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The latest trend in dieting, which actually isn't so new, follows other diets like the Adkins and South Beach diets. The HCG protocol which involves taking a fertility hormone, either orally or by injection, and is accompanied by a 500 calorie diet plan. The HCG program is receiving raving reviews-- of mixed and opposing fact and opinion. The more traditional news sources categorize the hormone treatment as just another diet fad-another form of quackery like the snake oil remedy stories that have prevailed throughout the history of this country. One HCG Diet Reviews recalls the 1950 diet treatment of swallowing a tape worm, while another compares the HCG rage to the 1920′s era a special soap that could miraculously make the pounds disappear with a simple rubbing to the afflicted (fat) area. Medical related HCG diet reviews generally take the same conservative stance that HCG is nothing more than another gimmick that makes folks believe it's the weight-loss remedy of the century. There is a general concern that with the hormone administration, the accompanying 500 calorie diet borders malnutrition, and might cause permanent, long-term health damage. Reported side effects from use of the treatment has increased concern. The FDA has only approved the hormone for fertility purpose uses. HCG has not been approved for use as a diet suppressor. On the other hand, HCG Diet Reviews regarding the success stories of HCG are plentiful, and those who have adhered to the diet plan boast very positive results. One business executive who lost weight effectively and in a timely manner said the process was easy, efficient and she'd gladly do it again. Others were excited that the weight losses were so fast and came easily. Of the list of related side effects, participants in the plan will report them but most won't say the side effects caused them to stop the program. The positive effects of successful weight loss appears to overshadow the negative aspects of the treatments. While HCG is touted as a hormone found naturally in the body, and sold with a diet as a miracle plan that targets specific areas of stored fats, on many of the same pages will be offers to sell kits, or supplies for the product and the kits are pretty expensive. Whether a person is desperate to lose weight, involved in selling diet plans, or concerned about long term public health effects, there are HCG Diet reviews available online that focuses HCG from every angle. Most professionals seem to disfavor the drug's abilities to curb excess weight, and credit reported weight losses to the 500 calorie diet plan that's sold with the HCG kits. This article is to help you make an informed decision when considering the HCG diet. For individuals who have personally used the HCG Diet please post your HCG Diet Reviews as this site is intended to help others make a wise decision when it comes to their weight loss plan.

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