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Hassle-Free Web App Development with AngularJS frameworks

Building innovative and interactive web applications are very easy these days! Thanks to the AngularJS frameworks which come with useful tools and components that facilitates hassle-free web app development. Here we are discussing some of the best ones:  Supersonic UI  Suave UI  AngularUI Bootstrap  LumX  Ionic  Mobile Angular UI 

Supersonic UI This AngularJS framework’s declarative UI style makes it possible for you to build complex mobile apps very easily and quickly. Moreover, hybrid apps developed with Supersonic gives intuitive feeling and performance like native app due to the smooth interplay of HTML5 and native UI in the background.

Suave UI You can rapidly design AngularJS based web applications with this framework. It comprises of CSS definitions, directives and services that enable you to build UI quickly and efficiently.

AngularUI Bootstrap As the name suggests, this framework is built upon Bootstrap – one of the most renowned front end frameworks. It was built with the intention to provide native AngularJS directives without any dependency on Bootstrap’s JavaScript or jQuery that can be integrated in the ecosystem of AngularJS.

LumX Based on Google’s Material Design Specifications and AngularJS it is considered the best JavaScript MVC framework to build strong singlepage applications rapidly. It allows you to quickly customize your application design as it is built with Bourbon, Sass and Neat.

Ionic It is a free and open-source framework that is built with Sass with Angular JS optimization. It is a powerful HTML5 framework that uses web technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript to build native-feeling mobile apps.

Mobile Angular UI This mobile UI framework is quite similar to Sencha Touch or jQuery Mobile. It offers essential mobile components that are lacking in Bootstrap 3 yet retains most of the syntax of latter making it quite easy for an existing desktop web app migrate to mobile interface. It makes possible for you to create a fully responsive and touch enabled interface that is functional across different devices with various screen sizes. This is a fullstack JavaScript framework which facilitates initiation of applications based on Node.js, Express, MongoDB, and Angular JS. It simplifies as well as accelerates web app development.

Discussed above are few Angular JS frameworks that just work like magic in enabling you to develop innovative web applications quickly and efficiently.

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Hassle-Free Web App Development with AngularJS frameworks  

Building web applications can be cumbersome if you don’t have the right tools handy! Use Angular JS frameworks and bring some real magic in...

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