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You must have read a lot of good Apple iPad reviews to lead you to the decision to buy an iPad. But before you finally dive into spending your hard-earned $500, it would be better if you also read some negative iPad reviews. This is not to discourage you though. Just like most iPad reviews, this review only aims to guide you towards knowing the limitations of iPad. If you think that these limitations still won't affect your needs for an iPad, then all the better. Good and Bad iPad Reviews: First, we might need to define "What is an iPad." In simple terms, an iPad is a tablet computer. It is a mobile computer that is multi-touched, and is meant to be the iPhone's most superior version. If you own an iPhone, then owning an iPad next would be going to the next level for you. Most people like the iPad's reliability and ease of use. Most positive iPad reviews will center on iPad's being quick to start up, iPad lasts longer than netbooks, making it more reliable. It's battery lasts up to 10 hours while most netbooks only last 3 hours or so. In addition, iPad compared to netbooks is way faster, getting your task done quicker. You can also instantly browse through and use thousands of apps meant only for iPad. No need for long software installations. iPad is also compatible with iTunes and Netflix, providing all your entertainment you need. iPad even makes for a great ebook reader, now with its iPad Kindle and VoiceOver text-to-speech feature. iPad also offers a two-page viewing for ebook readers - much like as you would when reading a real book. iPad is also one of the most stylish gadgets in the market today. It's made of aluminum and not of cheap plastic like what most netbooks are made of. Not to mention this aluminum type of covering also adds to iPad's durability. Adding to iPad's fanciness is that it is touch screen. You'll certainly feel techie-er with an iPad. Lastly, iPad's screen is flippable - You can view the screen horizontally or vertically depending on what you're viewing. It simply offers the best viewing angle no matter what size of app you are reading.

Now iPad is generally a classy gadget and a must-have for gadget collectors; but while it has a lot of great advantages, it has a few little cons as well. Here are some of iPad's known limitations: First, you cannot watch flash player clips or videos with an iPad. Camera fanatics would also be disappointed because iPad doesn't have any faculties for camera. If you're also a frequent caller or texter, you also can't use iPad because it can't make calls to ordinary phones as well as can't send SMS messages. Should I buy an iPad? - absolutely yes, if you find the above limitations minor, and find iPad's pros outweighing the cons in all the iPad reviews you read.

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