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The iPhone is a totally new prospect to mobile technology which has made the mobile more than a communication device. The iPhone functions as an iPod, media player, internet, camera phone, has a multi-touch screen and much more. At present, there are number of iPhone applications that belong to different categories. These applications include study applications for students, social networking applications, and many more. Students can use various types of iPhone applications which are helpful in studies, doing homework, preparing for exams, online tutorials, iPhone dictionary and many more. There are many existing applications which can be useful to the students. Some of them are: iPhone Homework Application If you are not good in managing your time and schedule then you can use this iPhone application. This application is specially designed to help students keep track of their assignments and duties. Exam Applications Exam has a bank of exam questions.This application help the students for their exams. Language Application If anybody is interested in studying a language, this is the application to help them. Language applications are available for Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Polish, Czech, Japanese, Chinese and many more. If you need any help for translation then, the solution is translate app. Science Applications If you are bad in remembering the periodic tables and complicated chemistry formulas, here is a solution. This application provides you a simple periodic table and list of difficult formulas. iPhone Dictionary If you use app, then you do not need to carry a heavy dictionary just to find the meaning of a certain word. This application also helps the students in writing the research papers. NotePad Application If you are not in mood to carry your notebooks and laptops for taking notes, then you can use this iPhone application. It allows you to take notes, voice notes and you can access it anywhere. So it is clear that the iPhone not only entertains the students but also helps them in their studies. So undoubtedly I can say that the iPhone is a multipurpose device. You can share your ideas with

me regarding iPhone applications which are useful for the students.

No doubt iPhone App Development has become a great way of showing creativity with the help of iPhone App Developer.

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==== ==== Click this link for the iPhone Solutions : ==== ====

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