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Feel The Pleasure Of Planting Flower Bulbs Together With Children!! Gardening is the best teacher that makes the children learn its useful skills and it is ultimately a personality development enhancer. Along with that, it provides them a chance to do things outdoors and get their hands in the earth. They could experience the change in natural world with the seasons and can experience the joy of seeing results of their own work. Planting flower bulbs is an exciting gardening job that involves fun and is easy to perform.

Observe them while growing: Planting the bulbs provide one of the most perfect opportunities watching various stages of plant growth. So, one can let their child to plant their very own bulbs. As we look at the bulb before planting, one would observe where the roots will grow and where the shoot will be emerged. As soon as summer arrives, the excitement for planting bulbs builds and it increases when the first little shoots appear. Since that moment, children love to watch leaves and buds forming and then gradually after some period of time watch while flowers opening. Along with all these things, they also experience the reward of a colourful garden which they’ll never forget!

Preferable time for plant’s growth: The most preferred time for planting bulbs is after the frost has been passed (around April/May). Till then, the children can discuss with their parents about what colours they want to have in their garden and thus visiting the garden centre for inspiration. During early February the bulbs become available and so pre planning is required. When it comes to planting, the thumb rule is- plant bulbs twice as deep as they are tall and allowing the ‘nose’ pointing upward! Once the bulbs are planted, water them immediately so that the roots will develop quickly.

Feeling pleased with planting bulbs: To bestow your garden that natural look of summer, plant the bulbs of various kinds and colours into a basket or pail. Mix all of them and scatter them at random spots in the garden. You can also plant them creating a shape of colour like heart. It’s always surprise to see the result as soon as summer arrives. All those flower bulbs also attract bees and butterflies. Thus, make a visit to your own garden that gives you something new to see every time thus providing immense pleasure and memorable experience.

Feel the pleasure of planting flower bulbs together with children  

Children always like to visit beautiful flower bulbs garden because they love colours. Generally every kind of flower bulbs have different c...