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Countless students attempting to decide on a major in English frequently wonder what kind of careers, if any, it may lead to. They are usually quite apprehensive about choosing this major, but there are many possible opportunities available in the field that people do not realize. The most obvious route for an English major is always teaching. With a Bachelor's degree in English, a prospective teacher can get a teaching certificate and go right into teaching middle or high school Language Arts. This can be fun and rewarding for those who want the opportunity to educate and have a good influence on young people, possibly creating better futures. Many prefer to teach college, however, due to the more mature crowd and increased freedom of curriculum. To do so, one must have a Master's degree in English, or to be a professor at a top university, a PhD may be required. It is possible to be very successful as a full-time professor at a university on a tenure track. Teaching is not the preferred profession for all interested in English. In this case, a career in publishing may provide the freedom and comfort of working closely with articles, novels, and other bodies of work. This may be an excellent choice of career for those who major in English due to their love of reading. There is also the option of being an editor or proofreader for journals, magazines, and newspapers, as well as for businesses. Editing can be very rewarding for those with an eye for grammar and sentence structure. Those English majors who enjoy the idiosyncrasies of the English language may prefer this field. For those who are born with a pen in hand, becoming a writer is an enjoyable route. There are careers in writing as authors for the storytellers, or as newspaper columnists for the born journalists. There is also technical writing, which involves writing for instruction manuals or other technical manuals for computer software, engineering, electronics, and many other fields. Enjoy working in an office environment? An English major may also choose to be an administrative assistant. The knowledge and skills developed in the coursework for an English degree are valued and sought out by many companies searching for detail-oriented people with excellent communication skills and the ability to quickly and effectively translate anything into writing. The benefits to this job are the comforts of a quiet atmosphere, the control of a private office space, and the ability to use those hard-earned communication skills well.

Receiving a degree in English can be an excellent thing because the skills learned from the

subject matter are extremely versatile and applicable to many different career paths. Upon graduation, an English major has learned how to effectively communicate both verbally and in writing - communication skills which are so valuable to a growing number of fields. The career opportunities described here are only a small taste of what is available, and it is this wide realm of opportunity that makes a degree in English so advantageous. If this field interests you, visit Test Drive College Online where you can take a free English college class online. You may decide that this is the right path for you, and perhaps, go all the way and earn an online Masters!

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==== ==== Translate Simple Documents From Another Language Into English...Make Money Now! ==== ====

Translate Simple Documents From Another Language Into English  

Translate Simple Documents From Another Language Into English...Make Money Now!

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