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Clipping the ears of your pitbull requires a lot of preparation. You must primarily be absolutely sure of your pet's age is OK for ear clipping. As this surgical procedure will lead to lots of pain for your pitbull, many people tend to disagree with it. Mutilation is often used as a word to describe ear clipping. First thing is first, ask yourself why would you want to clip the ears of your pitbull? Are you going to sign him up for a pet show? Even so, you might want to imagine the amount of pain your pet will go through. However, if you just want to do it for appearance sake, then I advice you to drop the idea. It puts your pet at risk of getting an ear infection. Put some nice clothes on them, take them for an afternoon for grooming, that also makes them look good! Perhaps add some accessories on their clothes? For sure they are going to pour more love from their hearts for you. Most dog will love to have their ears rubbed and clipping your pitbull's ear will take away that joy from them. The act of cutting a part of their ears and the pain they go through will guarantee that they no longer want to have anyone to come in contact with their ears again. Where is the joy in traumatizing your pitbull and then to let the aftermath impact their psychological well being? The end result of that psychological scarring may accompany them till the end of their life! Let me ask you a question, would you be afraid of the dark after you have actually seen a ghost? Of course you would. Some fears remain with us for life! We have psychologists and shrinks to help us as humans and even that does not guarantee the fear will go away. Try imagine being a dog and asking for psychological help. That is not going to work. It is akin to praying for a miracle. Maybe you really need to clip your pitbull's ears, for show or competition. At least wait for the right age before you do it. You are endangering the life of your pitbull by clipping its ears when it is too young or too old for it. Doing it by yourself is the worst idea one could ever come up with as you are most likely to make a mistake. It is going to be a mess if you do so and most likely you may ending up causing the death of your pet. Instead seek the advice of a qualified veterinarian and ask if you should proceed with the ear clipping. Always check with them, what is the best age for you to clip your pitbull's ears. It is the most important information that determines an uneventful clipping.

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==== ==== This is a really informative website with excellent American Bulldog Training Tips. ==== ====

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