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It is true that the contest of Apple iPad vs Kindle is getting hotter with the passing of each day and all these make tens of thousands of critics, sales personnel and reporters take pleasure in the same more intensely. But it is also true, as per experts, whether in respect of prices, affordability, alluring yet competent features and above all in appearance Kindle outshines Apple iPad. Well, all these have become old and the center of attention these days is another story. It is being hard that founding fathers of iPad, being defeated by Kindle disastrously, are all set to teach the later a lesson of lifetime. Can this happen at any time? It's highly difficult to answer this confusing question at the moment but anything is possible in this fast changing world. And the baton of winner in the contest of Apple iPad vs Kindle may go to iPad permanently. Well, it requires a few words to write the same prospect, but to transform it into a reality, there is the need of lots of factors and dedication and perseverance. It is an uphill task altogether. It is not an easy task too... between Apple iPad vs Kindle, Amazon trades content, entailed in hardware business to push its e-book sales. Then again, Apple is engaged with the trade of hardware, also leading online media store in the globe. And it is true that the iPad has arrived later on. Even if it tries to win the contest of Apple iPad vs Kindle its sole attention is with iPods, Apple's netbook, considered as useless by its COO himself. Can Apple win the battle in this baffled state?

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