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If your dog seems to always over react to your leaving them home alone, then they could be suffering from canine separation anxiety. This can be a serious condition that can cause harm to your dog and your house. Canine separation anxiety is a medical condition that should not be ignored. Your pet is suffering and needs effective behavioral directions. Separation anxiety is represented by a dog's nervous reaction to their owner being away from them for a period of time, even if it is only in a different room. What is happening is the dog's level of anxiety and excitement is unbalanced. The majority of the time separation anxiety isn't noticed in middle aged dogs but most often seen in young or older dogs. Dogs who have been adopted from a shelter seem to be more prone to the disorder as well, which from their background is understandable. They had been left by their owner who never returned before and they are scared it may happen again. Reassure them when you leave that you will be back soon. Another situation which may lead to separation anxiety is when your pet is use to spending all of its time with you. Whether you take your dog to the store with you, stay at home with them majority of the time or take them on vacation. When a dog becomes accustom to being with you over an extended length of time without separation, but is suddenly left alone. The dog may suffer from separation anxiety, worried if they have been left alone forever and their loved one isn't coming back for them. This condition in dogs is similar to when we leave our children at daycare and they cling to us not wanting us to leave them. Dogs need the same reassurance. as children do. Separation anxiety emotions can be mild to severe. Some dogs may require medication to help them deal with depression from being separated from their owners. Most dogs suffering with the condition will react to their owners leaving by barking, scratching, digging, whining, pooping and peeing. When returning home from a day of work an owner with a dog suffering from separation anxiety may find their home ransacked. The dogs may have chewed window seals, scratched doors and blinds. They become frantic when left alone. Some pets will require medical attention to help them deal with their anxiety, but there are steps an owner can take to help their pets deal with their condition as well. Do not punish your dog for the damage done when you leave them. This could actually make the condition worse. To help your pet deal with their emotional issues, try and make leaving and arriving home low key. When arriving home don't love on them right away. Wait a few minutes. Leave them a sock or piece of clothing that has your smell and establish a phrase or word that you say each time when

leaving your pet. Dogs will make a connection with this phrase or word and the fact that you do return. A pet owner may want to try acting out leaving from pick up their keys and walking out side shutting the door and come back in, letting your dog realize that even though you leave you do return. A few other ideas would be to enroll your dog into a dog daycare program, make arrangement to leave your pet with a sitter, friend or family member. If your pet suffers from severe separation anxiety they may require medical help and need an antidepressant medication. Leave your dog something to chew on during the day and this may prevent them from chewing things around your house. The relationship between and dog and its owner is very close. Our pets miss us when we are going and they need reassurance that we are coming back for them. While canine separation anxiety may be stressful for both dog and owner it can be treated. There are some great online resources for dog training to help with this sticky problem.

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==== ==== This is a really informative website on the topic od American Bulldog Obedience Training. ==== ====

American Bulldog Separation Anxiety  

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