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The fastest way to lose weight is not to put weight on in the first place. OK, so it's too late for that method so now we are actually going to have to do some serious work to get it off again. There is no fast track to losing weight healthily long term. It took some time for the weight to build up so it's going to take time for it to go again. But there are ways that you can help get it off. The thing to remember is to eat. If you eat the right foods at regular intervals it takes more energy to digest the food than the body is getting from the food. So essentially what you are doing is making your metabolism work continuously and this burns up energy (fat). This is what I refer to as the internal exercises. By 'grazing' with hard to digest foods every hour to hour and a half, your body is in a continual state of digestion. Weight watchers are very good at giving a list of these food groups but what worked well for me was what I call my 'diet soup' which I learnt about from my dietitian when I had my lap banding done. I was able to eat as much of this soup as I wanted and it was both tasty and very filling. And the added bonus of course was the continual digestion. Now to aid the internal exercises you need the physical exercise. If you are older (that is you are no longer in the first blush of youth) all you need to do is walk. What worked well for me was 'walking by the clock' Walking by the clock was where I set a time morning and night as to how long I would walk for. If I decided on an hour and a half walk then to make sure that was what I would walk, I used to put on my watch and just set off. When the watch said I had been walking for 45 minutes one way, I turned around and walked back the same way. That way I knew I was walking for the time I wanted to walk. I supplemented these exercises with weights on my ankles and wrists some days too and I used to do what I called my flexibility exercises most days just to keep my older joints supple. I also used what is known as resistance exercises with a Pilate's band and I used isometric exercises too. I varied these daily so I didn't get bored with any of them. That was the quickest way I learnt how to loose weight and I'm fairly sure it will work for you too if you work at it.

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