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In today's fast-paced world you likely have many demands on your time. If you're a dog owner, one of the things most likely to suffer is the amount of time you spend with your dog. Now, while it may be easy to assign exercising your dog to the "optional" list - after all, the dog's not going to file a complaint - I would strongly urge you not to do this. All dogs, regardless of their breed, age, or size need regular exercise. It is your duty as a dog owner to ensure that this exercise is provided. Here are 5 tips to help you with the "what", "where" and "how much", of exercising your dog: 1. How Much Exercise? How much exercise you give your dog depends on a number of factors. As a rule of thumb, working and herding breeds require the most exercise, toy breeds the least. Big dogs generally need more exercise than smaller dogs (though if your small dog happens to be a terrier you can scrap that guideline). Healthy adult dogs need more exercise than puppies or older dogs. These are generalizations. The best advise is to read up about the breed or ask at the local breed club. 2. Scale Up to Strenuous Exercise. If you resolve to start exercising your dog, don't start with a 10 mile hike the first day. Start with a shorter walk and scale up, increasing by about 10 minutes a day. Dogs suffer exertion related injuries just as easily as humans. 3. Choose the Right Exercise. Different breeds have different tolerances for work. A Husky or Border Collie will run all day, while a short walk will be sufficient for a Bulldog or Pekingese. Over-exercising a dog is as bad as under-exercising. Find out about your breed and adjust your exercise routine accordingly. 4. Play Games. So far we've spoken mainly about walking, but you should also make games part of your routine. Dogs love to play, as it challenges them mentally as well as physically.

Find a game your dog loves. Labs will chase and fetch a ball a day, while Beagles love finding hidden objects. Just about all dogs love tug-a-war, and games like tag and hide-and-seek are also quite popular with the canine fraternity. 5. Running and Hiking. If you're a jogger, or an outdoor person why not involve your dog in these activities. What better way to bond with your dog? Be aware though that these activities are not suitable for all dogs. In particular, you should avoid over-strenuous exercise with dogs that suffer from breathing problems, like Pugs and Bulldogs. Hopefully, these five tips will help you to enjoy the time you spend exercising your dog. The payoff is a calm, balanced dog, and a deep bond between dog and owner.

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==== ==== This is a really informative website with excellent American Bulldog Training Tips. ==== ====

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