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A low performance computer can really be a pain to deal with. Slow computers can be frustrating but they can also affect productivity negatively since they don't let you do the things that you need to. There are tons of ways to speed up your computer, and the good news is that the majority of them are so simple that you could stop dealing with that slow performing computer today! Even though some of the better solutions involve the purchase of upgraded hardware, there are still many solutions out there that are free. Giving your computer a boost doesn't require expert knowledge of your computer. Defragmentation Defragmenting your hard drive is one of the many ways to speed up your computer. To find your systems defragmentation tool, simply click on the start menu, then programs, and then look under accessories. Once your there, look under system tools and there you will find your systems defragmentation tool. Once you click on the tool, the process will begin. You can continue using your system while it is being defragmented, however it will run rather slow. It can take a few hours, so you might want to reserve this method of speeding up your system for another time when you're not planning to use your computer at all. Keeping your system in good Keeping your system in good shape requires that you run your defragmentation tool on a regular basis, the more you use your computer the more often. Getting Rid of Spyware Another thing that might be causing your system to perform poorly is spyware. The worst thing about spyware, is that many times you won't even know your computer has been infected. If you find yourself being tormented with pop ups at random times (especially when you're not surfing the web), being redirected to unwanted sites, and are experiencing slow computer performance then your system might be suffering from spyware. Eliminating all spyware on your system is another one of the ways to speed up your computer. Using spyware elimination software such as Destroy and SpyBot Search can prove useful when removing spyware from your computer. After doing so, you'll find yourself with a faster performing system. Getting Rid of Your Temporary Files You might not know this, but temporary files stored by various programs on your computer have

the ability to slow down your system. Out of the many ways to speed up your computer, deleting your temporary files is one of the simplest ways to speed up your computer. First make sure that there are no programs running. Then, if your system is running Windows 95, 98 or Me, find the directory C:WindowsTemp, and there you will find your systems temporary files. Delete all these files. Uninstalling programs you no longer use is another one of the ways to speed up your computer. Open the Control Panel and using the Add or Remove Programs option, remove all unnecessary programs that you no longer use. You now know the easiest ways to speed up your computer, try them out and you will see how much better your system will perform.

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