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Many new terrier owners will want to know what they have to do get their terrier to be obedient in certain life situations. It could be a situation they will face out in public or at your house when guests come over. Some owners cannot afford to pay for dog obedience training classes and others still prefer to administer the training themselves. Here is a list of benefits that you can gain from terrier obedience training if you decide that type of training is right for your pet. The Benefits of Terrier Obedience Training The heart of terrier obedience training is to get your dog to learn quickly how to act to commands given to them in certain situations. Doing so will prevent bad dog behaviour. It is up to you or their trainer to understand which commands need to be given. Keep in mind, owning and training a dog to be obedient is a two part deal between you and your pet. If you keep your end of the bargain and be pro-active in training, your dog will eventually keep theirs. Below is a list of examples in dog obedience. 1) No Barking And/Or Biting These issues are probably the most common to all dog owners as challenges they may face with their pet. Biting especially, should be handled from the start of ownership and preferably, when your dog is still young. Barking is another challenge faced by most dog owners, but especially terrier owners. Getting them to stay quiet when guests come over or when you need to work from home is a most welcome benefit. 2) Dog Running Many terrier owners eventually find out that terriers are an energetic breed. If you have them out on lease, odds are, they'll often want to dart and dash at every corner. With solid training sessions, you can learn how to take control of your terrier's movement and prevent them from running in circles all around you. You can also teach your terrier to stay put at busy street corners, even if other people, dogs or cars cross by. 3) The Basic Commands Terrier obedience training can help your dog do basic commands such as staying quiet, sitting, staying put and even speaking (in their own doggie voice of course). The four actions listed above can be the foundation which you can build on to teach them other and more complex behaviours later on. 4) Dog Leadership

Of all the benefits, dog leadership is the one that takes the cake in my opinion. In dog obedience training, you can understand the psychology of what dogs think and learn how to project and assert your dominance and character over your terrier to let them know you're the boss and they have to respect what you say and ask them to do. Learning how to be what's known as the "Pack Leader" or "Alpha Dog" in your household is key to a solid foundation of further terrier training. Getting your terrier dog to be obedient is important as it makes life much better for the both of you as you both grow up and face different life situations. If your dog is younger than 10 months of age or is just plain mis-behaved, consider signing up and taking a class to give you and your terrier a jump start. Taking The Lessons Back to the House With any kind of training, do obedience training especially, you have to understand that another important tip is to be consistent and administer training regularly. It does you no good to sign up for a course, have your terrier learn a few tricks and then not bother with repeating the same tricks and lessons back at home. When you re-administer the lessons back at home, be sure to let your dog know that you're the pack leader. If you have multiple people living in the house with them, be sure to tell them what tricks and behaviours your terrier has learned in class and ask them to help you re-enforce those behaviours when you're not around. Keep in mind that your terrier can only do what it's taught. Maintaining control, being consistent and supportive of your dogs learning will go a very long way in getting your dog to be obedient and shorten the time it takes to get them to behave as you wish. If you start to be inconsistent and not re-enforce the behaviours and tricks your dog is learning in class, you can bet your terrier will go back to his or her old ways undoing months of hard work. I hope you have enjoyed my article on terrier obedience training.

All the best in your quest to training your terrier. Diana Swanson Founder of

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This is a really informative website on the topic od American Bulldog Obedience Training. ==== ====

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