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955. Byzantine Lead Seal. Constantine Comnenus, 12th century AD. St. Theodore standing facing, holding spear and shield, ΘE OΔW POC - P Γ / [C] KEΠ [OIC M] e MAPTV [C] KOMNHNON KWNCTAN TINON. See Yordanov, Corpus II 344; Prosopography of the Byzantine World, Constantine 20494 Seal 5423. 11.39g, 29mm, 6h.


956. Byzantine Lead Seal. George Comnenus, 12th century AD. CΦPAΓIC KOMNHNOV ΠATPOΘΕΝ ΓEOPΓIOV / ΠΑΛΑΙΟΛΟ ΓOV AVΘΙ Δ Δ ΑΛΛΑ ΠΑΓV OΘEN. Zacos -; Jordanov, Corpus -. 53.30g, 43mm, 6h. Extremely Rare.


This seal may be due to the same person who also emphasises on other seals at that time the dual family lineage of Comnenus and Palaeologus, but with the emphasis here on the family of Palaeologus.



957. Byzantine Lead Seal. Theodore Dokeianos, 12th-13th century AD. St. Theodore Stratelates standing facing, holding lance and shield, O A ΓIOC ΘΕΟ ΔW PO C, O CTPA THΛA THC / Around ΘΕΟΔWPOC O ΔOKEIANOC, triangle with flat top. Zacos -; Jordanov, Corpus -; Prosopography of the Byzantine World -. 34.73g, 38mm, 12h. 400 958. Byzantine Lead Seal. Stephanos, Patrikios and Genikos Kommerkiarios, apothecaries of the first and second Cappadocia. Under Constans II, AD 659-668. Draped busts of Heraclius and Constantine IV, both crowned and holding globus cruciger, CTEΦANOV ΠAT PIKIOV KAI ΓEN IKOV KOMM EPKIA / Draped busts of Heraclius and Tiberius, both crowned with globus cruciger, PIOV AΠΟΘHK HC KAΠΠΑΔ OKIAC A (= ΠPWTHC) K Al B (= ΔEVTEPAC). Zacos I 142. 28.66g, 32mm, 6h. 400

959. Byzantine Lead Seal. Hypatos and Genikos Kommerkiarios, the two apothecaries of Cilicia (?). Under Justinian II, AD 688-689. IOVΛIANOV [AΠO VΠATWN], emperor standing facing, wearing crown and holding globus cruciger, I-B across fields / S ΓENI KOV KOM MEPKIAPIOV AΠΟΘIKIC A [...] K[...]. Zacos I -. 34.40g, 40mm, 6h. Very Rare.


960. Byzantine Lead Seal. Synetos and Nicetas, Hypatos and Genikos Kommerkiarios. Apothecaries under Philippicus, AD 711-712. CVNETOV NIKHTA VΠATWN S [...], emperor standing facing, wearing loros and crown, and holding globus cruciger and sceptre; I-I across fields / ΓENIK WN KOMME PKIAPIWN A ΠΟΘEHKHC [...]AMCΠO[...] [...]OV S ΛVΔ. Zacos I -. 22.56g, 32mm, 6h. Extremely Rare.



Roma Numismatics Auction IX  

Roma Numismatics Auction IX

Roma Numismatics Auction IX  

Roma Numismatics Auction IX