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How do you get a healthy diet eating plan organized for yourself when there are so many lies circulating through the weight loss industry? There are a number of lies that are held as truth and rehashed many times a year. I will look at some of these lies and examine how you can take the truth to help you select a healthy diet eating plan. 1. Your genetic makeup determines whether you can lose weight. While it is true that having overweight parents and grandparents can indicate that you may have a slower metabolic rate than someone else, it does not mean you can not do something about your weight. Any healthy diet eating plan that will help you to lose weight must include controlling the amount of calories eaten in a day and the amount of added physical activity you undertake. People need a certain amount of calories per day just for general bodily activities like breathing. To lose weight you must add more physical activity to your lifestyle. Additional activity adds to your metabolic rate. Initially just adding three periods of five minutes of walking or moving in some way per day will help. The fitter you get the more you can add. 2. Carbohydrates are bad for you. Some carbohydrates are not the best for you whilst trying to diet. The secret is to eat low GI (Glycaemic Index) carbohydrates. Just like a diabetic keeps a record of their carbohydrate intake, someone wanting a healthy diet eating plan needs to keep a record so they do not overindulge in carbohydrates with high GI's. Fruits like apples are low GI and high in fibre a double benefit. They give you the benefit of carbohydrates whilst also filling you up, helping you to control cravings to overeat. If you give up carbohydrates altogether as soon as you add them back into your diet you will start to put on weight. It is not possible to deny yourself completely any particular food group or your body will take up useless calories when you finally start eating them again. This is a major contributor to yo-yo dieting. 3. Skip a meal to lose weight. If you skip meals then you may appear to lose weight for that day but it will just be back tomorrow and you will cause your metabolic rate to slow. When you deny yourself food your body goes into starvation mode and slows your metabolism to stop you from losing body fat. The secret to any healthy diet eating plan is to make sure you are eating approximately every four to five hours. Do not skip meals. Increase the amount of good for you foods, like vegetables, lean meats, nuts, low fat milk and fruit.

4. Do not eat bread. Bread is a vital part of a diet. Whilst in the past white bread may have been of less benefit to you, it is possible today to get white breads that contain "hidden" fibre, added omega-3's and any range of additional vitamins. For a real fibre boost though breads with multi-grains are of real benefit such as soy and linseed breads, rye breads and wholemeal breads. The added density of the bread keeps you feeling fuller longer and helps you to not over eat. Your healthy eating diet plan should include breads that will be beneficial to your well being. 5. The grapefruit diet. The grapefruit diet has no fact attached to it at all. Grapefruits in general are good for you as a source of vitamin C just like any citrus fruits. They, like tomatoes, contain lycopene which has been linked to a reduction in cancer producing cells. They however do not help you to lose weight any more than eating any healthy food contributes. They do not increase your metabolic rate nor do they have amazing properties that make fat disappear. If you enjoy grapefruit include it as part of your healthy diet eating plan but do not believe that it alone will help you lose weight. 6. Fat is bad for you. Some types of fat are bad for you, but you need a certain amount of good fats to keep you healthy. Saturated fats like the fat found on red meat is not good for you. The red meat is however good for you so trim all excess fat from the meat to keep it healthy. A healthy diet eating plan must include omega-3 and polyunsaturated fats which are good for you. These fats can be found in seeds, nuts, avocados, fish, and oils made from plants like olives and sunflowers. These six lies have been contributing to the weight loss problems of people since the weight loss industry started. You are forewarned so you can now be forearmed. With these facts and more you can learn you will be on the way to a healthy diet eating plan that will have you getting healthy and losing weight.

The answer to how to design your own healthy diet eating plan is here. Step up the only thing you have to gain is your life. I look forward to your happy future.

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