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Apple finally launched the most awaited gadget of 2010, the iPad, heralding Apple's entrance into tablet computing. A sleek and resourceful e-book reader, the iPad helps you in staying updated. It is Apple's answer to an all-in-one package for connectivity, computing, gaming and any other task you may think of. The market was rife with speculations about this magical device, but how far has Apple been able to answer all questions? There are facets, where this device seems to be seriously lacking. It is similar in functionality to the iPod Touch, and resembling a large iPhone, complete with a home button and glass touch screen. Yet the iPad is not a phone at all. It has no cellular or GPS connection. If multi-tasking is the way you function, iPad is not for you. It can run only one application at a time. The market is flooded with smart phones that can run on more than one application, and this is where the iPad falls short. There is no scope for iChat and the gadget is completely free of a camera of any kind. The iPad costs a lot more than your laptop, yet the $200 laptop can do a lot more than this $499 iPad. Even word processing and browser support working in tandem would have attracted writers and researchers, who would also get an e-book reader in the bargain, but that was not to be. You can page through websites, write a mail, flick through photos, watch a movie, listen to music or even read an e-book, all on a big beautiful multi-touch screen just with the touch of a finger. However, 3G access being optional, you have no choice but to make do with AT&T. Had the unit been open to any data plan, it would have been far more user-friendly than it is now. The 9.7 inch wide screen is too wide for thumb typing and awkward enough for usual typing. The virtual keyboard is more of a liability. A physical keyboard can be docked in but then, that would mean lugging around an extra baggage. Yet there are no USB ports which would suffice for additional data storage as well as added hardware in the future. Did Apple have customers in mind while they designed the supposedly path breaking iPad? This is more of an attempt to sell their own hardware by creating unit ports instead of using standard technology. If you are looking for an e-book reader, why would you churn out extra dollars for this super device which can not do a lot of things your laptop can? For all those who were looking forward to finally getting their hands on a tablet computer, they have been left disappointed, asking for a lot more.

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