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FALL 2009

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Roman Catholic High School

Catholic High Alumni Brothers for Life. President/Rector Rev. Joseph W. Bongard '77 Principal Robert P. O'Neill Alumni Association President Lawrence J. Elliott '66

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Dave Baback '83 Eric Banecker '07 Rev. Joseph W. Bongard '77 Dennis DiGiovanni '02 Lawrence J. Elliott '66 Tom Kearney '58 Ed Keenan '54 Joe Kiernan '43 John Pensabene Michael Skurecki '57 Joe Wachter '38 Joe Weber '59 Editor: Steve Ziegler '04 As always, a special thank you to the faithul Alums of Catholic High who send us their Class Notes for each issue and our parents and friends who make the "Around Roman" section of The Empire possible.

The Usuals From the Desk of the 3 7 Around Thank Class 20

Please keep in your prayers members of the Roman family who have lost a loved one and the supporters of Catholic High who have passed. Mrs. Teresa A. Banecker Mrs. Anna Mae Melady Grandmother of Eric '07 Mother of Matthew '78, Mrs. Janet Basara Grandmother of Matthew '08 Mother of James '82 Mrs. Rita C. Nagle Mrs. Mary V. Bellingham Wife of Furman '55 Mother of Gustave '72; Francis '76 Mrs. Margaret M. Nicholson Mr. Paul L. Bennett, Jr. Wife of Joseph '72 Father of Michael '77 Mrs. Ann D. O'Donnell Grandfather of Matthew '05 Wife of Thomas '52 Mrs. Mary Casasanto Mr. Robert J. O'Shea, USMC Grandmother of Mark Casasanto '12 Grandfather of Robert '07, Ms. Verna Dougherty Thomas '09 Sinclair & FatherSister of Michael Tietjen '71 - RCHS Staff in-Law of Joseph Sinclair, RCHS Mr. Nicholas Dunphy Faculty Brother of Victor '61 Dr. Constantine N. Papadakis, Ms. Euva Lee Durham Ph.D. 2005 Leadership Award Mother of Willis Durham '70 Recipient Mrs. Mary Fitzpatrick Mrs. Joan F. Parrella Wife of Edmund '40 Mother of James '81; Mrs. Theresa M. Foster Grandmother of James '08 Mother of Gerald '65, Michael '72 Mrs. Patricia P. Poulson & Mother-in-Law of James Schnellen '63 Mother of Robert '82; Christopher Mrs. Stephanie T. Gdowik '83; Mother-in-law of Joseph Mother of Steven '67 Mangano '84 Mr. Thomas S. Gioconda Mrs. Margaret M. Randzo Father of Thomas '66 Mother of Joseph '79 - Faculty Ms. Nara Iniquez Mrs. Lena Ray Grandmother of Nicholas Francia '11 Mother of Robert Ray '71 Mr. Malcom "Mike" Kalinowski Mr. Ambrogio Rocca Father of Michael '83 Grandfather of Michael '02 & Mr. Daniel J. Keating, Jr Friend of RCHS Father of Pierce; former Board of Advisor Ms. Nora C. Rogers Mrs. Eileen Kinsey Wife of Joseph '43 Mother of Nick Pronchik '79 Mr. Joseph Shaw Mr. James Kinsey Son of Robert '51 Father of Nick Pronchik '79 Brother Rene Sterner, F.S.C. Mrs. Ellen 'Penny' Lazorko Former RCHS Board of Advisor Mother of Theresa, RCHS Faculty Mr. Theodore Tozzi Mr. Joseph J. Leahy, Sr. Father of Joseph '59; Attilio '64 Father of Joseph '76 Mr. Raymond C. Tschoepe Mr. Frank J. Martynowski Father of Raymond '71 Father of Frank '69 Mrs. Claire Turner Mrs. Mary Ellen 'Maureen' McCoy Wife of Robert '52 Mother of James '77, Patrick '81, Mrs. Catherine (Pat) Zakrzewski Thomas '81, Grandmother of Patrick & Mother of Robert '70, Michael ' Stephen Paul '12 & Mother-in-law of 74, Joseph '75, Mark '76, Kevin Stephen Paul '83 '80 and Paul '87 Mrs. Emily E. McDevitt Mr. Henry Zakrzewski Wife of Michael '48 Father of Robert '70, Michael ' 74, Mr. Phillip P. McIntosh Joseph '75, Mark '76, Kevin '80 Brother of Mary Hoban (the late John '59),and Paul '87 Edward '60 Joseph F. Zielinski Mrs. Helen N. McManus Father of Thomas '73 Mr. Francis E. Zysk Mother of Lawrence '60 & Joseph 73 Father of Francis (Bud) '77

The Empire


From the Desk of the Rector Greetings and peace! This year we celebrate the 120th anniversary of the opening of our school, and what an exciting year this promises to be! After an extensive testing and interview process, we welcomed on of the largest freshmen classes in recent memory: 265 students coming from 100 different elementary schools from throughout the Delaware Valley. The State Historical Commission approved our application to honor Thomas E. Cahill with a commemorative marker. In late September, a historical marker detailing the life & contributions of our founder will be placed on Broad Street outside the Rector’s office. A special school-wide ceremony is planned to include the students, alumni, as well as city & diocesan officials. After months of planning & consultation, the renovations to our third-floor gym have finally been completed. What a transformation! New lighting has been installed, all extraneous wiring and piping has been removed, a complete re-plastering of the walls is complete, and air conditioning has been installed. Also, interior designers charged with developing a color scheme to replicate the history & tradition of the space have chosen bold & dramatic colors that completely transform the gym/auditorium. We plan to celebrate the ‘extreme-make-over’ of our gym with several nostalgia ceremonies. On the hardwood floor has been painted the names & years of service of our most outstanding basketball coaches: William ‘Billy’ Markward, William ‘Speedy” Morris and Dennis Seddon. These three coaches have done so much to advance the mission of our school & make our basketball program second to none. Please check the Alumni website for times and dates of these events. Additionally, after 120 years of service, the treads of the grand stair have been replaced. With so many feet, over so many years, the treads had become so worn and uneven, a total replacement was the only solution. Architects, structural engineers, and several contractors tackled this project over the summer months. After weeks of demolition, installation of steel reinforcements, new Pennsylvania ribboned slate was custom-cut to fit the contours of the pre-existing stairs. With an insistence on historical accuracy, the contractors were able to replicate the stairs as they were when our building was opened over a century ago. The stone supplier was actually able to provide the stone from the original quarry! As alumni, this continues to be your school. You can take pride in the academic excellence, athletic accomplishments and ongoing growth and improvements. All these things are possible because of your continued support. Even if you have not been here in years, stop by for a visit, plan to attend the Communion breakfast, or come to a trustees meeting. We need your help and assistance and our young guys always enjoy seeing alumni and hearing their stories.

Rev. Joseph W. Bongard '77 Rector

From One Rector to Another Dear Father Bongard, I am writing to personally thank you and the Roman Catholic High School community for the tremendous honor that I received on April 17, 2009 at the Sports Hall of Fame Induction Awards Dinner. To be included among the distinguished Roman alumni who received the William Markward Humanitarian Award is an honor I will always treasure. The evening, for me, was a walk down memory lane, for I remember so vividly the meetings I had with Bob Evans, John Gillen, and Dick Trotter to establish RCHS Sports Hall of Fame. It is wonderful to see that this outstanding tradition continues today. Thank you for welcoming me back to this special event. May God continue to bless you, the Roman alumni and the school community, as you strive to build the Kingdom of God at Catholic High. Fraternally yours in Christ, Rev. Msgr. Francis W. Beach '67


Roman Catholic High School

A Message From the Alumni President Dear Fellow Alums, I take great pleasure in writing my first letter as the President of the Roman Catholic High School Alumni Association, the strongest alumni association in the nation. As Alums of this great school, we must remain strong ambassadors of Roman Catholic High School. Our beloved Dick Trotter ’49 always preached stewardship and I would like all of the alumni to help fulfill the role of ambassadors by giving of their time, talent, and treasure. This year will prove to be a great one for alums of all generations in terms of stewardship. My largest goal for the Alumni Association this year is to bring the attendance at the annual Communion Breakfast back to over 1,000 Cahillites as it was at its peak. While this is an ambitious undertaking, it is certainly achievable by the men who represent "The Flagship of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia." I ask that as representatives, you do what you can to bring some Alums back to the Communion Breakfast, or join us for the first time if you have never attended. The younger alumni and new attendees are instrumental parts of keeping this longstanding tradition going for years to come. There are many ways to be an active part of the RCHS Alumni Association and I thank Denise LePera, Ann Vassallo, Bernadine Mahon, and Lisa Wolfington for doing such a wonderful job in welcoming Cahillites to the McSherry Annex and sparking interest in the Alumni Association among the current student body. It is never too late, or should I say, too early to become a part of the Alumni Association. Participating through a sponsorship in the Greater Philadelphia Area Leadership Award, the Roman Run, and the Alumni Golf Outing in the spring are excellent ways to contribute your treasure. Becoming a trustee and attending our Board of Trustees meetings each quarter is a great way to find out what’s happening at Broad and Vine and contribute your talent by sharing your ideas with us. Even volunteering in the McSherry Annex for a few hours each week enables you to be a steward with your time. Our current volunteers, Bill Myers ’50, Ed Keenan’54, Joe Flaherty ’56, Tom Kearney ’58, and Lou Jimenez '50 are of great help to the Development Staff. Over the next year, I intend to respect the wishes and further the endeavors of our President Emeritus, Dick Trotter ’49, one of the most loyal supporters of the Purple and Gold in the history of Catholic High. We are the premier Catholic High School in the Delaware Valley. We are Roman Catholic. We will never forget it. Sincerely,

Lawrence J. Elliott CPA ’66 President Roman Catholic High School Alumni Association

The Empire


A Band of Brothers

by Ed Keenan '54

In our everyday lives, we all witness others performing routine acts of mercy and kindness to help others in need. Perhaps, we perform such acts ourselves in keeping with our call to serve others as Christ’s followers. When that “call” involves multiple people over years and, even, decades for someone with great needs, that story gets our attention. We search for the connections and the “why.” Early this July, Joe Gumpper ’55, breathed his last at Roxborough Hospital. Joe was afflicted with cerebral palsy all his life. His dear mother Mary was his caregiver and inspiration until her death. For the next 40 years, Joe was a resident of Inglis House in Wynnefield. During four decades in this institution, Joe’s small extended family provided what they could to enhance his social contact outside the institution’s iron fence. Joe’s story as a graduate of Catholic High in 1955 is a unique one. As a result of his debilitating disease, Joe Gumpper was home-schooled by his mother for four years. He never set foot in a classroom at Broad and Vine. However, he read all the school’s texts required of every student. He took all tests and final exams every year passing them all with colors. So, appropriately, a diploma was awarded. Joe fulfilled his mother’s wish to graduate from Catholic High It was through his attendance at the Annual Communion Breakfast that Joe would first meet many of his Roman classmates. Early on, two 1955 classmates, both friends from St. Columba’s, Owen Coyle and John Toner, opened up their circle to include Joe Gumpper as a friend. For many years, these two men paid Joe multiple visits. Twice a year, Owen and John treated Joe to dinner at Williamson’s on City Avenue up the street from Inglis House. After their sad sudden death’s, Joe was heartbroken. Their picture with him would adorn his bureau. Their caring good works left a hole in Joe’s heart and a vacancy in his social life. In the 1990’s, Father Joe Gleason ’75 became a friend and counselor for Joe. In addition to saying Mass at Inglis House and at other visits, "Father Joe" would stimulate “resident Joe’s” well-researched history of the universal Church. Father Gleason remained a friend to Joe Gumpper until his death. In fact, Father was able to fulfill one of Joe’s last wishes to be celebrant at his funeral Mass. Since 2001 and until his death, Joe was an active participant in the ASIST program at Catholic High. For the last nine years, multiple Seniors of the School visited Joe Gumpper every year including celebrating his last two birthdays with him replete with cake and a lot of ice cream and gifts, too.

Joe Gumpper '55 smiling always.


Roman Catholic High School For years, Joe saw these students and a couple of older Cahillite visitors as his “other family.” Two years ago, he asked one older alumnus/visitor to assure him that, if possible, “the kids from Roman” could fulfill another, fundamental wish, that was, to serve as his “pall bearers.” At St. Mathias Church in BalaCynwyd on July 13th, seven of the “kids” from Catholic High were there for Joe Gumpper - as he had requested. Among the con-celebrants at Joe Gumpper’s funeral Mass was another “former” Cahillite volunteer (and the very first student) of the ASIST program, the now, Father Richard Smith ’01 ordained at the Cathedral this May. Joe spoke of Richard Smith with special reverence for his fidelity as a student visitor which visits continued into his spiritual development at St. Charles seminary. Joe Gumpper '55 and former RCHS Football Coach Jim Murphy chat during one of the football team's many visits to Inglis House.

There was one final wish that Joe Gumpper had - to be buried next to his Father and Mother.

It seemed beyond the pale of normal visitors - except that they hailed from Catholic High. When death, like the thief in the night that it is, would pay Joe Gumpper a visit, a man who had nothing of this world’s resources, was ready. Joe was prepared because of the help of a band of his fellow Cahillites. None of these sons of Thomas E. Cahill was more helpful than a loving Funeral Director named Tim Dinan of the class of 1957. On “a handshake and a promise,” Tim Dinan made Joe Gumpper’s long-time wish a reality at Holy Sepulcher Cemetery. Just weeks after his death, fifty caring Cahillites from classes in the mid- 40’s, 50’s and 60’s and, even, from the Class of ’07, responded to the need to take care of “the handshake and a promise.” Joe’s brother-Cahillites stepped up to the plate. He left this earth free and clear with the help of his brothers from Broad and Vine. His lifetime of suffering was over. He is now in the Palm of God’s hand. At Holy Sepulcher Cemetery, Joe’s 13 older and younger brothers’ would share a farewell “salute” to him, honoring him with their rendition of “The Purple and the Gold.” Father Francis Groake, the third con-celebrant at the funeral Mass and a friend of Joe’s (but not a Cahillite) would honor a sister-school and salute all of Joe’s intergenerational friends. Father Groake said: “You know, Ed, you guys from Roman really are a band of brothers.’”

Ed Keenan '54 visits Joe Gumpper '55 at Inglis House

If you would like to volunteer for the ASIST Program or if you know of anyone who would appreciate a visit from the ASIST students, please contact the Alumni Office at 215-627-5487 or e-mail

The Empire




Cross Country

Coach Kevin Verbrugghe’s Cross Country team is off to yet another strong year. Led by Dennis DiGiovanni '02 captains Sean Kelly '10, Charles Graham '10 Athletic Director and Francis Niesborella '10, the Cahillites have looked very impressive thus far. They showed a strong effort by taking down tough competitor Father Judge in just their second meet of the year. With hard work and dedication, the Roman Catholic Cross Country team is looking to challenge for the PCL title.

Soccer Led by Coach Ray DeStephanis, the Varsity Soccer team is looking to have a strong showing in the PCL. After dropping a few games to begin the year, including a tough 3-2 loss to Penn Charter in Wildwood, NJ, the team was able to grab their first win in a hard fought battle against Cardinal O’Hara. The team is led by seniors John Dugan '10 and Fran Vogelman '10 and juniors Chris Woods '11, RJ Fisher '11, and Nico Delgado '11.


Head Golf Coach at Catholic High, Dan Hoban '92, is having a nice season with his golf team thus far. The team, comprised of returning 1st team All-Catholics Tim Magenta '10 and Anthony Hoffman '12, has begun the season with an impressive 9-0 record. With one of the biggest and youngest teams in history, Coach Hoban seems extremely optimistic and excited about this year and the years to follow.

Football The Cahillites started off the 2009 season with a matchup against the AA powerhouse West Catholic. Unfortunately, they were outlasted by just a field goal. The Cahillites followed that loss with another tough opponent, St. Augustine Prep. Once again, the team fell short and suffered yet another loss to another quality team. At 0-2, the football team looked to capture their first win against the Souderton Indians. Looking like a team on a mission, Roman played well and beat the Indians 27-7.The Cahillites are led by seniors Kevin Regan '10, Kevin Kelly '10, Matt Schikling '10 and Calvin Garvin '10.'


Roman Catholic High School


On Friday morning, April 17, 2008 the Sports Hall of Fame committee hosted the 19th annual Induction Ceremony for the Class of 2009 to be enshrined in the Hall. Many friends, relatives and Sports Hall of Fame inductees classmates attended the festivities held in the McSherry Alumni House and ably MC'd by John Livewell '91. That same evening the Roman community gathered at Williamsons Restaurant in Horsham, PA to further honor the inductees and also to witness the five special awards recipients along with the 2009 Patrick Ward Memorial Scholar Athlete, John Hildebrand of the Class of 2009. The Awards Banquet was attended by over 450 guests who were treated to a fine evening Toast Mastered by Dan Hoban '92. Many thanks to all who attended and all who continue to support the mission of the Sports Hall of Fame: To recognize the finest to have worn the Purple & Gold in athletic competition. Inductees included: Al Skavicus '40 Football Paul Taylor '56 Football & Track Arnold Morris '62 Track & Field and Track Coach Dennis Seddon Basketball Coach Ed Hoban '71 Basketball Dave Falcione '77 Athletic Director Tim Dougherty '80 Football Dave Melaragni '94 Football & Baseball Wil McKnight '95 Basketball The 1997 Soccer Team

Special Awards Recipients: Markward Humanitarian Award Rev. Msgr Francis Beach '67 Speedy Morris ' 60 Community Award Joe Novetsky '43 Goldie Graham '33 Loyalty Award Tom Kearney '58 John Hoban '35 Meritorious Service Award Rocky Long John Gillen '33 Interleague Award Dan Dougherty

All the best, Pat Smith '77 Chairman RCHS Sports Hall of Fame

Pictured Right, members of the SHOF Class of 2009

Cahillites Long to Relive a Magical Season After losing their first six games in 1942-43 and being left for dead after December and January, how did Roman Catholic’s gutty, underdog quintet storm back in February, March and April to pull off the upset of the century? They became Cinderella winners of the wartime Red Cross Tournament of Champions. Joe Kiernan '43 reports the story as part of an appealing tribute to scholastic basketball in memory of an RCHS basketball coaching icon, Billy Markward. Wartime Cinderella: Philly Hoop Memories 1943 coming this fall from Infinity Publishing and available from Amazon books. Dear Joe, As they say, “You had to be there!” It was an unreal time. It was one of the greatest times in Roman sports. I watched Roman defeat South Catholic in the playoffs, go on to win the Catholic League Championship and then the Red Cross Tournament against three super teams. I am really glad that I “was there.” Donald “Bud” Munro ’44

The Empire


Roman's European Adventure

by Eric Banecker '07

There are few people privileged enough to say that they have ridden a gondola in Venice, toured Saint Peter’s in Rome, tasted a gelato on the streets of Florence, and admired Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower. This past summer, a group from Roman Catholic High School experienced all of this and much more in a two-week tour of Switzerland, Italy, and France. A group of 48 students, alums, and faculty, led by Mr. John Pensabene, saw Europe up close in all of its history and beauty, proving once again that at Roman, the entire world is the students’ classroom. Anthony Popolo’10 from St. Richard’s parish in South Philadelphia reflected on this opportunity and said, “From the eyes of an American, Europe seemed like a totally new world. But after awhile, I adjusted to a way of living that included great food, strange hotel rooms, and of course 'European closeness.’ What makes a trip like that all the more enjoyable is spending it with about 50 of your good friends.” The tour began in Lucerne, Switzerland, where students sampled fine chocolate and took in the view of the city’s many hills. For Sunday Mass, Father Joseph Bongard ’77, Rector of Roman Catholic High School, celebrated Mass in the chapel of a stunninglybeautiful Trappist monastery which dates back hundreds of years. Then it was off to Italy, beginning with the city of Verona of Romeo and Juliet fame, and Saint Mark’s Cathedral in Venice. The group especially enjoyed Venice’s unique aquatic atmosphere. Wednesday meant a visit to the caput mundi, Rome. The day began with a tour of the smallest nation in the world, Vatican City. During that excursion, the usually-jovial Roman students were stunned to silence by the sheer drama of Michelangelo’s Last Judgment in the Sistine Chapel. They watched in awe as they were guided through Saint Peter’s Basilica, from Michelangelo’s Pieta to Bernini’s baldacchino. Later, Roman the school encountered the Romans of the past in the Colosseum and the ruins of the Forum. The eternal city certainly made a mark on the young men. The tour of Italy finished with a stop at Florence’s Ponte Vecchio, then a ride to Monaco for the changing of the guard in front of the palace which Grace Kelly once called home. France was the last country the students visited, where they enjoyed the ocean breeze in Nice and had a whirlwind day in Paris, the home of Notre Dame Cathedral, DaVinci’s Mona Lisa, and the Eiffel Tower. The young men of Catholic High could not contain their excitement about their unique opportunity. Christopher Rodolico ’10 of Holy Spirit in South Philadelphia, commented on how “The trip was truly the most unique and rewarding experience I ever had in my life. The fun never stopped and I never ceased to be amazed by the wonderful pieces of artwork that were displayed during the trip.” That sentiment was echoed by Stephen Purcell ’10 a native of St. Matthew’s Parish in the Northeast: “[Roman’s trip to] Europe was the single greatest experience of my life. It felt like I was taking a walk through history: the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and the Vatican. It doesn’t get much better than that.”

Above: The Roman Empire expands to the Swiss Alps with members of the Class of 2010

In two short weeks, this group from Catholic High experienced an impressive amount of history and culture. They gained an appreciation for Europe’s historical treasures and present-day contributions. They also—perhaps more importantly—returned to Philadelphia with a new perspective on life in the place they call home. In particular, they returned with profound gratitude to Mr. Pensabene and to Roman Catholic High School, for providing them the chance to explore the world in this “once in a lifetime” adventure.


Roman Catholic High School

AROUND Row Your Boat Members of the Roman Catholic Crew Team participated, as they do every year in the Royal Canadian Henley from August 4th until September 9th. Coached by Roman Alums Roger Ross ’98, John Snyder ’00, and Tom Gilroy ’99, the Roman teams have been winning Gold, Silver, and Bronze under the Crescent Boat Club name. Congratulations to the entire crew team for all their hard work and dedication and to their coaches for bringing out the talent for these young men to demonstrate.

Livin' for the City...Hall James Feeney ’10 completed some of his community service hours on June 11 in the office of City Councilman Jack Kelly '56 in June. James helped Councilman Kelly’s staff, attended a City Council session, and enjoyed a visit from the Lord Mayor of Cork, Ireland, Councillor Brian Bermingham and his wife, Lady Mayoress Elma Bermingham. James helped facilitate the Councillor’s visit to City Hall. In a letter to Father Bongard, Councilman Kelly wrote, “I hope Mr. Feeney’s experience here was an enriching one. I’d welcome him back any time, and not just because he’s a fellow Cahillite.”

Community Service Jonathan Upchurch ’12 served as a counselor at Camp Overbrook this summer. In doing so, he brightened the lives of many of Philadelphia’s children who were campers at Camp Overbrook, established friendships with high school students from across the area, and strengthened his understanding of the meaning of service and the importance of being a positive leader. Above: James Feeney '10 with Coucilman Jack Kelly '56 and Councillor Brian Bermingham

The Empire


ROMAN Roamin' Presidential Treatment Roberto Harris ’12 was absent from Roman Catholic high school on Tuesday, January 20, 2009, but for a very good reason. Roberto, an active Boy Scout with Troop 258 of Germantown, was honored along with his fellow scouts to participate in the 56th Presidential Inauguration Parade in Washington, D.C

Eugene Mills ’11 of West Philadelphia was selected by People-2-People Ambassadors to be one of 30 young people and delegate leaders to experience a trip to England, France, Belgium and the Netherlands this past summer. Eugene was able to study and learn about the things he had only read about in history books. We are proud and lucky to have a student like Eugene at Roman Catholic and we hope that he keeps traveling, trying to shape the world with each visit.

DiLella Award Recipients

Above (from left): Father Bongard '77, Calvin Garvin '10, Daniel DiLella '69, Paul Dehel '11, and Principal Robert O'Neill outside the Roman Catholic Board Room in main corridor of Catholic High.

In June, Dan DiLella ’69, Chairman of the RCHS Board of Advisors, made a visit to Broad and Vine to present Paul Dehel ’11 and Calvin Garvin ’10 with the Daniel DiLella ’69 Leadership Award. Both Paul and Calvin are Roman Ambassadors, assisting the faculty and administration at many Roman events. Paul is a member of the and crew team. Calvin plays football and runs track. Both students are extremely dedicated in their service to Catholic High, making them deserving of this award.


Roman Catholic High School

It Began in a Bowling Alley

by Steven Ziegler '04

This story begins where many Cahillite success stories have over the years, in a place northwest of Center City called Roxborough. Ted Hoffman’s story began here when he was just eight years old and his father built the now famous Hi-Spot Lanes in 1948. Ted grew up learning the family business and crafting his bowling technique at the same time. In between setting up pins and cleaning the eight-lane facility, Ted excelled at the sport and at the age of 15 “rolled his first perfect game in a men’s sanctioned league.” He was the youngest bowler in the world to do so. Something special was happening at Hi-Spot Lanes. Ted spent his teenage years studying at Catholic High and perfecting his game to eventually turn pro – winning awards and bowling another perfect game at 16. He graduated from Roman in 1958 and began traveling on the bowling circuit. “Here I was, a rookie, and Don Carter, Dick Weber, Carmen Salvino, and Buzz Fazio were all coming up to congratulate me,” Hoffman says of his third 300 game, bowled in Albany, NY. “They were my idols.” In 1963, Ted officially became a touring pro, becoming an idol himself for young bowling enthusiasts in the Pennsylvania area. While traveling the country, he married Marilynn, his high school sweetheart in 1961. By 1968 they had four sons and “living life out of a suitcase was losing its luster.” So, Ted began his journey into a facet of the bowling world he hadn’t yet been a part of – management. Ted joined Smallcomb Enterprises representing bowlers as an agent of sorts. By the 1970s, Ted was able to form his corporation, running tournaments throughout the United States and went back to managing bowling centers in California at the same time. He eventually began managing a center in Fremont until a difficult economy forced the owner of the center to let Ted go. Ted wasn’t sure what path to travel next and the 1970s proved to be a tough time for him financially. Things would change in the 1980s when he received a call from an old friend and recently proclaimed bowling legend, Earl Anthony.

Ted Hoffman '58 and wife Marilynn on the cover of the June 2009 issue of International Bowling Industry Magazine. Read more about the Hoffman's story written by Dawn Morrison-Carbone on

Ted and Earl ran two successful bowling alleys starting in the 1980s and by the 90s, they focused primarily on Earl Anthony’s Dublin Bowl. Earl passed away unexpectedly in 2001 and Ted continued to run operations while gaining recognition as a humble, yet prominent member of his community. Ted has served on the board of directors of the Dublin Chamber of Commerce, been a member of the BPAA board of directors for eight years, and still promotes tournaments held at Dublin Bowl. This year, Ted was nominated for Dublin Citizen of the Year for his work Dublin Partners in Education, allowing students to bowl one free game every day during the summer. While Ted Hoffman is known as many things to many people, he is a man we refer to as a Cahillite. Upholding that name, he has made his life as a family man, bowling professional, business man, and philanthropist a successful one.

The Empire


Thank You. . .Thank You Dear Roman Catholic Alumni,

Dear Fr. Bongard,

I am writing to thank you for the generous scholarship that you have awarded me. As I enter into my senior year at RCHS, I am looking forward to contributing to Roman in anyway possible. I am making the most of my time at Roman Catholic. I am involved in many different activities including Golf and The Cahillite. Once again, my family and I are grateful for your generosity.

Please accept our gratitude for the thoughtful gift from the students of Roman Catholic High School to the Catie’s Wish Foundation. We appreciate your prayerful support as well, and see the blessings of your prayers in communion with countless others each day.

Sincerely, “Mike ’10” Dear Fr. Bongard, Thank you for sharing RCHS with me over the last three months. I found the students to be delightful (and quite humorous) and the faculty and staff to be very helpful. I can see why everyone loves it here. Please know how much I appreciate your allowing me to complete my practicum here. God Bless, Mary Kate

As you are aware, pediatric cancer touches many lives. Approximately 46 children, just as sweet as Catie, are diagnosed with some form of cancer every single day. Rest assured that your donation makes a difference and brings us closer to finding a cure. May you and your students feel the joy that your generosity brought to us and may God continue to bless you, today and always. Thank you again and God Bless, Patty Stephens Director of Catie’s Wish Foundation

Dear Mr. Finnegan, I would like to thank the Cahill Club for selecting me as Student of the Year. My family, friends, and I enjoyed ourselves at the Awards dinner. I look forward to being a part of the Alumni Association. Thank you, Pat Shields ’09

JOIN US FOR THE ROMAN RUN ~ SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 2009 5K (3.1 MILE ) RUN ~ ONE MILE FUN RUN/WALK ~ KELLY DRIVE ~ STARTING AT LLOYD HALL 7:30 a.m. Registration ~ 8:45 a.m. Starting Point ~ 9:00 a.m. Start STARTING TIME AND LOCATION Runners must be at the starting point by 8:45 A.M. for race instructions. The FUN RUN/WALK begins at 9:05 A.M. COURSE INFORMATION The race begins and ends at Lloyd Hall on Kelly Drive. It is a flat, easy course, partially shaded along scenic Kelly Drive with the turn around point near the John B. Kelly statue. ENTRY FEE ~ $20.00 if postmarked by November 3, 2009 ~ $25.00 if after November 3, 2009 ~ Students 18 & under ~ $15 REGISTRATION ~ To print registration materials or register online, visit SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES ~ To be a Roman Run sponsor, contact the Alumni Office.

Contact Bernadine Mahon at (215) 627-5487 or via email at



Roman Catholic High School


Donald “Bud” Munro and his wife, Mary enjoyed seeing their granddaughters graduate from Drexel University in June. Janelle graduated with honors with a Bachelor of Science in Photography and Meredith graduated with a Master’s of Family Therapy and a 4.0 GPA. Donald and Mary are very proud of their granddaughters’ accomplishments. They were able to attend both ceremonies which were held on the same day.


William Culp was posthumously inducted into the Brewerytown Fairmount Cathedral & Schuylkill Navy Sports All Timers honor roll at their Spring luncheon for his contributions to that organization.


The Class of 1949 donated the proceeds from their 60th Reunion to the Adopt-A-Student Program in memory of Dick Trotter ’49 Mike Testa, a member of the 1947 City Championship football team, was inducted into the Brewerytown Fairmount Cathedral & Schuylkill Navy All Timers honor roll at their Spring luncheon.


Frank Kelly, retired Police Detective, was yet another Cahillite inducted into the Brewerytown Fairmount

after 33 years and spent five years as a Criminal Justice Instructor. He has published his first work of fiction, Trojan Horse 4, which is available via Mike’s second book, Children 1957 Michael Skurecki recently caught of the Clan, will be available by up with his old friend Ted Hoffman 2010. ( ’58 over lunch and was able to provide The Empire with the 1969 information for the article about Stephen J. Rynkewitz, Jr. Ted featured on page 13. A special retired in June from the Mifflin thank you to Michael for providing County School District after us with such an interesting article 36 years of teaching. His wife, about a fellow Cahillite. Darlene, retired in August. They plan to spend their time doing some traveling, visiting their 1960 daughter, Stefanie, in Virginia Seamus Kearney, baseball and visiting Stephen’s family in historian, is researching the Bucks County. baseball career of Phillies legend Richie Ashburn for a future publication. Also, he 1981 is the founding director of the Tom Kerwood and his wife Franklintowne Park Association, Nancy are very proud to located at 19th & Hamilton Sts. announce that their daughter, Julianne, has earned and received William “Speedy” Morris, a full four-year scholarship to renowned basketball coach of attend Merion Mercy Academy. Roman, La Salle University and Julianne is very excited to begin currently, St. Joe’s Prep, has been her Merion Mercy experience in selected into the Big 5 Hall of September, 2009. Fame. During his time at La Salle, Speedy coached the Explorers to 1991 four MAAC titles and 238 wins, Brian Conroy, Assistant the most in the school’s history. Principal for Academic Affairs During his time at Roman, Speedy at Roman Catholic, and his wife, won 8 Southern Division Titles and Stephanie, welcomed their first 6 Catholic League Championships. daughter, Addison Rose into the world on July 30, 2009. Now, 1964 future Cahillite Aidan has a little Michael Cooney retired from the sister to keep him company. Philadelphia Police Department as Commanding Officer of Training

Cathedral & Schuylkill Navy Sports All Timers honor roll at their Spring luncheon for his contributions to that organization

James McMenamin and his wife, Jennifer, celebrated their 10-year-anniversary and recently purchased a new estate. James is enjoying life to the fullest and would love to hear from his fellow Cahillites. He is currently residing at 4024 Joshua Road, Lafayette Hill, PA 19444.

He is continuing his medical training at St. Vincent’s Medical Center in Jacksonville, FL.

The Empire


Julian Navarro placed first in the Junior Division (Under 23) of the Mr. Natural Philadelphia 2006 bodybuilding contest. The contest Nick Magenta, a member of is sponsored by the National Gym the Golf team during his time Association which promotes natural at Catholic High won the WJU bodybuilding throughout the United Invitational for Millersville Men's States. Golf. Nick has been a regular contributor to the Millersville 1994 Avery Sheridan, a member of Joseph Martin wed Adina Mara University Marauders Golf Boy Scout Troop 334, became his team. He is currently one of five DeLuca, Archbishop Carroll troop’s 52nd Eagle Scout in August. Class of 2000, on June 19, 2009. Cahillites playing collegiate-level For his Eagle project, Avery led They now reside in Philadelphia, golf. a team to clean out a section at PA. the Schuylkill Environmental Education known as Penn’s Woods. Avery is a student at Temple 1995 University and is also seeking Ryan Kearney, Captain of admission in the Coast Guard Roman's first Ice Hockey team, Academy. wed Kate Leibley of Mount Penn, PA in August, 2009. Gary Moore received his Ph.D in organic chemistry in June 2005 and was offered a Dreyfus Fellowship from Yale.

Above: Newlyweds Ryan '95 and Kate Kearney.


Jim Brennan was named Department Chair for the Mathematics Department at Roman Catholic High School.


William Robert McCafferty III was among the 270 graduates awarded the Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine Degree from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine at the College’s 118th commencement. Dr. McCafferty earned his Bachelor of Science degree in biology from Gwynedd-Mercy College in 2005.

Keep us updated! Don't forget to send your Class Notes to Steve Ziegler '04 Roman Catholic High School 301 N. Broad Street Philadelphia, PA 19107 E-mail your Class Notes to

Necrology Alumni Mr. James J. Johnston 1936 Mr. Thomas J. Mannion 1936 Mr. Joseph F. Benz 1939 Mr. Richard C. Frye 1939 Mr. Joseph J. McFadden 1939 Mr. Felix J. D'Lauro 1939 Reverend Joseph P. Logan, S.J. 1939 Mr. John F. Pippet 1940 Mr. Raymond F. Splane, CPA 1940 Mr. Daniel J. Swantek, Sr. 1940 Mr. Louis G. Salvina 1941 Mr. William M. Harper 1942 Mr. Gerald J. McGlinn 1943 Mr. William G. Malloy, Sr. 1943 Mr. James F. Daly 1944 Mr. James S. Farrar 1946 Mr. Leon Jablonski 1946 Mr. James A. Baird 1946 Mr. Jeremiah F. Frain 1947 Mr. Joseph E. Quigley 1948 Mr. Philip R. Young 1948

Mr. John J. Shawaryn 1958 Mr. George J. Burke 1949 Mr. John P. Bryson 1959 Mr. John A. McEnery 1949 Mr. John J. Regardi 1959 Mr. John J. Kushner 1949 Mr. Anthony W. Skroanek 1959 Mr. Edward B. Kelly 1950 Mr. Charles W. McHenry 1959 Mr. James Flynn 1950 Mr. John J. Thornton 1961 Mr. James W. Lyman 1950 Mr. James C. McKee 1962 Mr. Edward Knittel 1950 Mr. Arnold W. Morris 1962 Mr. Thomas W. Lavelle 1951 Mr. Thomas Bryson 1963 Mr. James A. Monahan 1951 Mr. Joseph W. Chesnosky 1952 Mr. George F. Cassidy 1963 Mr. Harry Morris 1964 Mr. Thomas Gahagan 1953 Dr. Stanley F. Kapa 1964 Mr. Leo Witkoski 1953 Mr. David Tietjen 1968 Mr. John F. O'Donnell 1954 Mr. Anthony Jedwabny 1969 Mr. Charles E. Finegan 1954 Mr. Joseph Kalinoski 1970 Mr. John C. Calhoun 1954 Mr. Robert Ray 1971 Mr. Joseph H. Gumpper 1955 Mr. Robert J. Ludwig, Sr. 1955 Mr. Joseph Boyle 1973 Mr. Michael Corkery 1975 Mr. Thomas L. Kearns 1956 Staff Sgt. Ingles DosReis 2004 Mr. John T. Goodwin 1956 Mr. William A Frysinger, Sr. 1957 Please keep these fellow Cahillites Mr. Charles J. Dugan 1958 Mr. Michael J. O'Malley 1958 and their families in your prayers.



Roman Catholic High School

Cahill Historical Marker On Tuesday, September 29, 2009 Roman Catholic High School founder Thomas E. Cahill was honored with a Pennsylvania Historical Marker. According to the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, the Historical Marker Program “capture the memory of people, places, and events that have affected the lives of Pennsylvanians over the centuries since William Penn founded his Commonwealth.” Thomas E. Cahill, our founder, the man who was denied a secondary education himself, had his dream realized through the construction of Roman Catholic High School, the nation’s first diocesan high school. Roman Catholic has since 1890 been the premier high school in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. The dedication of this was a fitting tribute to a man who not only influenced the Delaware Valley, but also the

world in terms of education. Hearing the “Purple and Gold” and “Sons of Cahill” performed by the RCHS school band and the speeches of Secretary of Catholic Education Dr. Richard McCarron '09, Bishop Joseph McFadden, Councilman Jack Kelly '56, and Board of Advisors Chairman Daniel DiLella '69 made all in attendance understand that “something special” truly is happening and Broad and Vine. Our young men, standing on the sidewalk listening to alums of every generation were in awe of the insurmountable achievements Thomas E. Cahill brought about simply by founding a school. The ceremony was not just a dedication of a marker; it was a celebration of Thomas E. Cahill’s life.

Brothers For Life: Annual Giving Campaign Our 2009 – 2010 Annual Giving Campaign Appeal is underway. This year’s theme, Brothers for Life, harkens to the life-long bonds between students and the life-long commitment of so many to keep our school at the forefront of Catholic education. Annual giving is vital for all non-profits and must grow to meet the increase in operating costs. At Roman nearly half of the operating budget is allocated to provide academic scholarships to the most promising students and ensure a bright future for Catholic High. Annual Giving also provides valuable resources to improve academic endeavors and student services, enhance the alumni and school infrastructure and advance the mission of Roman Catholic. Your gift to the Annual Giving Campaign is a vote of confidence in our mission and for the education and experience if a Roman man. Because of the generosity of our alumni and friends, Catholic High provides its young men with a program that is second to none – a challenging academic curriculum, a competitive sports program and engaging activities. Make your gift today in the enclosed envelope or online at Click on Online Giving and then Annual Giving. Questions? Call (215)-627-5487 or e-mail

The Empire


Communion Breakfast Annual Memorial Mass

Sunday, November 22, 2009. Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul 9:00 a.m.

Roman Goes Green with Former Eagle as Guest Speaker

Confessions will be heard beginning at 8:30 a.m. Special seating will be provided in the sanctuary for the 50th, 25th and 5th Anniversary Classes of 1959, 1984 and 2004. Main Celebrant: Rev. Joseph W. Bongard ’77, Rector and President, Roman Catholic High School Concelebrants: Ordained Alumni and Faculty Homilist: Rev. Msgr. Federico A. Britto ‘73 Toastmaster: Dennis Kelly ’59 Principle Speaker: Kevin Reilly Parking is limited around Logan Circle. Lots are available on the north side of Vine Street between 17th and 19th Streets, at the Sheraton, or in the Hahnemann garage located at Broad and Vine Streets. (NOTE: Hahnemann will discount the parking to $3.00 with validated parking ticket from School.)

Communion Breakfast Sheraton Hotel (formerly the Wyndham Franklin Plaza) Seating plan will be in the Breakfast Program the morning of November 22, 2009. No tickets will be mailed.

Homecoming Reception Roman Catholic High School immediately following the breakfast. The school store will be open, and for those of you who have not been to Broad and Vine in a few years, students will provide tours. A reservation list will be available at the entrance to the cafeteria.

Kevin Reilly is a celebrated Motivational Speaker and a former Linebacker for the Philadelphia Eagles. In 1979, Kevin underwent the life-changing amputation of his left arm, the result of a rare tumor from scar tissue (football injury) called “desmoid.” Kevin graduated from Salesianum School in Wilmington, Delaware in 1969 where he was the captain of his varsity football and basketball teams and a starting catcher on the baseball team. He attended Villanova University on full four-year athletic scholarship where he starred as Villanova’s MVP and first team All-East as a linebacker. Upon graduation in 1973, he was drafted by the Miami Dolphins, but in 1976 he returned home to serve as captain of “special teams” for the Philadelphia Eagles. He was traded to the New England Patriots, and after leaving football, he began working for the Xerox Corporation in Wilmington, retiring recently as Marketing Manager after a 30 year career. In 1980, one year after his arm was amputated, Kevin began sharing his story as a motivational speaker. His emotional and physical comeback as well as the trials he encountered along the way makes him one of this country’s most valuable speakers. Kevin is known to his peers and as being centered and knowing who he is. He has a positive attitude that touches all with whom he comes in contact.


$25 Breakfast______________$20 Homecoming______________$10 Raffle Tickets______________ Enclosed is an additional gift of $ ___________ to support the next the incoming alumni class ~ the Class of 2010. Name:____________________________ Class: ______________Address: ______________ ______________ ______________ City: ______________State:______________Zip:______________Phone:____________________________ Email:______________ _______Enclosed is my check for $ ______________. Please charge my:______________Visa ___________MasterCard __________American Express _________Discover Card #: ______________ ______________ Exp. Date: ______________CSV Code:______________ Please return this form to Roman Catholic High School, 301 N. Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107


Roman Catholic High School

Treasuring the Moment This piece was taken from a letter written by Joe Wachter ’38 and puts into words better than I ever could, how and why Catholic High means so much to all of us. I hope you enjoy it and I thank Joe for his contribution to The Empire. -Steve Ziegler ’04 Dear RCHS Alumni: Enclosed is a piece of the 1938 goalpost at the old Phillies’ ball park (Broad and Lehigh). In 1936, we did not (I believe), win a single football game. It was not an unusual year for RCHS at that time. The next year found a big increase in the school spirit and I believe the Cahillites won half of their scheduled football games during the 1937 season. In 1938, we did better, beating St. Joe’s. The Prep had defeated Roman for at least ten years in a row at that time. I don’t remember the complete details of the game, but I remember winning in the closing moments. School spirit was out of this world throughout the whole game. For the first time, we tore down the goalpost. We marched all the way from the Phillies’ ball park, down Broad Street, carrying that goalpost. The police cleared the traffic for us and allowed us to get all the way into the schoolyard. What a night! To this day, it still remains one of the happiest days of my life. (Excluding the five championships in the 1920s) Roman wouldn’t win a Catholic League title until 1947, but the defeat of St. Joe’s Prep was certainly a statement game. The souvenir is very important. It signifies a turning point in RCHS football and made Roman a school to contend with. Please take good care of my goal post.

Thank you, Joe Wachter ’38 A piece of the goalpost

Semper Fi

By Dave Baback '83

On February 28, 2009, David J. Neal ’84, retired from the U.S. Marine Corps after 22 years of dedicated service. David is indeed one of the few and the proud as both a Master Sergeant in the Marine Corps and a Roman Catholic graduate. He served tours of duty overseas in Iraq and Kuwait as well as numerous deployments on ships. Dave was especially dedicated to the young men and women in his command. His military records list the numerous awards he received over the years; a few of which are: the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal with a V, a Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medals, Humanitarian Service Medal, Navy Unit Commendation, Presidential Unit Citation, Iraq Campaign Medal, and the Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal. David has settled down with his wife, Jaclyn, and two sons, Derek and Trevor, in Jacksonville, North Carolina. Many of his family members remain in the Philadelphia area and remain involved in our Roman Catholic High School community. His brother, John Neal, is well known to our track team and we thank him for his support. We wish David all our best as he moves on to his second careers and we thank him for his outstanding service to our country!

The Empire

A PROUD TRADITION WITH PROGRESS MEMORIAL OPPORTUNITIES Thank you to all who have sponsored a transom as part of the historic restorations to our school. There is still one transom available for $10,000 for the entire window or two $5,000 sponsorships in memory of a loved one or family member. Although the renovations to our chapel have been completed, several chairs are still available. A $250 donation enables you to memorialize a chair for an alum, family member, or friend.

Own a Piece of Our History! For $50.00 you can now own a piece of Roman history! The treads of the Grand Stair have been cut into limited edition historic plaques. Measuring approx. 4� x 6�, these memorial plaques are a perfect memento for your desk, bookshelf, mantle, or coffee table.

These pieces of Catholic High History are limited and will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. Once they are sold, an era comes to an end.

If you are interested in sponsoring a transom or memorializing a chapel chair, please contact Father Bongard; 215-627-1270,

Roman Catholic High School Gymnasium Banner Auction Because of recent renovations to our historic gym, existing championship banners will be replaced and you can own a piece of Roman Catholic Athletic history! Thirty original banners are now up for auction. For complete details and bidder rules visit,, and click on Banner Auction.

KEEPING ROMAN ON THE MAP Currently, anyone driving on Vine Street can pass the Catholic High building without giving thought to the great things that are inside. Plans have been designed to install a sign atop the wall of Renaissance Hall on the Vine Street side that faces 13th street and the parking lot. A lighting project will light both the sign and the lot, making the sign more visible at night and adding security to the parking lot. Help make this happen! For those who would like to support this project, naming opportunities for this project are available for $2,000 each. If you are interested, please contact Father Bongard at 215-627-1270 or

Left: Proposed Sign Project for Renaissance Hall.


Roman Catholic High School 301 N. Broad Street Philadelphia, PA 19107 Phone:215-627-5487 Fax: 215-627-2179


ALUMNI 2009 Events 11/7 - Class of 2004 Reunion Roman Catholic High School 11/8 - Roman Run Lloyd Hall, Fairmount Park 11/21 - Night at the Races Roman Catholic High School, 7-11 PM 11/22 - Communion Breakfast (Complete details on pg. 17)

2010 Events 23/6 - Romauction - Silent Auction, Dinner, and Live Auction , Roman Catholic High School, 5-11 PM 3/19 - 3/21 Fides Et Scientia Retreat Malvern Retreat House 3/25 - Center City Regional Reunion Finnegan's Wake, 6-9 PM 3/27- Texas Hold 'Em Roman Catholic High School 4/9 - SHOF Dinner Williamson's, Horsham, PA 4/10-"The Geator with the Heater" Jerry Blavat Dance Roman Catholic High School 4/29-Roxborough Regional Reunion Great American Pub, Conshohocken, PA, 6-9 PM 6/28- John Hoban '59 Golf Outing Centre Square Golf Course, Norristown, PA

Non Profit Org. U.S. Postage Paid Philadelphia, PA Permit No. 201

For the Class of 2014 11/19 - Universal Visitation Day 11/19 - Parent Information Night 11/21 - Scholarship Entrance Test 12/12 - Scholarship Entrance Test

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