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The teenage years seem to be fraught with hardships and turmoil. One of the biggest problems many teens face is acne. The degree in which teens suffer from acne can range from mild to severe, but any breakout can be a major hardship. In order to fight the battle against acne you first have to know the proper steps to take. Keep your skin as clean as possible. It is best to wash your face first thing in the morning and again at night before going to bed. After you wash your face it should feel light and clean. If your skin feels tight that means that there is still soap residue left on your skin. Be sure to clean off all the soap residue. When it is hot and humid wash your face a third time in the middle of the day to prevent acne breakouts. Be careful of your pimples while you are washing your face and don't pick at them! Picking at your pimples may remove them from sight for the moment but it will lead to ugly scars and pockmarks. The pimple will eventually go away. Scars and pockmarks will not. Make sure to keep your hands clean throughout the day and avoid touching your face a lot. Also make sure that other people are not constantly touching your face. The oils from people hands, including your own, can transmit onto the face and lead to an acne breakout. Find a good quality face mask or cleaning product that is specifically designed to treat acne problems. Finding a good skin care product can save a lot of hassle and make the teenage years a lot easier to live through. Most importantly be patient and kind to your face. It may take awhile to fully clear up acne problems but with time, patience and persistence you can win the war against acne.

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==== ==== Need Some Beauty Tips - Click on this link now: ==== ====

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