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My name is Suzannah Safi; I’m a romance author, a promoter, a graphic designer, and the creator of Cocktails Fiction & Gossip Magazine. I have many novels and short stories that are published and tons are in process to be published with different publishers, and some I published on my own. As a promoter I created the new Magazine Cocktails Fiction & Gossip Magazine for everyone to participate in it, no limit to who will be in the magazine or what we will gossip about. It’s for all types of readers who like fiction and gossip lol. Also I’ve created Romance Alley and you can check it at this site is for authors who write romance in its all genre.


My other passion, being a freelance designer; I created my own Book Trailer Company, you can visit my book trailer design company’s website at I have created many trailers and book covers for authors to boost their book promo in an intriguing artistic way with affordable prices. I wanted to do something that I enjoy, have passion for, and I found that writing, promoting, and designing book trailers and covers are my real passion so I’m doing that and proud of what I’ve accomplished. Can’t have enough sleep, hick who needs it anyway LOL. Welcome and I hope you enjoy this issue.


What’s inside of this issue Hey guys, Jaxx Steele here———————————–—–—————————-—Page 4-5 The Construction of the Other World: A Revision of Childhood Fantasies By Nicolai DueGundersen —————————————–——————————————––- Page 6 - 9 Something Different by Roseanne Dowell————————————–—–—— Page 10-13 A WRITER’S SECRET by Ellen Spain —————————-———————– page 14-15 Writing with Tarot by Cher Green ————————-—————————–-—Page 16-17 The Legend Of The Flamingo Rustler by Cassandre Dayne ————————–—Page 18-23

Entertaining and fun magazine, Cocktails Fiction & Gossip Magazine is for all readers to enjoy and learn about authors and their adventures. Interviews, gossip, travels, recipes, dreams, books and more please join us and learn about new authors, their life, and their hard work to bring you beautiful entertaining stories. Every issue will have different authors, stories, articles and gossip. Have fun and ask the authors anything on my blog Readers do you want to be a guest on Cocktails Magazine, email me at admin(at)suzannahsafi(dot) com and join the party with us and let authors and the world know what you like to read and learn about you as well. Authors do you want to gossip and talk about anything and let readers know you and your books in a fun way, contact me. Hope you all enjoy this issue and the ones to come every month. Love. Peace. And be safe.

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Hey guys, Jaxx Steele here! I knew I wanted to blog, but I had no clue what to blog about…and then I remembered what my favorite pastime. No, not baseball. It’s the best out of all the five seasons. What’s that? You say there aren’t five seasons, Jaxx, only four. Silly Jaxx, that must be a typo. Well, that’s where you would be wrong, wonderful reader. There are indeed five seasons: winter, spring, summer, fall and FOOTBALL! I would like to share my love for the season and why I like it! First, what’s not to like? Strong, strapping men, flexing big thick muscles, wearing spandex outfits that leave nothing to the imagination…AND they run around sweating and fall all over each other to stop them from getting away! Man! If there’s a downside to football season I don’t know it! The beer, the commercials, the men, the contact, the bodies, the—― Ahem. My apologies…I digress. Let me calm down and tell you what else I like about this game. For me, football season is 16 weeks of a testosterone festival. It is all types of sexy sweaty men, all shapes, sizes and colors, wearing little thin clothes climbing all over each other. I am one of those football watchers that don’t have a favorite team, per se`. I mean, I do live in Indianapolis so I route 100% for the Colts when they play and my hometown is New York so I will also route for the Giants when they play, but I am not a diehard fan for either. I watch for the glory of a good game and the sexy bodies on the field. Don’t get me wrong. I may be watching for the sweet bodies running across the field, but I do know the rules. I even played the game as a running back in college. Come on! You know I did…I had to. Did you not read the paragraphs before? Now, all the things that I have stated are reasons enough for me to love the sport, but there is another reason for my love of the game. All the fine men give great inspiration for the main characters in my books. 5

My thought for this article is to of course share my love for the game, but to also encourage you to watch so that you could enjoy it as much as I do so that it will never go off the air! You wouldn’t want to kill my inspiration would you? Check out my latest release, Marked for Life available at Silver Publishing. I had the sweet looking Keyshawn Johnson and in mind when I wrote Victor Bradley *wink*.

Jaxx Steele has left the building!




By Nicolai Due-Gundersen In this article, author Nicolai Due-Gundersen ex-

Paul’s journey sees him leave our world behind. The

plores his memory of a childhood treasure, and how, new environment he is sucked into may be unfamilmany years on, it continues to influence his creativi- iar, dangerous, even, but it is precisely its otherness ty and revise itself through the plots of his work

that provokes fascination. The possibility of leaving

Not too long ago, I stumbled upon a TV series I’d

behind banal familiarity; to visit a world where

watched almost religiously as a kid. Spellbinder, the magic and science combine, and plots of betrayal, friendship and politics merge.

early 90’s Sci-Fi series, tells the tale of Paul Reyn-

olds, a teenage boy who becomes trapped in a paral- I have changed little since my childhood years. Over lel world. At the mercy of a power-driven elite and

a decade later, and the Other world is still a wel-

receiving little help from their fear-stricken subjects, come obsession. As I have grown, my interest in the he must use all of his wit and knowledge of contem- world that imagination may construct, has begun to porary science to survive.

take greater and greater shape through my stories.

This series is one of the most vivid recollections I

As I write this, I am the proud author of numerous

possess. To re-watch it is to almost return to the

tales, with three published and a fourth to be re-

eight year old child of imaginary adventure, of con-

leased in the coming winter. How far apart from my

structed playmates and adversaries. An adult screen- childhood have I truly grown? I daresay very little. ing also prompts another memory, or rather, an intense emotion. The fascination with the Other world. 7


The eight year old in me lives on, only now the Other mind is marooned in the shadows of the supernatural. world becomes my own, a construction that has seen

Unlike Paul, Carlson finds no escape, no return home.

the belated manifestation of my childhood dream. My Re-watching Spellbinder has also given me further fiction is a far cry from the light-hearted science fan-

insight into the emphasis on power and alienation. A

tasy of my favourite series, yet the parallels to be

common theme, perhaps, but one that I have taken

found are nonetheless interesting. As I continue to ex- from my childhood years and revised, reinterpreted, plore the shadows of horror fiction, the darkness of

perhaps even accentuated more darkly. As a stranger,

the supernatural, I return again and again to the series Paul becomes an immediate threat to those around of my childhood. Paul is marooned in a strange world, him, and such aggressive alienation is one that I feel that appears almost immediately threatening. As an

my work sometimes explores in its own way.

author, I may argue that this is a trap I do not fall into. The Other world becomes my construction, and thus mine to control. The same cannot be said, however, for my characters. In my debut novella, The Heart’s Lone Desire, Aaron Carlson is a professional thief who delivers the impossible, the illegal, for a price. His exploits lead him to the seediest of places, the most bizarre; the underworld (and Other world) The Spellbinder logo: Letters set in thick copper sym-

of our present day. As his journey continues, his abil-

bolically emphasise the heavy burden of power poli-

ity to tackle such difficulties begins to erode. Like

tics that undermines Paul in his attempt to return

Paul, he becomes overwhelmed by the outlandishness

home. The black snake emblem, also set in copper,

of what he finds. Rather than venturing into another

symbolises the authority of spellbinders in their

physical world, however, he dips in and out of the su-

world, while the thin line of electricity crackling

pernatural; that dark underlying world beneath our

through each letter alludes to both the central buttress

own, until overpowered by the horror he finds. His

of spellbinder technology 8


(electromagnetism) and how political power is pertion of the supernatural continues to reinterpret such petually enforced over the majority like a constant themes, in darker and lighter tones, in different circuit. Behind both the snake logo and letters is an image of the spellbinder world, blurred out to emphaworlds of my own construction. Thus, does my childsise how its population is suppressed and denied knowledge of spellbinder science and magic. hood memory live on, revised and reinterpreted. PerThis form of isolation also symbolises Paul’s predicahaps returning to my childhood reveals a part of me ment; he has been marooned and isolated from his familiar environment, as the people of the Other that will never fully mature; a refusal to fully grow up world are isolated from those who rule them. and accept the sombreness and systemic existence of adulthood, of student life and work life. To refuse

A darker reinterpre-

this, is to continue to dream, to recapture the freedom of childhood and the imagination. No matter how

tation of

dark my worlds become, the sense of freedom writing


gives me is undeniable. I hope it is a passion that will

and pow-

forever keep old age at bay! The Heart’s Lone Desire

er: The

will be released in May through Muse it up publish-

front cov-


er of my debut novella, The Heart’s Lone Desire fea-

tures the infamous ivory heart, a source of immortali- For more information please visit the following webty for those who are worthy. As with the Spellbinder


logo and lettering, the heart can be seen as a symbol


of power. Its position inside open palms suggests


that, unlike the Spellbinder world, this is a power that ask.tpl&product_id=134&category_id=3&option=co may be shared. This, in turn, is contrasted by the


overall blackness of the cover, implying the heart’s

The Heart’s Lone Desire on Facebook:

sinister capacities and emphasising the notion of iso-!/group.php?

lation. To enter the world of the heart is to be isolated

gid=128530897187102 email:

from the familiar. As I continue to write, my explora9




Something Different by Roseanne Dowell Okay, I talk about writing all the time, which is natural since I'm a writer. Today, I'm going to do something a little different. I'm going to talk about one of my hobbies - quilting. I started quilting years ago. Actually, my daughter got me started. The very first quilt I made, I drew the pattern pieces onto the fabric and cut them out with scissors. Needless to say, it wasn't my best effort. But, hey, it was my first attempt

covered red-work. During a quilting shop-hop, one of the stores highlighted red-work. For those of you who don’t know what red-work is – it’s embroidery done in all red floss. Just the outline of the picture, not filled in like other embroidery patterns. Anyway, I fell in love with it. Every year I make something for Christmas (often a Santa) for my six children and give it to them on Thanksgiving. I found a Santa pattern and did it all in red-work, framed it and gave it to them.

Then I found out about the neat tools they have - cutting mat, rulers, and more importantly rotary cutters. I also learned an easy way to cut those cute diamond shapes patterns. Wow, was I impressed. Of course since then, I've found various other rulers and guides to aid in the quilt making process, like the quarter inch foot for the sewing machine. Good grief, who could have guessed at all the accessories. They even have tiny irons to get into corners. But, I'm off the subject here. So, there I was, like everything I do, throwing myself into the quilt making process. I think I've made just about every pattern there is, except the wedding ring pattern. I've never been brave enough to tackle that one. One of my other favorite things to do when I’m not writing is embroidery. I’ve found a way to combine the two. First, I made baby quilts for my nieces. White on white, I machine embroidered them with the darning stitch so I had control. They turned out so nice, but I really love to hand embroidery. That’s when I dis11

That’s when I decided to make a baby quilt for each of my grandchildren – for their first born. I started out with coloring books for designs. I traced the images onto 12x12 squares of muslin. After I finished embroidering the squares I cut sashing and sewed them together. For the backing I used various fabrics, not nursery print. None of the quilts have nursery fabric in them at all. I’ve used patterns from animals to Winnie the Pooh.


Eventually, I found transfer books and started using them for designs. I looked everywhere for baby designs. Thirteen of them are finished, but I now have 14 grandchildren, that’s a lot of baby quilts. Most of the quilts are done in red work, but several are done with various colors, too. I finally finished them about a year ago. It took about a couple of years to do all the squares. Since then, I also made quilts for my niece’s - the cows at the top of this blog for one of my niece's and another niece had twins, so I made kittens and bunnies. She had a girl and boy, and I thought the bunnies would be good for him. I'm also doing another Author Roast and Toast on June 17th for Double the Trouble - due to be released in May. the theme is a Cinderlla June Wedding.





A WRITER’S SECRET by Ellen Spain

It has been the main reason I have attended writers’ conferences for the past two decades. Everyone wants to see their story written. That is why we call ourselves writers. But it’s a rocky road from our first rough draft to a best-seller. How many tears streaked those rejection letters you received over the years? Getting our first or second novel published is a gamble. The publishers know what the readers want through the Nielson Books can which provides the publisher the sales data in an instant. The editors know what kind of books they want before they meet us at a conference. Juliet Annan, editor at Fig Tree, a Penguin Imprint states ―The world of booksellers is such that you have to make an impact from word go.‖



However, you and I made that personal commitment to become a successful writer, which is the first point of the secret. We motivated ourselves to make the decision to do whatever it takes to become a successful writer. Then some of you got lazy before you even completed your final manuscript. A few of you wanted to impress your friends and said ―No problem. I will find a literary agent to market my prize novel at the next writer’s conference.‖ Maybe you really believed the guest editor would have a contract ready for you to sign. But you and I weren’t going to act like that. We were realistic and stuck to our plan of action to write the best novel. Agents and editors specialize. You knew that. Therefore, it is very important to pitch your completed novel to an agent or editor who is actually seeking the genre/theme we want published. A pitch at a conference to an uninterested agent/editor is worse than your unsolicited query letter being thrown into the slush pile. Use your time to research the agent’s or editor’s background by using on-line tools like, an Agent’s Guide, and others you

who is the best match to query. Listen to what they say. These casual discussions will provide information, to which you can refer in your query letter, that so and so agent/editor at the specific writer’s conference suggested you send your query to them. Information is power and that’s the secret to getting your manuscript in their door and definitely read. Furthermore, we attend the writer’s conference with published authors. Don’t be afraid to ask them about their experiences and recommendations with agents and editors. Listen to what they say. Fellow authors give us positive reinforcement That is another secret.

The networking at these writer’s conferences enables us to identify the process for success. It is a great ―writer’s support system‖. Actually, it is a ―positive belief system‖ that can motivate us to continue writing on those ―writer’s block days‖ for the rest of the year. You made the commitment to write. You invested the time and money into learning the rules of writing and the business of writing as well as joining at least one professional writer’s organization. So retain that feeling of excitement and belief from the writer’s can Google. Then read the agent’s or editor’s bio and conferences. Be successful and happy. submission guidelines from their agency’s web site as well as their blog before you get to the conference. ====================================== Attending writer’s conferences is more than connect- After thirty years enjoying her work in federal investigations, Ellen Spain retired and entered the profesing with the right literary agent or editor. Do your homework. If the agent or editor at a conference isn’t sional writing field with a M.A. in Writing (popular fiction), quickly getting her first novel published and interested in your genre and/or story, don’t waste then landing an editor’s position. Ellen attended many their time by pitching your book to them. But I did writers’ conferences including Romance Writers of not say, don’t talk with them. All it takes is two America, the Society of Children’s Book Writers and minutes in casual conversation to hook them into Illustrators, and Mystery Writers of America. wanting to hear more about your fascinating novel. And do not show them any paper manuscript. If they are interested in your novel, they will instruct you However, she feels the smaller conferences offer how to send it to them when you get home from the more bang for the buck, especially in the networking conference. opportunities with literary agents, small publishing houses, and published authors. Ellen recommends the conferences offered by PennWriters’, the Electronic Another secret. We’ve already done our on-line rePublishing Industry Coalition (EPIC), and PARSEC search and discovered the names of many other agents/editors in their company with a closer match to (scifi/fantasy). Read more about Ellen and her travels at Ellenwhat we want to pitch. So talk casually to the agents/ editors at the conference. Tell them the specific names of others you found in their company and ask 15


Writing with Tarot by Cher Green Cher Green is a writer/editor, and tarot reader. She spends her time honing her gifts and helping others in their travels. You can read her work at Long Story Short, Untied Shoelaces of the Mind, and Spinetinglers. Follow her journey as a writer at and Footsteps of a Writer, and her path as a tarot reader at Tarot Guidance.



―Where do you get your ideas?‖ This is one of course, a Knight can very well be a person. Let’s say the top questions asked of writers. Although the an-

she meets a feisty man. By his side, she begins to live

swers vary, this article refers to using Tarot as a de-

again, leaving behind her past sorrows. Now for the

vice to discover new and exciting ideas. It’s not nec-

end of the story: Death brings physical death to mind,

essary to be a tarot reader to produce story ideas from but the card normally stands for something ending. It the cards. The images speak for themselves, and it’s

is the end of one aspect and the beginning of the next,

just a matter of letting your subconscious pick up de- a transformation. tails and weaving them into a story line. For a brief understanding of the card mean-

Let’s say our main character has overcome her sorrows, no more looking into the past. She’s

ings, most decks come with a companion manual. An transformed from a wounded bird into a glorious eaalternative would be Tarot Plain and Simple by An-

gle, soaring through life.

thony Louis, a helpful guide to understanding the tarot.

Quick overview of our story idea: A story about an emotionally troubled woman who finds love

Above you see three card images from the

in the most unlikely place and discovers her true self

Legacy of the Divine Tarot by Ciro Marchetti. Posi-

within the ashes of what seemed like a pile of rubble.

tions: 1) Beginning, 2) Middle, 3) End.

There are many layouts you can do to help go deeper

I can see a story forming already, how about

into this story idea.

you? Let’s look at the beginning of the story. The 3

For example, to discover more about your

of Swords is clearly a card of heartache and pain. Our main character: 1) Goal, 2) Motivation, 3) Conflict or main character is dealing with some sort of emotional 1) Past, 2) Present, 3) Future. The choices are endpain.

less. Let’s say she’s going through a breakup with

The three card spread is a little easier to han-

a boyfriend. She feels like her world is crumbling all

dle, but more cards can be used in a spread to uncov-

around her. Now for the middle of the story: The

er your story idea. Well, what are you waiting for?

Knight of Coins image brings fighting to mind. Of

Go write a story. 17




Cassandre writes highly erotic romance stories and novels in the contemporary, science fiction and paranormal flavors. Currently she has four erotic romance novels published with Rebel Ink Press and six more under contract. Her recent titles include, Treats in a Plain Brown Wrapper, Her Sinful Long Legs, Revving her Wild Engines and Shadows of Panic and Wicked Desire. A novella will also release April 20th titled Wicked Wager Among Friends - Tales from Lucifer’s Lair and her first full length novel being released on September 1st – Deception, Domination & Hunted Desire. In addition, as her alter ego Bethany Halle, she is the host of two blog talk radio shows with Robin Falls Red River Radio. The Fire of Fantasy & Darkness airs every other month highlighting writers and other artists in the fantasy, science fiction and paranormal genres. Dare to Take the Plunge also airs every other month featuring writers, publishers, cover artists and reviewers in the erotic romance genre. Join me for a little taste of my wicked worlds. I have combined two genres and have several Tales From Lucifer’s Lair in the works. First you need to know a little about the restaurant and bar where many a saucy happening can be seen. The second in the installment, Ride The Wild Pony, has been sent to the publisher with a third and fourth in the planning stages.



Mick St. Simon was a lonely and hardened man. Fresh from the horrors of World War II and his heart having been broken by the woman of his dreams, he moved to the United States from his native Australia. Prepared to become an accountant, he chose instead on a whim to purchase the seedy pub at the end of the street. Turning it into Mick’s Burgers, his Big Mick’s burger and fries became an instant hit. The entire establishment flourished, that is until the golden arches entered the picture. The big wig operation threatened law suits galore and squeezed him bloody dry. He needed a change desperately. As the era of drugs and wild sex took hold, he leased his shop and moved to San Francisco, taking up residence with a hot blond stripper and a Harley. As the days became endless nights of wanton sex and psychedelic drugs, he knew his future was at stake. Finally leaving the hedonistic life for the sanctity of his burger joint, he found it in complete disrepair. As his disillusionment for the Vietnam war held his mind and his love for bikes grasped his soul, he turned the joint into a biker bar, and the Flamingo Rustler was born. Years later, he learned of a single heir. His namesake, Mick St. Simons, was an ostrich farmer in the wastelands near Melbourne and the only man he knew that could carry on his dream. And so, he willed his bar to his grandson, Mick. Sadly, succumbing to his injuries suffered in a horrific accident on a Harley trip with his best friends at 78, the will called out to Mick in his home country. The place left to him, the only caveat was that he had to own the establishment for five full years. Young Mick, a rogue by reputation, knew what to do. Bikers no more, he changed the place into a neighborhood bar and grill adding a man cave, Lucifer’s Lair, in reverence to his grandfather. Many a tale could be told from the saucy darkened bar and hence the name...Tales from Lucifer’s Lair.


EXCERPT – WICKED WAGER AMONG FRIENDS – Tales From Lucifer’s Lair Release Date – April 24th from Rebel Ink Press. ―Travis, what would you say if we kick up the heat of this little game and enter into a bit of wager sexy friend? A highly wicked one of course.‖ Veronica tossed her long locks and gave him that look merely to tempt. Tease. ―A wager?‖ He rubbed his forehead, squinted and finally turned his saucer-sized eyes directly on her. The look he gave her was blatantly cautious. Anxious. She chuckled, but the delicious thought pulsed tiny vibrations into her pussy. ―Or boy toy, are you too scared to play a dangerous gamble with a sizzling girl?‖ Her normally perky smile was laced with something a bit darker. Saucier. Her gaze smoky, she held the pool stick in front of her, sliding the cool wood back and forth between the cleft of her chest. Finally resting the long pole between her breasts, she tipped her head back and sighed. Oh, there was no doubt that she was kicking up the heat in the bar by the coughs and groans that suddenly erupted inside the hazeladen space. The burning question remained, would Travis bite? Veronica Spelling cocked her head, swayed her hips back and forth and flicked the thin side of the pool cue back and forth across one nipple, which was now very erect from her naughty thoughts alone. Travis eyed her, his expression circumspect as he sipped on his bourbon. ―Okay. What did you have in mind?‖


―Well, let think about this.‖ She licked her lips for clear emphasis and pressed a single finger past, darting inside her hot wet mouth. Suckling for effect, she pulsed it in and out as his eyes blazed a long trail down the length of her body. ―Mmmm.‖ She eased the tip out and realized the glossy L’Oreal Vixen Red lipstick had stained her finger like a badge of wanton lust. She glided around the pool table and stood beside him so that he could be the only man in the darkened bar that could hear her shameless little words. Or so she thought. Veronica was used to getting everything she wanted, in business that is, but not necessarily in men. Tonight, she hoped that would change. By day, she was a high well-respected accountant and by night a vixen in disguise. The sinful thought gave her a quiver. ―Hmmm, let me give this some thought. Oh! I know! If I make the shot, then you personally get to be the very first guy that fucks me in the ass. And if you make the shot, then I’ll be your sex slave and do day...and night. Oh, and I do mean anything.‖ She knew what he craved, wild and very kinky. He was heavily into S & M and had generally been the top in his relationships. But lately, something had seemed amiss, which was one reason she had garnered her nerves to attempt something so blatantly shameless. The crisp mahogany liquid spewed out of his mouth so fast that he gagged from the sudden flow. A solid stream of the cold liquor trickled in tiny beads across her cheek and down her almost transparent thin white shirt, forcing him to gasp and Veronica to shiver. But not necessarily from the faux pas. She grinned wickedly and wiped the frosty bourbon from her face, using the back of her hand in long sweeping motions. Her soft sexy laugh was the single noise that could be heard in the dimly lit smoky den. That is other than the pulsing beat of the frenetic disco music that seemed to now match the wanton libidos of the entire room. The manly cave was full of burly men escaping the frothy version of the restaurant, the Flamingo Rustler. The group of hungry hunks had settled into the secluded and private back room club, Lucifer’s Lair, to play and relax. Suddenly their ears perks up from the scintillating wager placed literally on the table. “Huh?” The aging biker cocked his head. “Did I hear the little honey right?” His companion asked. 21

A tall striking male passed by them closely and scrutinized the completely frozen version of who was once her hot-blooded friend. ―Buddy, if you don’t take her up on that enticing tasty offer, I sure as hell will.‖ Noticing the bulge throbbing against the biker’s worn jeans, she sparkled with giggles. Travis Hunter blinked several times as his mouth gaped open. ―What?‖ Okay, so Veronica was now more than a little surprised that Travis still stood completely shocked by her blatant words. His shock-laden eyes bore a hole through her and that wasn’t his personality at all. No, Travis was normally an adventurer so she had anticipated a bit more of a reaction than the human version of an Alaskan Popsicle. Well, in truth, she had predicted a bit of shocker at least because of the words coming out of her mouth. After all, they had been friends, best of friends, and nothing else for eight years. Never in all that time had she attempted to seduce him. Never. During their friendship they had teased each other relentlessly about enjoying a night or a weekend together. Somehow she knew that while they were both serious to some degree, their sensuous actions and heated words were generally nothing more than simple jesting. It had been only recently that the flirtations had changed, becoming more frequent, blatant and sexually charged. She had long suspected he felt he was missing something in his relationships, so she had turned on her sexiest style and dropped nefarious little hints. One night after several frosty margaritas, she had confessed certain cravings to him, but she never said his name. That’s when her fantasies had kicked into overdrive and she knew that she yearned to take their relationship a step further. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t broach the subject with him. It had something to do with her conservative upbringing. Yet her dreams were laced in vivid colors about what she wanted and every one of them included Travis. She shivered thinking about how she would slide her hot pink vibrator inside her molten pussy almost every night praying the thick toy was his juicy cock. Oh yeah, that happened at least twice a week, but it had taken her a full six months to work up the nerve to hit on him, that and three tall margaritas on that humid moon-kissed night.


―Here love. Take the towel. I think we’ll be carting him out in a wheelbarrow later.‖ Lucifer eyed him with clear disdain and handed her a bar towel. She laughed and rubbed Lucifer’s shoulder. The gruff but lovable man was the inspiration for the spicy little club meant for guys only. And he happened to be the fabulous chef in the joint. She was only allowed in because of their friendship. He was a sweet guy with a crotchety attitude, but he had her best interests at heart. Lucifer had hit on her more than once and while she had turned him down, he had taken it better than she would have thought given his overall surly attitude. After that, she was his right hand girl buddy and entered the bar whenever she liked. ―Stop you. Don’t be your usual challenging self.‖ ―Challenging?‖ Lucifer grumbled. ―I think you have enough challenge on your hands to last a lifetime. Good luck little Miss.‖ My books can be purchased at:





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