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The Apple iPad is definitely showing up on the radar as a hot Christmas gift this year. Looking on Apple's official website, you see all the hype and advertising that you would expect. But we wanted to dig a little deeper to see if the hype could be substantiated. Here's what we found. Think of the Apple iPad as a supercharged smartphone on steroids. If you want to give the gift of connectivity, the iPad is the way to go. All our research indicates that the iPad is ingenious at performing social and media applications. With built in WiFi (and optional 3G) the iPad will keep whoever you give it to connected to email, Facebook, Twitter, and any other form of social media with ease. The Apple iPad also smoothly plays Netflix movies and YouTube videos with great clarity, and quick download speeds, for those who love to stay entertained on the go. With a list of available apps growing daily, and hundreds of thousands currently available, there's not much you can't do with the Apple iPad. You name it, ebooks (even books available for Kindle), photos, videos, games, if it's digital the iPad can play it. However, if you're thinking you'll be gifting a traditional computer, think again. While there are apps available for word processing, and spreadsheets, they're not as powerful as you would find on a laptop, or desktop computer. You may want to get a traditional laptop, if your recipient will need a multipurpose electronic device (say college students). If, on the other hand, they just need something to stay connected and do light computing, the iPad is the perfect hot Christmas gift. If you want to give a hot Christmas gift that is mostly entertainment, and a little work horse, then the Apple iPad is the perfect hot Christmas gift! Merry Christmas!

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