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1. Be persistent. Remember to keep dog training your dog from reverting to old ways, you must be practicing with him a lot. If he gets distracted use a clicker, shock collar, or a nudge to direct his attention toward you. The more persistent you are with the puppy training he will learn fast and faster, as soon as the dog training technique is memorized by the dog you can slow down the training. He will remember the trick after a long enough period of performing it Don't forget this training tip it was what over 45% forget, and then wonder why their dog training isn't working. 2. Do not use discipline unless it is during the act! Unless you catch your puppy during the act, do not discipline him, else he won't be able to connect his discipline with the act, therefore it is useful and you're simply scaring your dog. You don't want to have a fearful and unhappy dog because he thinks you're gonna hit him for something every time he sees you. IF he is caught during the act then you can say 'bad, no' and either smack him or spray him, buzz him with the shock collar, only at exact time, or else the dog training tip and training is slowed down. 3. Learn about more good techniques online. There many good ebooks that specifically tell you how to control dog's behavior as well as important information about dog breed. Secrets To Dog Training is my favorite ebook that is great for any style of dog owner. 4. Praise your dog. This next technique is easy enough to do, so maybe you should do it more? Just simply praise your dog with either a good pat, or a doggy treat when he performs well and when does something good, however you need to do this at the exact time he does something good to reinforce the behavior. 5. Give the dog a break if it gets tired or distracted for too long. Sometimes you can be over training your dog, and we wouldn't want that, if he starts to lose attention just let him and come back for another training session later. Maybe you need to take your puppy for a walk first so he will be more calm.

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==== ==== This is a really informative website with excellent American Bulldog Training Tips. ==== ====

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