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A place for romance authors and readers to benefit and enjoy. Hello~ Don't aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally~ David Frost To succeed in anything in life, don't give up, don't stop trying, use any rejection, and failure to your advantage. Put it under you as a foundation to reach your goal ~Suzannah Safi

Get to Know the Book: ‘Texas Blue’ by Celia Yeary. The first scene takes place in the Piney Woods of East Texas—a vast tall pine forest slightly larger than the state of Rhode Island. I placed a young woman there, barefoot, walking through the soft red soil with her little daughter. At that point, I stopped… Read more on

Shining Stars: A spot on the home page for authors to tell readers about their achievements, reviews, or rewards, talk about you the author. Are you a bestseller, got a reward for your writing, have a review you want to share, or signing that went excellent for you, do you have a new book release and you would like to announce it here? The sky is your limit; tell us who you are. Showcase your photos or/and book covers on 'Shining Stars'. For two weeks the charge is $15, for one week $8.00 the option is yours. To advertise your book on Romance Alley visit us at

This week we have TWO Shining Stars on Romance Alley, Autumn Jordon and Sarah Grimm Check the two authors on :

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A place for authors and readers to enjoy and benefit.

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