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The iPhone helps in audio conferencing, call holding, call merging, and caller ID. It helps in the integration with other cellular network features. For instance if a song is played while a call is received, the song will gradually fade and would be played back when the call is done. The proximity sensors would shut off the screen and the touch sensitive circuitry whenever the iPhone is brought close to the face to save battery and also prevent unintentional touches. This type of iPhone does not have the video calling facility and the first two models of iPhones would only support voice dialing through third party applications. The Voice control that is available on the iPhone 3GS allows the user to say a contacts name or number through the phone and the iPhone will start dialing the number. The iPhone also includes a visual voice mail. This facility is available only in some countries. This feature on the iPhone allows the user to view a list of the current voicemail messages on screen without the need to call into the voicemail. These messages can be listed, listened to and also can be deleted in a non chronological order by choosing the desired message from the on screen list. It also a music ring tone feature that was introduced in the United States on the 5th of September 2007. Users have the facility to create custom ring tones from various songs that can be downloaded from the iTunes Store for an additional fee. The ring tones could be of 3 to 30 seconds duration from any part of a song. It can fade in and fade out. It can be paused from half a second to five seconds when it is looped or looped continuously. All types of customizing can be done with the help of iTunes or may be with apple's GarageBand software or with the help of third party tools. The music library of iPhone is found to be similar to that of an iPod. The iPhone has the feature to help sort media library into songs, artists, videos, albums, genres, play lists, pod casts etc. The options are always available alphabetically. The iPhone comes with a large font that helps the user plenty of room to touch the selection they need. The iPhone also supports gapless playback. The iPhones can now play digital video that allows the user to watch TV shows and movies in the wide screen mode.

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