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Online gambling glossaries are in abundance on the Internet and contain terms related to online gambling. Such glossaries can prove helpful to people who are new in the business of online gambling. Online gambling differs from casino gambling in that it provides the gambler an opportunity to gamble in peaceful surroundings. Furthermore, a gambler can pause the game and refer to these online glossaries, which is difficult in a normal casino. Online gambling glossaries can help people who want to learn the latest jargon and slang in this business. Many sites also provide core glossaries that not only offer definitions but also inform about new terms and their meanings. These are also called defining dictionaries because they are extensive compared to normal glossaries. Terms used in online gambling may differ from those used in the real-time game as several terms are devised with reference to the Internet. Some such terms include eCOGRA (an agency that regulates/controls online gambling/casinos), iGlobal Media (a casino software provider), OPA or Online Players Association (who regulate online payoffs), and Play Tech (one of the best online casino companies). Online gambling is a comparatively new phenomenon and is still not developed enough to ensure complete transparency and smooth working. Moreover, many inventions and innovations in online gambling mean that newer terms and definitions are constantly added to these glossaries. The terms in a glossary are important since knowledge of definitions and abbreviations can help a gambler in winning a game. Therefore, experts who are not only familiar with gambling but also have a practical understanding of the Internet usually write these glossaries. However, glossaries are not the only source of words and terminology since online dictionaries also contain explanations of gambling terms. Thus, online glossaries can be a good starting point for neophytes and a reference guide even for gambling stalwarts who have plenty of experience in online as well as land based gambling.

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