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==== ==== This is a really informative website with excellent American Bulldog Training Tips. ==== ====

Choosing a good domain name for your website or blog is a extremely important, yet it is one of the hardest decisions new internet marketers face. One good rule to follow when choosing a domain name is to always use a dot com extension for your primary domain name. You may want to use or some other extension for a redirect, but always use extension for your primary domain name. That being said, it seems like all of extensions are taken. This is especially true if you are trying to follow the advice of using keywords in your domain name. If you do find a keyword that is available to buy for your domain name, you will probably end up with a super long domain name that is a pain in the butt to type in the address bar. So what if you happen to find a good keyword filled niche domain name like You market your Poodle training website or blog aggressively for year or so and it becomes successful then it eventually reaches a plateau. Suddenly you realize that you want to talk about a different type of dog. Well it would be hard to generate interest about pit bulls on a poodle training website. What is the solution? Choose a generic domain name within your niche. If you had a domain name that was about dogs in general then you could have all of your niches in sub domain names. I know is not available but I will just use it in this example. Suppose you had the domain name Then there are a couple of ways to branch off into several different niches under this one domain name. One page or blog on your site could be and another could be Or you could have one page or blog under and another under I think the first method would be more manageable because there are tons of different types of dogs and each one would be a separate niche. Using a hosting company with the Fantastico tool allows you to host multiple blogs under one domain name. You can build up one WordPress niche blog and then use certain plugins to put it on autopilot. In the meantime you can build up another niche blog under your main domain name. If you continue this method over time your site will eventually become an authority site. If you are an animal lover you can make your domain name something more generic to do with the word animals. Are you getting the idea?

You can use this method to brand any domain name that you choose as an authority site. If you want to brand yourself, then your name is about as generic as you can get for a domain name. Then you can brand yourself as an expert in different related niches by creating different subdomains in several different niches.

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==== ==== This is a really informative website with excellent American Bulldog Training Tips. ==== ====

American Bulldog Separation Anxiety  

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