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Presently you can find only two GSM networks throughout Canada, which include Rogers and Fido. They are the networks you that can enable you to use your iPhone device in Canada. It is an easy procedure to connect your iPhone Canada device. First of all, having an iPhone is extremely beneficial. As soon as it has been "jailbreaked", meaning iTunes account activation has been side stepped and also "unlocked" it is ready for use with any of the GSM networks, all you need to do is open the tray with the SIM card at the top of device using a paperclip and then insert the Fido or Rogers SIM card. Switch the phone on and immediately you should have an iPhone that is working in Canada. On the other hand, brand new iPhones Canada using firmware 1.1.2 software can't be unlocked at this time. The only method to unlock these devices is by using a TurboSIM technique, which requires a minor adjustment to the SIM card. This would then be slipped inside the "tray" which slides directly into the iPhone. The "tray" will trick the iPhone and make it possible for it to work with any of the GSM network within Canada or even the world. Almost every function will work on the "unlocked" device in Canada, perhaps the one that will not be as effective is "Visual Voicemail" as this feature is fairly new to AT&T clients in the United States. Additional features such as YouTube, EDGE, WiFi, Weather, Camera, Stocks, Calculator, iPod, Mail, SMS, Google Maps and others will work with iPhone within Canada. Additionally, there are third party programs to deliver MMS messages and set up games along with other entertaining applications, so the options are limitless. Lots of people are actually fearful of doing anything based on the latest news reports that users are paying as much as $50,000 on cell phone bills because of overusing data plans. This will not happen with iPhone Canada, as you can easily eliminate the EDGE configurations inside your iPhone to eliminate those charges.

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