcome to work with us at Dizainăr, the home of Romanian Design, a place like no other and our flagship project.

Product design | Exhibition design | Retail design | Interior design | Graphic design | Furniture | Lighting | Accessories

An image is worth 1000 words, therefore we talk with images and sketches. Products and numbers will follow. DIZAINĂR 17 Puțul cu plopi Street, Bucharest, Romania Mihnea Ghilduș | +4021 3113384 dining, kitchen, bathroom, living, office, standalone items, wall coverings, lighting, tables, chairs, accessories, contract business, interior design, product design, graphic design, exhibition design, retail design


Romanian Furniture Club Association

ACRM: the perfect partner in Romania OVER 40 COMPANIES WORKING FOR YOUR NEEDS he Romanian Furniture Club Association consists of more than 40 furniture companies which can deliver the full range of furniture, from residential furniture for bathrooms, kitchen, living, to office furniture, lighting, comercial store displays and specialised medical furniture. With over 145 million euros business ďŹ gure in the last year, and over 1959 employees across Romania, ACRM is the perfect partner for you, and a guarantee that you will get the best materials, you will have

the best architects, designers and engineers from Romania working for you, and at the end you will get the highest-quality furniture. Our companies have modern factories with state of the art CNC and laser machines that ensures highquality, fast and precise results. We use all type of materials from the classic melamine, mdf, hdf, solid wood, to modern composite materials like Corian, HI-MACS and more. Get in touch with us if you think we can work together.

Romanian Furniture Club Association Academiei Street, no. 29, 6th floor, District 1, Bucharest, Romania Iuliu Moldoveanu, chairman, +40 372 147 310 +40 727 141 912 upholstered, dining, kitchen, bathroom, living, office, standalone items, outdoor, wall coverings, lighting, classical reproductions, tables, chairs, components, accessories, mattresses, home textiles, commercial display furniture, specialised furniture for office buildings, specialised medical furniture, contract business


We’ll find the right business partner for you LET’S START SEARCHING FOR YOUR NEW SUPPLIER IN ROMANIA

The MAGMOB furniture publication (short for Magazinul Mobilei, translation: Furniture Shop) is known as a source of inspiration for the retail sector, read by the Romanian furniture traders, producers, interior designers and architects who like to get the information from a professional source. The magazine is a print+online communication channel for furniture producers and import-export companies. Its B2B content is structured in an accessible manner for all readers, keeping

a finger on the pulse of the furniture industry worldwide. MagMob is published by the Fast Forward Editorial SRL company, and its main goal is to promote a wide variety of furniture products on the market, with special attention to the furniture made in Romania. While the keeps the readers busy with daily posts, the print edition is published six times in a year. As the most relevant furniture specialized magazine in Romania, MagMob is representing

the country in the International Alliance of Furnishing Publications (IAFP). The editorial house recently started a new project called Furniture from Romania (FFR), trying to open a new window to the world and help Romanian companies and designers to get in contact with their future partners from abroad. The FFR is strongly connected to our direct business matchmaking service, providing consultancy to international companies looking for partners in Romania.

FastData is a background tool developed inhouse by Fast Forward Editorial, it is a database focused on the Romanian furniture industry. It helps both the editorial team’s work, and it’s the basis of the specialized consulting service the company offers to investors, trade and production companies.

Being the only Romanian furniture publication to held a membership in the International Alliance of Furnishing Publications - IAFP, MagMob keeps a high standard of quality of content and layout, both in print issues and on its website.


BIFE-SIM fair in Bucharest

SICAM fair in Pordenone

The editors of MagMob are attending about 25 international trade fairs every year. The market information gathered this way is used simultaneously by our print+online media channels and by the Fast Forward Consulting service. is currently under construction

MagMob is the main furniture specialized magazine in Romania, published six times every year gets updated with at least one new article every day

Our headquarter is in the middle of Transylvania, in TĂŽrgu-MureĹ&#x;. The nearest international airport is in Cluj Napoca. Most of the important furniture production capacities are located also in different counties of the northern part of Romania.


Furniture from Romania  
Furniture from Romania  

FFR 2/2018 — The furniture industry in Romania exports a large variety of stunning goods. This special edition gives you a hint.