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Whether you have ever trained a dog before or not, you can benefit from some simple dog training tips. Training dogs does not have to be hard but you will need some patience and a lot of dedication. The right tactics and techniques will help you to be able to teach dogs successfully. It also helps a great deal if you love dogs. Dog training does not require professional experience. When you follow these tips below and have a lot of patience with yourself and the dog, it will help you to be able to reach your goals with training your child. If you want to train your dogs successfully, here are some tips: · Initially only one person should train the dog as this reduces confusion for the animal. They will be able to learn to recognize the commands more easily. When too many people are trying to train the dog, it can hinder progress or even stop it completely. · Teach only one command at a time. Until your dog has mastered this first command, you should not move on. This will confuse the dog and make it more difficult to learn. Each additional command will confuse the dog more. Start with the basics and be sure one is mastered before moving on too quickly. · Always keep a positive attitude. Dogs can sense your tone and when you take an attitude or tone of voice of anger, your dog will sense this and will be turned off from the training. You could anger or frighten your dog which will influence the dog training process in a negative way. · Use positive reinforcement. You should always reward positive behaviors immediately as they are done so your dog understands what he has done right and can continue to do it again. Reward his behavior so that he knows what he has done right. · Train your dog in a variety of places such as the living room, the back yard, for a walk on the street or the dog park. Your dog needs to understand that commands can come anywhere, not just at home. This will teach your dog to respond to the commands at any time and place. Now that you have these dog training tips, you know how to begin today in successfully training your dog. You will want to create a plan for how you will get started which makes it easier to get the results you want. When you know what you want to do and what steps you will take to get there, it makes the entire process easier.

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==== ==== This is a really informative website with excellent American Bulldog Training Tips. ==== ====

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