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Alli is a diet pill that is designed for people who eat fatty foods, but still wish to lose weight. Of course, nothing completely replaces good food choices and exercise when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but the idea is nice that you can eat fattening foods and not have the worries that come with it. While this seems like a good idea, you want to take a look at the Alli weight loss reviews to see what people who have already tried Alli are saying. First, we will look into what Alli actually does. Alli is an over-the-counter version of prescription drug Orlistat. Orlistat is used to control fat absorption, and is generally prescribed to obese individuals by doctors. The over-the-counter version has a lower dosage of Orlistat than in the prescribed version. Unfortunately when you are taking Alli it does block fat from being absorbed by your body, but not only the bad fats, it also blocks the good fats like omega 3's from being absorbed as well. Your body needs these fats for overall health. Many people get the impression that taking this drug means they can indulge at all times in fatty foods. This is not what the medication says, as it indicates that you are to combine it with a healthy diet and not eat more than 15g of fat with any meal. This would explain why Alli weight loss product reviews have several stories regarding explosive, sudden, and uncontrollable bouts of diarrhea and other minor side-effects. The reviews show that people are using Alli to combat weight gain during bouts of overindulgence of foods, as opposed to combining it with a good plan for overall health. The other thing that reviews show is that people are not getting enough good vitamins in their systems because they are working with the idea that fattening foods are no longer bad for them. When people have this impression that bad foods aren't bad, they don't realize that bad foods are bad because they contain fat, but also because they don't have the proper amount of nutritional items in them. Additionally, there are many vitamins that require fat in order to be soluble. The reviews also show that people are taking this drug and losing some weight. The weight they lose is not necessarily huge amounts but it is consistent. Reviewers say that they continue on the drug because when they go off it the weight immediately comes back. This can be attributed to the idea that if they are making poor nutrition choices and depending on Alli to block fats, when the go off the diet they haven't made any lifestyle choices that promote healthy living so they gain the weight back.

Overall, reviews of Alli are not generally of a positive nature. While the idea of being able to indulge in high fat foods without consequences is a good one, the reality of having to deal with sudden and unexpected bouts of explosive diarrhea is difficult. If you choose this product for your weight loss journey ensure that you are combining it with a healthy diet.

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