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I want to be slim, I need to loose weight, and I need to wear a size of 10. These are all statements people say daily. Most people want to loose weight and not loose fat at the expense of their health. I mean that people take varieties of horrible foods and drink all kinds of liquids in the name of losing weight (or don't you?) and at the end your colon, liver, kidney, wombs and health suffer the pain. We are supposed to focus on losing fat and not losing weight. This is so because blood, bone mass, water, size of boobs and muscles are all our weight but fat is just fat and fat in unwanted regions decrease our weight, so your focus is supposed to be "against fat and not "against weight". A perfect fat loss by dieting should include eating lean protein, non-fat diary stuff, activity levels, vegetables, whole grains and much of high fiber fruits. First and foremost, prior to your fat loss dieting plan, I suggest you do a cleansing first. This is to enable you flush out toxins that would disturb your metabolism especially if there are excess fats in your system to burn. The best ways to loose fat is to learn how to count calories, exercise, never skip meals, write down everything you eat on a daily basis and take those supplements that enhance digestion; detoxify your system and boost metabolism (though all are not necessary). When you breathe in air, there are some environmental toxins which we also breathe in together with air; some of them are smoke, insecticides etc. Foods like herb tea and apple cider vinegar should be included in your daily diet to aid as your detoxifier. Taking foods with respect to your activity is very essential in getting rid of excess bad fat and also not keeping bad fat. This means that you should eat with regards to what you do or burn, but unfortunately most people eat like truck-pushers and sit like CEOs. They eat about 5,000 calories a day and only able to burn 2,000, whereby they require just 2,500, 2,800 or 3,000 calories based on how active they are, bear in mind that the contents of the calories you take matters. There is no need to count calories at the expense of your heath. Do you know that most of the diet soda's which claims less than 1 calorie that we take contains what damages the liver and brain? A donut that could be enough for dinner contains 450 calories but it's produced with excess sugar, lots of white flour and saturated fat. Our daily calories are supposed to come from healthy foods like lean protein (skinless chicken), healthy fishes like tilapia, salmon and sardines, and lower the rate at which we eat catfish due to the fact that they contain mercury and also most are artificially nurtured with lots of fertilizers, lean beef such as goat meat (not goat organs like shaki, towel, rings etc which contains a lot of toxins), non-diary milk like skimmed milk. The popular milk we know is very essential for our health. It's best to drink skimmed or soy milk. If you don't like lactose, you may consider taking yoghurt but make it fat-free.

Bulk quantities of high fibre fruits should be taken e.g. water melon, apples, pawpaw and pineapples, avoid those that contains excess sugar. Pineapple is a good medicinal fruit that does not only give you vitamins but also aids in fast digestion. It's better than our usual artificial sugar and sweeteners, and it's made up of natural sugar. When you take natural sugar, it doesn't destroy the blood level and it absorbs easily whereas artificial sugar doesn't except if you are diabetic. Do you know that people that are obese or overweight are more vulnerable to get heart disease? The chances are higher if the fat is concentrated around the abdomen.

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==== ==== Click this link for the Best Diet Solutions : ==== ====

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