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Romane Simon Dances at Dawn By Lawrence Chukwu It's been a long journey for the award winning filmmaker Romane Simon, whose rousing horror-drama, Fason Nou (Our Way) put Simon in the list of fast rising directors in Hollywood. Fason Nou finds an interracial couple and their family battling against the supernatural in a weekend retreat that takes a dark turn when the couple and their in-laws discover that their house is haunted by ghosts of an interracial couple from 1950's who has no patience for tolerance. The film stars Beauty Queen - Liz Fuller, Isaac C. Singleton Jr. ( Pirate of the Caribbean), Vanessa Ross (Cheetah Girls 2), Mindy Robinson and Tony Curtis Blondell and was produced by Romane Simon and Ben Burke and directed by Romane Simon and Sean E. McCarthy. Simon is already in the process of a distribution deal with Fason Nou. A man who wears many hats and wears them well, Simon has several film and TV projects to his credit as director, producer and writer, including the new horror- thriller series The Dream Naperz, which follows the protagonist, Angelique who sets out to detect and stop a secret group of soul taking demons called The Dream- Naperz led by a demon known as the Dream-Naper (played by Romane Simon), and save a victim who The Dream-Naperz have targeted as their next victim (played by a very talented eight year old girl- Chalet Lizette Brannan). The series also stars Vanessa Ross, Isaac C. Singleton, award winning vocal artist and actress - Marneen Lynn Fields, Brett Hunt, Najee DeTiege from the famous teen show - Power Rangers, Odell Lewis, Shirin Neshat, Jose Resete and Kenyon Glover and will be aired on Punch TV/Direct and Comcast. The series is still in its early stage of production so there is no official word yet on their air date. Simon is also producing a talk show called La Live the Show that promises to be intriguing and refreshing, it will feature different celebrities guests while looking at their natural beauty and the world that surrounds them, with its daily jolt of all things sinfully interesting as fashion, food, and entertainment news. The show is created by Romane Simon and hosted by Jennifer Alyse, Melanie Eke, Sabrina Aman and it would be aired on Direct-TV. Next up for the up-and-coming filmmaker is the period tale titled Dancing at Dawn. According to Simon, "I tear up at the last 20 minutes of the screenplay. That has never happened to me, to tear up while reading a script or even when I watch a movie. The script is perfect. The story is certainly going to kick butts". He describes the film which has already sparked the interests of several investors and actors, as an Oscar worthy film that explores weighty themes as race, class and forgiveness in the starcrossed love story. Set in 1985, in a Californian town, the film tells the story of two teenagers from two feuding families who broke every rule to dance and be together. The screenplay is written by Lawrence Chukwu and would be produced by Romane Simon Films and Directed by Romane Simon and set to be out by 2015 with a few stars scheduled to appear on the film. Romane Simon was born and raised in Haiti. He's the grandson of Haiti's former president, Francois C. Antoine Simon, who led a rebellion against Pierre Nord Alexis and succeeded him as president. Later on, Romane Simon came to America. Although Romane Simon decided to abandon politics to pursue his dream in filmmaking, he has continued to help his country in various humanitarian deeds. Simon has graced the Entertainment Industry with an array of experience and breaking boundaries in Hollywood. Simon has danced for Michael Jackson, Madonna, Usher, among others. He is also a screenwriter, fight chorographer, stuntman, model and a MMA FIGHTER with a record of 9-2-3. Romane Simon has 7 awards includingMovie Achievement Award. Recently, he was listed in IMBd amongoutstandingblack directors in Hollywood..

Haiti's former president grandson Romane Simon chases his dream in Hollywood  
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