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Romanian Companies Natural products business directory

NATURAL PRODUCTS Romanian companies are specialised also in the manufacture of exclusively natural products , by the best quality, wich correspond with international requirements.

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FOCUS, publisher of journals B2B, for foreign trade Bucharest, Romania 030484, Barsei St .10/1 Phone: 004 031 410 90 54 Fax: 004 021 643 24 47 Email:

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Romanian exporters business directory


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SC HYPERICUM IMPEX SRL Baia Sprie, Gutinului, Maramures 004 0262 271 338 ; 004 0262 372 695

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SC COZAC PLANT SRL Mircea Vulcanescu St, no.44, Bucharest 004 021 31 33 352

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SC ZENYTH PHARMACEUTICALS SRL P. Rares 50 A, Alexandru cel Bun, Neamţ 004 021 300 00 00

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SC TREMOT DOBRE SI FIII SRL Baicoi, Oltului St. No 151 , Prahova 004 0244 268 288

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Orastie, Plantelor, Hunedoara 004 0254 247 570; 004 0254 241 942 Nicoleta Daramus

FIELD OF ACTIVITY- cultivation, purchasing, processing of medicinal and aromatic plants, research, development, manufacture products based on medicinal and aromatic plants. Storage, distribution and marketing of herbal medicinal products. Teas: medicinal combined, tea sacks, medicinal combined tea bags; functionalherbal tea for the modern man's disorders; functional herbal tea for mother and children; medicinal -simple tea, tea sacks; medicinal-simple tea bags; drinking teaNatural with herbs and fruits; drinking tea – HoReCa range of tea; drinking teaAromfruct; capsules and tablets; Herbal Complex; Natural Antibiotics mad of essential oils; Medicinal syrups; Topical use products; Fat oils; Tinctures; Herbal tonics Romania: pharmacies, herbal stores, chain stores Kaufland, Carrefour, Real, Metro, Cora, Selgros, Billa, DM, MEGA IMAGE, SELGROS; AUCHAN

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Dr.NADIA NICOLAU – DAGHIE Aleea Pravat no.6 , Bucharest 004 021 745 33 34 Nadia Nicolau

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NIDAPOL® bee bread is a bio-stimulating food supplement, and hepatoprotector rich in phytohormones, free amino-acids, mineral elements and other active biological compounds. Bee bread NIDAPOL ® is present as such, with 10% Honey, chewable tablets with 20% of the seed, chewable tablets with 10% seed and 10% of the honey, and lyophilized.

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Romanian natural products