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If you have just brought a new puppy home you are probably excited to get him or her acquainted with their new family members. Often, as the puppy becomes adjusted to his new environment, he begins to display behaviors that are not to your liking. Some of these include chewing on everything because he's teething, housebreaking issues, and non-obedient behavior. If, on the other hand, you are adopting a full-grown dog that has never been to obedience training it may not know the first thing about understanding the simplest of commands such as "sit" or "stay". Dog obedience training can show you how to train and handle your dog so that he or she learns the proper behaviors that is advantageous to your household. For example, if you have small children and you have a large dog; if the dog is not properly trained it can jump up and knock the child over and cause injury. Moreover, if the dog is living with an elderly person, it needs to be trained not to walk or run in front of the elderly person while walking in their homes. Obedience training for your dog or puppy gives you the tools to communicate better with your dog, so that he or she can understand what it is you expect from them. Obedience training should include positive reinforcement training using treats or you can choose clicker training, both are very effective methods. Never engage your puppy or dog in harsh types of training because this only leads to your dog being afraid of you, which is the wrong approach and the incorrect message that you want to convey to your dog. Some of the basic dog obedience training that you will learn by taking a class includes walking on a leash, learning commands such as sit, stay, and lay down. Getting a handle on these basic obedience training commands will help you to better communicate with your dog, and will help your dog understand what it is you want from it. The earlier you can get your puppy or adult dog into obedience training, the happier he or she will be and of course, the happier you will be. Remember, dog obedience classes are not designed for you to drop your dog off, and the trainers make it into a well-behaved dog; on the contrary, it helps you to be able to handle your dog confidently so that he or she will carry out the commands or words that you say. Finally, another advantage of getting your puppy into obedience training classes is the fact that they learn social skills early on, which helps them as they develop to be used to other animals and people. Lastly, entering your dog into obedience classes is a learning process for both you and your dog, and it is one that will bond you closer for a lifelong friendship.

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==== ==== This is a really informative website on the topic od American Bulldog Obedience Training. ==== ====

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