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Okay we all want that super lean look, you know that one that we all see on the covers of mens magazines. But we all know how these same magazines and conventional wisdom tell us how it can be achieved. Through long and hard grinds in the gym and eat small and frequently, some even say as many as nine times a day. But this can be very problematic and not give you the results that you have been craving. What is it that you have to do to get the results that you are looking for and not have to spend all your time to trying to get them. This is the problem that most people face, and it should not have to be such a problem. This is what I could not get through in my mind when I first found out how simple it can be to get ripped with very little thought to how many times a day we have to eat. I just didn't think it was possible and that it was probably just another fad scheme by another so called diet expert. But I was wrong and having tried this simple yet effective and delicious way of eating I was hooked and was practically shedding off pounds of unwanted fat and packing on muscle with relatively little effort. So what is this super simple diet that will get you ripped I hear you ask? All you have to do is follow these simple rules to rock your health life. - Rule number 1: eat the same few meals over and over. (make sure to choose only meals consisting of ingredients that are real foods like organic lean meats and vegetable, make it in a way that you love and repeat.) - Rule number 2: repeat Rule number 1 for 6 days of every week - Rule number 3: One day a week eat anything you want, and I mean anything completely make yourself sick eating all the crap that you can think of, keep eating really make yourself sick. That way you will feed your hunger for junk and will not want to look at it for another week. And that is it, three rules that will give you the results that you have been looking for all your life. So if you want to see the result that you have been dreaming of your whole life then take action today and start implementing these simple yet effective rules into your life.

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