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Which is the disease of the century? Is it AIDS? Is it Cancer? Or maybe it is H1N1? Not at all. In fact, we are talking about obesity. Did you know that more than 30% of the US inhabitants are suffering of this...disease? And more than 24% of the world's population is overweight? If no, find out that these statistics are perfectly true. But here is a good thing: obesity can be prevented without having to work very much. Why? Because we are built this way. Our body is programmed to add or to loose weight in a perfect correlation with our daily habits, therefore, if we change our daily habits, we will also change the aspect of our body. First of all, why do we get fatter? This is a tricky question which compiles a lot of reasons like sedentarism, bad eating habits, problems with the metabolism and so on. But in fact, things are quite easy. First of all, before starting to loose weight everybody should consult a doctor to see if it is something wrong with their body. And if everything is ok, then starting a diet is the most appropriate thing to do, in order to loose weight. The main weight losing law is simple: we burn fatand lose weight- if we eat less calories than our body is burning in a specific day. And most of the people have a very important ally, in this fight with the fat tissue: their own metabolism. The body was programmed to burn calories -about 1200-1800 per day- even if the...subject won't do any aerobic at all. These calories are burnt by the daily activities like eating, sleeping, writing, talking at the phone and so on. This means that, in order to loose weight, the people -especially the sedentaries- should do just one thing: they should adjust their meals properly, so that they won't have more than 1500 calories in their daily diet. Here is one thing though: these 1500 calories must come from protein sources like fish, chicken or beef and from carbohydrate sources like potatoes, rice and salad. No sweets, no oil, no sugar! Ok, but they are a lot of people who barely eat something and they get fatter and fatter. Why is this happening, you will ask me. The answer is also simple: because, by eating small amounts of food, the metabolism will get slower. This will happen because the body will still have to maintain itself working, but with lower levels of energy. Therefore, the metabolism will get slower and everything that will be eaten, will be deposited as a fat tissue. There are 2 solutions for this problem: first of all, the people should eat many times per day, but small amounts of food. And second, every 7 days, anyone that is keeping a diet should take a day of. In this day, he/she should eat everything: sweets, ice cream, French fries and so on. Even if it might be ridiculous, this thing is a trick used by most of the athletes in order to prevent their

metabolism of getting slower, when they are on diet. And if they can, everybody is also able of losing weight and maintain their metabolism at high speed functioning. For more weight loss tips, visit [].

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